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The authors of these videos, created a few years ago, obviously do not know the Germanische Heilkunde® of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer... because not a word is said about this knowledge, which has been known since 1981... However, the activities of the organisations founded by J. D. Rockefeller have also made a decisive contribution to the continuous suppression of Germanische Heilkunde®, which must appear to them to be even more dangerous than any "naturopathic medicine" practised so far anyway.

It is therefore important to mention that there is real evidence that demonstrates clearly that Germanische Heilkunde® has been massively suppressed by all means for 40 years now. This can only be classified as genocide.
Ewa Leimer, Translated by El Glauner 

The Flexner Report

How J. D. Rockefeller killed Natural Cures

The Truth Behind Gates' Depopulation Agenda

Odysee EN


Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development

“Finally, a note about what we mean by “technology.” In this report, we use the term to refer to a broad spectrum of tools and methods of organization. Technologies can range from tools for basic survival, such as a treadle pump and basic filtration technologies, to more advanced innovations, such as methods of collecting and utilizing data in health informatics and novel building materials with real-time environmental sensing capabilities…”

“Scenario Narratives - HEADLINES in LOCK STEP"

  • "Quarantine Restricts In-Person Contact; Cellular Networks Overloaded (2013)
  • Intercontinental Trade Hit by Strict Pathogen Controls (2015)
  • Italy Addresses 'Immigrant Caregiver' Gap with Robots (2017)
  • Will Africa’s Embrace of Authoritarian Capitalism a la China Continue? (2018)
  • Vietnam to Require ‘A Solar Panel on Every Home’ (2022)
  • Proliferating Trade Networks in Eastern and Southern Africa Strengthen Regional Ties (2023)
  • African Leaders Fear Repeat of Nigeria's 2026 Government Collapse (2028)"

Source: Rockefeller Foundation 2010
Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development