Honesty and Intellectual Property

From the very beginning of his discoveries, Dr. Hamer had to struggle with the dishonest methods of many so-called "propagators" of the Germanische Heilkunde®. They used his very own discoveries and thus his intellectual property. They spread it, hypocritically praised the discoverer or did not even mention him; changed, edited out, made additions - and are still profiting from it today - shamelessly and without consultation and permission of the discoverer.

Even after Dr. Hamer's death, the so-called helpers and "propagators" are trying to steal his intellectual property - or to get any kind of permission from the current rights holder Bona Hamer; and thus to get carte blanche to use Germanische Heilkunde® in Dr. Hamer's name, just as they please; also to falsify it or even to claim to be the discoverer themselves, in order to make further profit out of it. The tragedy is that a distorted Germanische Heilkunde is or can become dangerous for people and that Dr. Hamer's discovery loses its coherent system through alteration and "integration".

  • Is it honest and fair to publish, or intend to publish, Dr. Hamer's intellectual property without permission and without prior consultation with the publisher Amici-di-Dirk®?
  • Is it not sufficient, that the publishing house Amici-di-Dirk® publishes the original works of Dr. Hamer?
  • Why are they ignoring the fact, that all rights belong to the publishing house Amici-di-Dirk® and that this publishing house was transferred from Dr. Hamer to his wife Bona Hamer?
  • What makes these people think, that books written by dilettantes can introduce Germanische Heilkunde® to the people better, than the original works of the genius himself? They insist it's not because of greed for profit... But can one believe that? And wouldn't it make more sense - let's face it - to put all our energy into supporting the publication and spreading of Dr. Hamer's original works?
  • So why do the so-called "propagators" never openly and honestly offer to help the publisher Amici-di-Dirk® without attaching dishonest conditions to it? This would help spreading Germanische Heilkunde® a thousand times more! 
    Instead, they love self-promotion and consider themselves the greatest benefactors of Germanische Heilkunde®
    Is there any greater disgrace than wanting to commercially exploit the Germanische Heilkunde®?

Examples of dubious letters,
sent to the publisher Amici-di-Dirk® :

(Translated from German)

Dear Bona, 

As you can see below*, I have been in contact with ... regarding graphics. I would like to include the graphics in a book that is still in preparation.
In great gratitude for Dr. Hamer, I would also like to get your approval for this, since you are his trusted friend, wife and legal successor.

I want to integrate it into my book project "Psychotherapy-menue à la carte, biological-dynamic" and into the supplementary volume to "Psychotherapy-menue à la carte". I simply cannot accept that the valuable insights of Germanic Heilkunde are not integrated into my field of expertise.

My gratitude makes me spontaneously offer you 500 € for your approval. It would be nice, if it could be done via a donation receipt or some kind of invoice. Besides, I would need to know the details of the appropriate bank account.

I wish you lot of strength to continue the work "One against All".

Viva la medicina sagrada …

* Dear…,
...It can still take a while for me to finish my book. ... has now helped me with graphics. However, it seems to me that the 11 graphics are not only yours. They are listed below and in the appendix together with the text.

I suppose, you think, that I should contact Bona regarding this. If that's how I have to proceed, then I would also like to send greetings from you....

After all, we do feel a calling to bring Hamer's legacy of the GHk to the people. All the best...

Answer: (Translated from German)

Dear Mister …,

At last I find a moment to answer your email.
First of all, I would like to thank you for also contacting me regarding Dr. Hamer's graphics, although Mr. ... has already very generously offered the graphics to you. It seems that Mr. ... has decided to copy and pass on the work and efforts of others, without asking (quote from his letter to you: "Hello ..., these are old graphics of mine. You can download new ones from my website) and ignoring, that these graphics are the intellectual property of Dr. Hamer and the result of his lifelong research. He also does not seem to accept, that Dr. Hamer has transferred his inheritance to his wife. Perhaps he thinks that Dr. Hamer made a wrong decision and that he should have been the elected one instead.

In your letter you express your intention to integrate Germanische Heilkunde® into psychology.

(Your quote: "I simply cannot accept that the valuable insights of Germanic Heilkunde are not integrated into my field of expertise.").

Below is a link to an article by Dr. Hamer (published in the Golden Book) which I hope will help you understand my decision, not to authorise the publication of his graphs in this case:
German article: Abgrenzung von der Psychologie

Trying to integrate the Germanische into psychology is, in my humble opinion, like trying to put the ocean into a puddle. I think when it comes to understanding human biology - and the psyche is an integral part of it - it is necessary to understand Germanische Heilkunde®. And once you study and understand Germanische Heilkunde®, I ask myself, why then do you need psychology?

If you are in fact so grateful for the help you have received, and believe this knowledge to be of such value, it would be more appropriate to promote the original texts or books by Dr. Hamer. When Germanische Heilkunde® is popularised in a one-sided, incomplete and even falsified form by third-party publications, many people will lose the opportunity to understand the perfect systematics and to use it for themselves. An amputated GERMANISCHE is of no use to anyone.

My strong loyalty to Dr. Hamer and his research - and my need to be in harmony with myself - does not allow me to give you the permission you are asking for.

With kind regards

Bona Hamer

(Translated from German)

April 30th, 2021
Amici di Dirk SL
29120 Alhaurin el Grande,
Province Malaga, Spain

Subject: new choir recording, "Mein Studentenmädchen" in concert pitch A 432 Hz

Dear Sir or Madam.

More than 10 years ago I was able to talk directly with Dr. R. G. Hamer in Sandefjord (Norway). Also present was... from... 

During our conversation, I told Dr. Hamer, that in addition to my engineering studies, I had also completed an education in music. Because he had struggled for years, to have his beloved song MSTM recorded by a choir in concert pitch 432 Hz, he had a wish.

He asked me to solve this problem, concerning his song on my own, if possible. I promised him and began to research. On numerous journeys through Europe, I have spoken to countless choir conductors about this topic, unfortunately always without any success.

It took great effort, a lot of patience and perseverance, but finally, Dr. Hamer's wish could be fulfilled, unfortunately only post mortum.
Two years ago in 2019, the time had come. ..., the leader of the ensemble ... from Austria made me an offer and was also willing to arrange a recording studio for me. In a church, this beautiful song was recorded with my instructions. My years of effort had paid off.

Since I invested a lot of time and had high expenses, I had the rights to this version protected. I would like to publish this version of the song, according to Dr. Hamer's wishes, in order to cover at least part of my costs. A new label for the CD was also created.

A larg number of CDs could be produced by the studio that recorded the song. The possibility of downloading the song would also be attractive to customers.

Please tell me at which conditions and price share you would take over the distribution in your publishing house.

I look very much forward to a good cooperation.
Yours sincerely... 

Answer: (Translated from German)

Dear Mister …,

it is nice, that you have made an effort for a choir recording of the song "Mein Studentenmädchen" by Dr. med. Mag. theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer in concert pitch 432 Hz. 

However, there is something very surprising about the way you proceeded. It is not only illegal, but also morally reprehensible, that you made the recording of the song without informing the rights holders first. Moreover, it is impossible that you had the rights to this version protected; because without the author's permission, this is not allowed at all.

It is clear that a recording involves costs. However, a fair and legally correct way of proceeding would have been, to first inform me - the rights holder, Bona Hamer - and then to discuss with me how the costs could be covered.

Anyway, I have no interest in negotiating with people who are dishonest from the outset - just as Dr. Hamer considered dishonest behaviour as an absolute disqualification criterion during his entire life.

Please stop your actions, otherwise I will be forced to take legal action.

Yours sincerely,
Bona Hamer

I am aware of how easy it is to create illegal copies and use them for commercial purposes, but what concerns me and what I would like to warn against is, that anyone who purchases "Mein Studentenmädchen" from other sources, runs the risk of receiving an altered version of the original melody, which is reducing or destroying the wonderful effect of this "Archaic Melody (Urmelodie)".

Dr. med. Mag. theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer

(English Original)
Message: Madam Bona Hamer, 
I had sent to you a message few days back and you replied in detail. the answer to my queries are published in your website also. I am very much thankful to you.  

I was a member of the International GNM Teachers Team under … for more than 5 years. In the recent past, there happened a rift between us and she terminated me from her team for labelling my website as ….COM and also for not leaving my Homoeopathy in which I am qualified and licensed to practice in ... (website)

But I am continuing learning and trying to spread GNM all over world in all possible manner. I have a total number of 2715 members learning GNM under my guidance. Since she is not allowing me to use the contents of her website due to copyright issues, I am finding it difficult to create all GNM diagrams afresh. I have with me the book written by Dr Hamer … "The Scientific Chart of Germanic New Medicine".

This letter is to request for authorized permission from your end to use the contents of the above mentioned book for the sake of group learning and teaching the great work of Dr Hamer. I will be much indebted to you if you will allow me to use the contents of your website as well as the contents of the above mentioned book exclusively for teaching GNM to the global humanity. I agree to obey any terms and conditions, which you may please communicate to me.

I also promise that I can work in association with you for spreading GNM across the globe for the benefit of the people.

Thanking you in advance, 

Answer: (Translated from German)

Hello Mister …,
It was not me you sent a message to, 2 months ago, but you wrote via the contact form on Dr. Hamer's website ("Hai") and did not address anyone directly. The Germanic Heilkunde Working Group, which is in charge of Dr. Hamer's website, answered you in detail. This time you used the contact form of Amici-di-Dirk® and contacted me personally and therefore I will answer you personally.

Since you call yourself officially a homeopathic doctor and have also acquired this qualification, I have to assume that you probably have not understood, that Germanische Heilkunde® has nothing in common with the hypotheses of allopathic medicine.
Please note: Mrs ... does not have the rights to publish Dr. Hamer's scientific work (including the graphics). It is almost "amusing" (and yet very astonishing) that Mrs. ... is so concerned about her own copyrights, while she is totally ignoring Dr. Hamer's copyrights.
As you have surely observed, Mrs ... is not the only one who uses Dr. Hamer's copyrights without permission and thus infringes copyrights.

Dr. Hamer left the publishing house Amici-di-Dirk® and the entire inheritance - including the rights to publish his scientific works - to me, his wife Bona Hamer, exclusively and in full confidence. Therefore, I do not grant you any permission.

Please note the legal information from Dr. med. Mag. theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer (see the Copyright information in the Scientific Chart of Germanic New Medicine®)

You are of course welcome to recommend the “Scientific Chart of Germanic New Medicine®” and the Brief Information ("Germanic Heilkunde - Introduction") to your students and to order the books from www.amici-di-dirk.com. A collective order would certainly be the most economical solution, due to the transport costs. This way your students can also meet privately and learn together, as some people do in Europe.
By buying the books you not only contribute to the spreading of the authentic Germanische Heilkunde®, but also support the existence of the publishing house "Amici di Dirk® - Ediciones de la Nueva Medicina S.L.", which is the only one, publishing his original works.
In times when most people have internet access, the information on Dr. Hamer's website www.germanische-heilkunde-dr-hamer.com is freely available - and I am happy if you recommend Dr. Hamer's website to other people.
That is all, both you and we can do. Learning and understanding is up to the people. We have already written an article about this issue, which we have sent to you. The working group will also publish a video in English on Dr. Hamer's website, which will go into detail on the subject of "Germanische Heilkunde and medical doctors?!".

With the sincere request to respect the rights, which Dr. Hamer has transferred to me, I remain

Yours sincerely,
Bona Hamer

Translated by El Glauner