The Discoverer and Master of GERMANISCHE HEILKUNDE®

The Video on Dr. Hamer's Birthday 2022

Germanische Heilkunde THING

When Dr. med. Mag. theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer discovered "The Iron Rule of Cancer" in 1981, he thought he had "only" found the system in the genesis of cancer.

However, anyone who has been following the progression of Germanische Heilkunde® from the very beginning, not only recognises the great genius in Dr. Hamer, but can also confirm how fast the discoveries in Germanische Heilkunde® have progressed.

So it is not surprising that Dr. Hamer renamed his wonderful discovery twice. You can read  Dr. Hamer's digression about the terms "Germanisch" and "Heilkunde" on his website.

As the suppression of knowledge continued and the mass murder of humanity grew beyond imagination, Dr. Hamer felt that the word "medicine" was a disgusting term that he no longer wanted to use in connection with his discovery.

The significance of Germanische Heilkunde® for all life on earth – one must say, for the entire cosmos – is so infinitely greater that the soiled term "medicine" can have no place in Germanische Heilkunde®. It is the Greatest Discovery in the history of mankind.

Today, 87 years ago, a remarkably shining star has risen in the universe to guide us through the most desperate times of darkness.

Thanks to Dr. Hamer, mankind has been given insights and knowledge that (will) change everything fundamentally – most significantly, everyone will experience a personal, inner change.

These last 37 years of Dr. Hamer's life have been a gift to us. Our thanks to Dr. Hamer will and shall be this change.

Translated by the English translation group