Events of the year 1981

June 1981: After his recovery, Dr. Hamer is appointed as a senior physician for internal medicine in a Bavarian cancer clinic which was affiliated to the Munich University Hospital Großhadern. Based on the assumption that his cancer could be connected with the death of his son, he interviews his 200 cancer patients until September 1981 whether a dramatic experience had also taken place in their lives before the cancer or not and finds his assumption confirmed.

October 1981: After he had examined 170 patients and believed to have found a system for the genesis of cancer for the first time, Dr. Hamer called Mr. Oldenburg from the Bavarian Television and he made a small film in Oberaudorf, which was broadcast on October 4th, 1981 on Bavarian Television. 
On October 5th it was also broadcasted on RAI. Dr. Hamer now continued to investigate "day and night" and also found the two-phase nature of cancer, provided there is a resolution of the conflict. After he had presented the results of his research in a lecture to all colleagues in the clinic, he was faced with the choice of either recanting his scientific theses or leaving the clinic immediately. He left.

11/02/1981: Dr. Hamer submits the results of his research to the University of Tübingen (Faculty of Clinical Medicine) in a 200-page postdoctoral thesis (habilitation thesis) entitled:  „The Hamer-Syndrom, named after Dirk Geerd Hamer, and The IRON RULE OF CANCER" for close examination. The sole and exclusive purpose of this postdoctoral thesis was to ensure that the results Dr. Hamer had found would be verified as quickly as possible and thus benefit cancer patients as quickly as possible. He did not hope for titles and honours, but for the decency and honesty of his medical colleagues...

In about 1000 hours of work, hard mental work, I had finally thoroughly analysed 200 patients regarding the time before their cancer. The results, which I believe to have achieved after all the demands of scientific honesty, exceeded even my wildest expectations.

In the opinion of the current conventional medicine, the problem to which I devoted myself is a downright ludicrous undertaking: In the most important standard works on cancer research the word 'psyche' does not even appear in the index.

Even if many colleagues will later claim that the HAMER SYNDROME (DHS) was not discovered by Hamer, but that basically everyone already knew about it and claimed it, it is certainly true that the psyche as a personality structure or something in the sense of a permanent stress overload has often been associated with cancer. But no one has ever been able to prove an exact causality and discover a system of how psyche and cancer are correlated.That is why a possible correlation has never been included in strict science, because in my opinion it has never been systematically investigated. I do not want to claim any more fame than I believe that I have succeeded in proving this connection as a law in an exact and strictly scientifically reproducible way. The events surrounding the death of my son Dirk were for me the starting point for my considerations. Therefore I named the syndrome after my son DIRK-HAMER-SYNDROME.

Dr. Hamer, Habil. Paper 1981, p. 9,10

12/14/1981: The Dean of the Medical Clinical Faculty, Prof. K. Voigt (Neuro-Radiology) commissions Prof. Schrage (Women's Hospital) and Prof. Waller (Medicine, Clinic) to prepare an expert opinion and expressly asks for a statement "whether this work meets the requirements of a postdoctoral thesis in terms of form, methodology, content and results".

12/21/1981: Prof. Waller (former senior physician of Dr. Hamer) asks the Dean to release him from this task and instead to entrust Prof. Wilms (oncologist) with the preparation of an expert opinion. Thereupon the Habilitation Committee appoints Prof. Wilms instead of Prof. Waller as an evaluator.

12/23/1981: Prof. Hirsch (gynaecologist), director of the University Women's Hospital in Tübingen, prohibits the verification of the results of Dr. Hamer's habilitation thesis on patients in his hospital. „There is no interest”.

Is there any other way of verifying an empirically found biological law than by reproduction, i.e. follow-up examination of patients?

The difficulties I had when I tried to shed light on this, - as it was called - complete nonsense of trying to clarify the correlations in the development of cancer, were enormous. Even the top oncology professor of a southern German university was said to have dismissed it as "pure nonsense", a number of chief physicians just laughed out loud at me and I was thrown every possible bludgeon in my path. Some of them secretly read my protocols, tried several times to dismiss me without notice - despite, as they acknowledged, a good internal medicine performance that could not be complained about - so that I would not be able to carry on with such nonsense, which was against every school of medical opinion. Of course I was not allowed to interview any patient during my period of service and had to type up my protocols myself, even in my spare time, which was not even expected of an assistant doing his compulsory year.

Dr. Hamer, Habil. Paper p.16

After Prof. Hirsch refused to check the IRON RULE OF CANCER on the basis of patient cases in the gynaecological clinic, Dr. Hamer tried to examine and document any cases at foreign university clinics and have them confirmed by doctors and professors.

Translated by Ela Faulkner