by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Why Germanische Heilkunde® ?

The Name - Germanische Heilkunde

From “Breast Cancer - The Most Common Cancer in Women” (1st edition, May 2010) by Dr. med. Mag. theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer:

Some Terms and Definitions need to be updated. There are many reasons for this. For example, I was forced to change the term NEW MEDICINE because suddenly there were a number of free-riders who also used the term: 
New Medicine of Homeopathy, New Medicine of Rabbi Lenz, New Medicine of Alba, New Medicine of Meta-Medicine - to name but a few.

I therefore chose the term Germanic New Medicine® (Germanische Neue Medizin®), which brought me many hostilities and led to many misunderstandings, but with it a term was created that no one dared to approach. It was actually only the term “Germanisch”, which I liked so much. And many people today call the Germanische Neue Medizin® just “die Germanische” (the Germanic).

However, after 30 years the Germanic New Medicine® is no longer so NEW and I think that the term no longer fits. But that does not mean that I will part with it in principle. I will certainly continue to use this term in scientific writings etc.

Yet there is another quite decisive reason: 
The name "MEDICINE" and with it the term "doctor" is, in view of the mass murder of non-Jewish patients committed out of religious delusion, afflicted with such a monstrous crime, with misery, murder and death, that this term, together with my Germanische, is hardly usable.

Even the doctors who helped as henchmen in this crime can no longer make excuses and say: "Yes, those were just the Jewish heads of oncologists, we can't help that. Oh no, the mass murder could not have taken place at all without the many useful medical assistants. The whole stand has disqualified itself forever.

I have therefore created a new term: 

Germanische Heilkunde

This term seems to me to be still free from the Odium of the Mass Murder of Medicine and its medical scientists.


The term Germanische Heilkunde is wonderful. It combines Germanisch (Germanic) as an expression for freedom, honesty and a sense of family, with both root words “Heil” = healing (pronounce “Hei” as in English “hi”), sound and sacred – as well as “Kunde” = “künden”, to proclaim, and “kundig”, well-versed and skilled, i.e., knowledgeable.

Heil = to heal (heilen), bright (hell) und holy (heilig)
Kunde = to proclaim (künden) and be well-versed (kundig), also art (Kunst).

All of these conceptual components unite in wonderful harmony into the complex denomination GERMANISCHE HEILKUNDE. What we previously labelled with the meanwhile defiled entitlement DOCTOR, can now be designated in Germanische Heilkunde with the beautiful description “Heilkundiger” / “Heilkundige” (for male/female), i.e., the competent practitioner of the Germanische Heilkunde. 

One cannot imagine a purer and more truthful name for the GERMANIC and its practitioners. Now the main thing is to replenish these denominations with truthfulness, humaneness, qualification and the Hippocratic Oath.

The Heilkundigen (plural) must not take on the encumbrances of the old medicine. We have to be able to look our trusting patients in the eye. The cynical academic medicine belongs to the gruesome past. 

Dr. Hamer


All so-called "alternative Therapies", which today are called Complementary Therapies, erroneously also "Alternative or Complementary Medicine", have one thing in common: they are based on so-called Conventional Medicine. But this conventional medicine has 5,000 hypotheses. It is therefore not a natural science, it cannot be one.

The Germanische Heilkunde1 (former names: NEUE MEDIZIN - NEW MEDICINE, Germanische Neue Medizin - Germanic New Medicine), which was discovered in 1981, is on the other hand a strict Natural Science, which has only 5 Biological Laws of Nature and no hypothesis. For the first time in history of medicine, Germanische Heilkunde is a scientific medicine - which all doctors had always longed for - with which any patient case can now be reproduced in a strictly scientific way.

This was demonstrated and officially verified at the  University of Trnava on 8 & 9 September 1998! In principle, such verification can be repeated every day in any patient case. Because it must always be correct.

Besides the 5 Biological Laws of Nature, which are called:

  1. The Iron Rule of Cancer
  2. The Law of the two phases of all Significant Biological Special Programs (SBS) of Nature - so-called “diseases”  provided that there is a resolution of the conflict (CL)
  3. The Ontogenetic System of the Significant Biological Special Programs (SBS) of tumours and Cancer equivalent diseases
  4. The Ontogenetic System of Microbes
  5. “Quintessence” - The Law of understanding each so-called disease as part of a (developmentally understandable) Significant Biological Special Program of Nature

there are still some empirical working rules:

Left- and Right Handedness, the order in which conflicts occur, etc. but in principle, as I said, with these 5 Biological Laws of Nature it is possible to reproduce any patient case, which took place in Trnava.

Before Germanische Heilkunde, we had seen Medicine largely in terms of ideology and theology, as a struggle between Evil and Good, between the Sick and the Healthy. We saw the so-called "diseases" as breakdowns of nature, as insufficiency of the organs, also as punishment of God. We therefore spoke of "malignant growth" (tumours, cancer) and "benign growth" (e.g. old, encapsulated processes).

We imagined that Cancer and Microbes were armies of evil or malignant, which we had to fight through an army of the benign (e.g. Immune System) with the help of good doctors and many good drugs, operations, radiation, etc. We even believed we had to cast out or exorcise the devil with Beelzebub, that means, fight cancer with the worst cell poison. Medicine was based on a big mistake, so we had never been able to find a system in medicine before.

Germanische Heilkunde applies to humans, animals and plants, even to the unicellular living being, to the entire living cosmos. All conflicts, or Significant Biological Special Programs, always run synchronously on 3 levels: The psyche - the brain - the organs. Because of the synchronicity we can calculate and calculate correctly for the first time in medicine.

The patient, who is the "boss of the procedure" in the Germanische Heilkunde, can also calculate. Thus his "illness" symptoms are no longer anything unpredictable, frightening or panicky for him/her. He/she knows and can calculate why the Significant Biological Special Program (SBS) has been activated for him/her, he/she finds the symptoms described in the SBS in his/her own body and knows how things will continue, namely within the two phases we used to call our own "illnesses".

The patients in Germanische Heilkunde - tenderly and reverently called "la medicina sagrada"  by the Spanish - no longer have any panic about the symptoms. They know that in Germanische Heilkunde 95% and more, e.g. in Cancer cases, recover completely.

The knowledge of the Germanische Heilkunde and the patients knowing their own Special Program release incredible power. The patient becomes the sovereign head of the proceedings, from the humble (wo)man lying on her/his back in his hospital bed, trembling at the death sentence of the chief physician.

The work with Germanische Heilkunde is very satisfying for both patient and doctor, so constructive and so human that in the end there is always a mostly deep connection and friendship between the patient and his specialist, helper and fellow "doctor" = Heilkundiger.

This makes the GERMANIC - "la medicina sagrada" - the only scientific and the most human medicine. At the same time, it closes the gap that was created by civilisation and the great religions between us humans and not only the animals, but the entire rest of the living cosmos.

In the activated cancer or cancer equivalent Significant Biological Program context, animals suffer from the same Biological Conflicts as humans and a so-called HAMERscher HERD (HH = Hamer Focus) occur in the same place in the brain and in the same place of the organs. Therefore, if man and animal behave in the same or corresponding way in terms of a conflict and organically, then we do not have the right to deny our fellow creature animal the soul.

The trigger of every so-called "disease" is always a Biological Conflict, a highly dramatic Shock experience - called DHS .

This unexpected shock leaves traces in the brain, which can be clearly seen with the help of computer tomography of the brain: This phenomenon in the brain is called HAMERscher HERD (HH = Hamer Focus).

With the DHS the autonomic nervous system switches from normotony (normal day/night rhythm) to permanent sympathicotonia = stress phase. This event gives the living being a chance to solve its conflict.

With the DHS strike, the conflict-active Phase (ca-Phase) begins and the change in the organ takes its course. In the brain CT scan, we can identify the Hamer Focus (HAMERscher HERD = HH) as a sharp-edged so-called shooting target configuration. The Heilkundiger3 of the GERMANIC can now precisely detect what kind of Biological Conflict the patient experienced at the moment of the shock, on which organ the change takes place and he can precisely describe what kind of change it is: whether it shows cell proliferation or cell reduction.

If the patient succeeds in resolving his Biological Conflict, he enters the second phase of the „Special Program", the vagotonic phase (pcl-phase). During this time, the shooting target configuration of the Hamer Focus also changes; it oedematizes, which is clearly visible on the CT scan of the brain. From this, the Heilkundiger can describe the change in the associated organ just as precisely. If the patient survives the most intense moment of the conflict resolution phase, the Epileptoid/Epileptic crisis (EK), he automatically returns to Normotony. If the patient does not succeed in resolving the Biological Conflict, he will remain in the permanent stress phase (ca-phase). This permanent stress consumes his life energies.

There are 3 possibilities:

  1. The conflict remains intensely active, then the patient may eventually die of cachexia.
  2. The conflict is transformed down, then the patient can grow old with it.
  3. For example, if the patient suffers a conflict with a HH in the cerebral cortex and another conflict in the opposite brain hemisphere, then he is in the Schizophrenic Constellation, and does not build up a Conflict Mass, and can thus still live with it till old age.

The psychoses also follow the 5 Natural Laws of Germanische Heilkunde.

Germanische Heilkunde has been tested and applied in known 30,000 cases with brain CT etc. The number of patients who have treated themselves with the help of the knowledge of the books of the "Neue Medizin" including audio cassettes can hardly be estimated. There are probably several hundred thousand. There is no case described so far in which the Germanische would not have been perfectly correct.

What is the Significant Biological Special Program (SBS)?

When a right-handed mother sees her toddler having an accident, she suffers a Biological Conflict. At the same time as this shock, which we call DHS the Significant Biological Special Program switches on. This means that in the same instant, a HAMERscher HERD (HH = Hamer Focus) with sharp target rings is created in the right cerebellum as an expression of the activity. The mother has suffered a mother/child nest conflict. From then on the mother is in the active or stress phase, loses weight, thinks day and night about her child and - a cancer grows in the left breast.

As I said, we used to think that this was something very "evil". The exact opposite is true. It's something biologically useful. Because the breast cancer cells, which are only intended for short-term "single use", produce milk excellently and abundantly, which in the case of indigenous people, for example, makes the infant or toddler who has had an accident recover quicker.

Even with a woman in our civilisation, although the woman no longer breast-feeds, these processes are analogous and imitate the purpose of wanting to give more milk to the infant, which, at the of the incident, is a child and not an infant anymore.

When the child is healthy again, Mother Nature automatically switches back to the 2. Phase - vagotonic phase

  1. The mother sleeps a lot, recovers and quickly gains weight again. We say she's in the vagotonic or pcl-phase.
  2. Since the Breast Cancer Tumour in the breast is now no longer needed, frugal Mother Nature breaks it down again with the help of Fungi (TB - Tuberculosis), but this does not harm the child or the mother.

The tubercle that the child takes in during this phase, when drinking milk, do not harm the child either. What remains is a cavern.

So we see: Neither the conflict-active phase was something senseless or "malicious", nor the vagotonic phase, when the tumour is spontaneously decomposed again.

Therefore, all so-called "diseases", that we thought we knew till now, are only parts of such Significant Biological Special Programs (breast cancer = ca-phase / breast-gland-TB = pcl-phase). We had all just been blind to recognise these parts. We always tried to eliminate the symptoms and overlooked the causes.

Nobody has been interested in exploring the Germ Layers in School Medicine (Conventional Medicine). No one had guessed how important they were, because every germ layer, due to its developmental history belongs to,

  • a very special part of the brain,
  • a certain type of conflict content,
  • a specific localization in the brain,
  • a very specific histology,
  • specific germ layer related microbes and also
  • a very specific biological sense

That is why it has never been possible to bring a System into the whole process of cancer development.

After the verification of Germanische Heilkunde by Trnava University (a verification which can be succeeded every day), no time should have been allowed to pass before this 95% chance of survival is given to all patients. Every day countless patients pass away unnecessarily, although they could have survived very well according to Germanische Heilkunde and become completely well again.

A well-known professor for the history of natural sciences in Bonn has called it

"the most blatant suppression of knowledge" and "the ghastliest and worst crime in human history"

I don't understand why nothing can be done after the verification?

Copyright by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

1 - Translator's note: It is not possible to translate the new term (Germanische Heilkunde) into English. All trials for an adequate translation failed. For this reason, we have decided to keep the original name of this term. There are some old available publications in English using Germanic New Medicine however, considering Dr. Hamer's digression about the adequacy of the term, we will use the original sound: Germanische Heilkunde.
2 - “School” medicine : Schulmedizin, “Conventional, Orthodox Medicine”
3 - Heilkundiger : The one who understands Germanische Heilkunde in its full complexity and the "doctor" in the future when the Germanic is recognised.

Translated by Ela Faulkner