A little joke :-)

We are in charge of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer's website and receive messages or enquiries about different matters from time to time. So we would like to present a message concerning the matter of the "Flat Earth" theory and our answer to it, as we are observing, that there are people presenting this matter together with the Germanische Heilkunde®, causing confusion, rather than clarifying.

This message has been translated from the German language and says the following:

Hello, you are claiming on your website things that are not scientifically tenable in this way! In the second paragraph under the heading "What actually is GermanischeHeilkunde®?" you write something about PLANETS and the SUN, which consequently is not scientifically proven and really impossible to. I recommend you to deal with the matter of the flat earth....

Our reply

thank you for your suggestion. Privately, we certainly can take it into consideration.
On our website you will only find original scientific writings from Dr. Hamer. Writings that do not originate from Dr. Hamer and have not been published in his books, do also not have any copyright signature. Since Dr. Hamer is no longer with us, we are unable to speak to him regarding the matter of the Earth's shape.

We will never alter, manipulate or falsify his original writings, as many others do. 

We take care of Dr. Hamer's website and we have the permission to publish his writings on the internet from his publishing house Amici-di-Dirk®, which Dr. Hamer left to his wife Bona Hamer. In the following article you can read about the development of this website. "Crocus and German Fraktur
Our task is the dissemination and the spreading of the Germanische Heilkunde®, therefore we do not deal with the matter of  the "earth's shape".

But we can assure you that the biological laws are equally valid for all inhabitants, no matter if they are living on a round or a flat earth, or inside a hollow-earth.

With kind regards,
Germanische Heilkunde Team