COMMENTARY on the Confirmation of the University of Trnava

about the completed verification of the New Medicine from 11th September 1998

As of the 11th September 1998, the University of Trnava (Tyrnau) has officially confirmed the completed verification of the New Medicine from 8th and 9th of September.
This document was signed by the vice-chancellor (mathematician), the dean (oncology), and the chairman of the scientific commission, professor of psychiatry. Therefore, the competence of the signatories cannot be doubted.

The universities in Western Europe – first and foremost the University of Tübingen – have strictly refused for 17 years, to conduct such a proffered scientific examination.

Even though in the past years, many doctors have conducted a verification of the natural laws of the New Medicine in 26 public examination conferences, in which all cases were also proven to be exactly correct, these documents (even though notarized) were never acknowledged. Always and everywhere, the “argument” was, so long as an examination has not been officially conducted by university, it does not count – and for as long as this has not taken place, the academic medicine is “recognized”.

The New Medicine that is composed of 5 Biological Natural Laws – without any additional hypotheses – and that is valid equally for man, animal and plant, is so clearly perceptible and logically coherent that, as one can see, one could always have easily tested it, honourably and conscientiously, on random cases, and naturally should have tested it, if one had just been willing to do so.

Character assassination, media campaigns and vehement media agitation, or prohibition to practice, as well as various assassination attempts and threatened forced psychiatrisations (due to loss of touch with reality), including imprisonment (for having thrice provided information about the New Medicine free of charge / for which I spent more than 1 year in prison), cannot replace scientific reasoning in order to refute a scientific opponent. Was not this suppression of knowledge – as one con now realize – just an expression of sheer force, in order to uphold the power and the vested interests of the old medicine?

The New Medicine is the medicine of the future.

Its continued obstruction daily increases the crime against mankind!

In official statistics, such as those from the German Cancer Research Institute Heidelberg, one can read ever and again that, after 5 years, only very few of the academic medically chemo-treated patients are still alive.

As opposed to this, the Public Prosecutor´s Office of Vienna Neustadt (Wiener Neustadt) had to admit that of the 6,500 patients´ addresses (most of these patients ill with advanced cancers), confiscated during a search at the “Centre for New Medicine in Burgau”, even after 4 to 5 years, over 6,000 were still alive (over 90%).

Now the demand (verification by a university), has been met. Whereupon patients now have a right that the most ghastly and worst crime in the history of mankind finally be ended, and that everyone equally be given the opportunity to officially become well again according to the 5 Biological Natural Laws of the New Medicine.

To this end, I call on all honourable people and ask for their help.

Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Translation from "Germanic Heilkunde - Introduction"