Germanische Heilkunde® and medical doctors?!

In this spiritual moonscape, Germanische Heilkunde will guide us back to our intuitive,
individual abilities, to the natural-biological coexistence of all living beings, which we lost.
Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

The video will be translated into English, please read the article below.

Time and again, we face suggestions that there should be a "training of physicians in the sense of the Germanische Heilkunde®." However, we do not consider this request to be viable at present.

We would like to explain our position:

We - people of the time being - are born into a "junk society," and we grow up in it. It was Dr. Hamer himself who already coined this term. As a result, our thoughts and, to some extent, our feelings are very profoundly influenced already in childhood by beliefs and dogmas that contradict our actual, biologically based way of life. Few persons are fully aware of that. 

But even if we have an inkling of it, that does not mean that we can completely discard this non-biological conditioning (in the way of living, thinking, and reacting).

Therefore, we - as a unity of psyche, brain, and organ - very often react "unnecessarily," so to speak, with Special Biological Programs based on these wrong, deeply rooted beliefs and, the resulting wrong interpretation of our experiences and that for us non-biological, strange way of life in today's junk society.

The so-called doctors and so-called therapists are no exception here! They, too, were born into the same junk society as all other persons; they too have grown up in it. And, they also are subject to wrong beliefs. Yes, they are yet even more affected by it by their so-called medical training than other persons!

How then is it possible, that such a conditioned doctor-human “treat” other persons "according to the Germanische Heilkunde®"? (We do intentionally use the words of the ones asking here. It is not our wording!). If this doctor-human being has not yet exhaustively studied the Germanische Heilkunde® for himself and his family and neither verified it honestly? Only when the doctor-human being has thoroughly researched the Germanische Heilkunde® for himself and his family. When he has confirmed the various Special Programs on his own body over many years, he may have acquired the faculties to be of avail for a person seeking help...

But then we immediately get to the next problem: Could such a doctor-human being - being experienced in the Germanische Heilkunde® - be useful for another, if this other person does not know the Germanische Heilkunde® at all and remains stuck in the unnatural way of thinking and living of the junk society? If, besides, fear and panic are spread all around the patient and - if this person then wants to make decisions in the sense of Germanische Heilkunde® - no one in his environment can support him?

Mind you: We have not even talked about the medical profession's legal practice in the sense of Germanische Heilkunde®! In our junk society, any doctor-human being illicitly acts when "applying" the Germanische Heilkunde®. Then, the withdrawal of the license to practice and many further reprisals become a threat. Quickly, this doctor-human being is accused of murder, should one of his patients unfortunately die. No doctor-human being wants to take such a risk! Because only in school medicine patients are allowed to perish in a row without threatening governmental punitive measures!

In the 40 years that have passed since the discovery of Germanische Heilkunde®, many doctors have studied Dr. Hamer's findings. Where have they all gone? Why isn't there an army of doctors who want to help in the sense of Germanische Heilkunde®?

What should have changed now, after the death of Dr. Hamer? Some argue that the people are gradually waking up and that there are doctors among the awakened, too. Yes, this might be true. But these awakened doctors have yet to find their way to Germanische Heilkunde® first, learn Germanische Heilkunde® for themselves and verify it on their own body so that their old beliefs do not interfere with their work with the Germanische Heilkunde® or make it completely impossible ... A long way of rethinking and relearning would be ahead of them. In case they genuinely succeeded in this, they could be there for others - gently and full of reverence for the person alive.

Dr. Hamer has tried several times to "practice" Germanische Heilkunde® in private clinics. He even founded a university in Norway... 

For Germanic New Medicine, natural art and way of life...

When Dr. Hamer went into exile in Norway, it was with the desire to advance Germanische Heilkunde® in a supposedly freer country. He wanted to be allowed to practice and teach it. Therefore he asked the responsible medical association for permission. However, they denied this permission and branded him as an "irresponsible person." Dr. Hamer initiated legal action since - legally speaking - he could only be called "irresponsible" if Germanische Heilkunde® had been proven to be false. The faculty would have to prove this; otherwise, it would be pure slander.

However, again the trial was a farce ... and without any evidence, the judge decided to refuse the permission without the possibility of appeal. On each of the days of the trial, Norwegian television - also as many times before in other countries - showed discrediting programs with the same old slogans: that he was a criminal who had been deprived of the permission to practice as a doctor, that he had been in prison, etc., etc…

So it happened that although he founded a university where he wanted to practice, teach and do research in collaboration with researchers from different fields (Heilkundige - healing practitioners, physicists, mathematicians, musicians, etc.). BUT IN THE END, IT WAS NOT POSSIBLE. Because without being allowed to practice legally, one could not treat patients. Without the patients, it would be impossible to teach Germanische Heilkunde® or do interdisciplinary research - as Dr. Hamer had wished and for which he would have needed a university. 

The University of Sandefjord was prohibited after a short time. Dr. Hamer also received punishment threats if he did not immediately take the University of Sandefjord's website off the net.

Until the end of his life, he tried to achieve the legalization of Germanische Heilkunde® in court ... The last court trial took place on February 7, 2017, shortly before his death... But all his attempts failed because of our ruling system. To get an idea about his struggle, we recommend you to read the book "Einer gegen Alle (One against All)."

At this point, we would like to present to you an excerpt from a TV program in which shows of Dr. Hamer’s success with officially determined figures.

Video with Spanish subtitles (will be translated into English):

And what was the result of such an overwhelming success?

So what should be different now? Why do some people think that what Dr. Hamer could not implement so far is suddenly feasible at present?

But please understand us! Of course, we too would be happy to have doctors who can help us in an emergency!!! No question!!! 

Sometimes we actually need clinical help during the course of a Biological Special Program... however, only 2-5% of the persons affected, as we know from Dr. Hamer. But this number requires that the affected persons understand Germanische Heilkunde® and live as well as possible following it.

At present, unfortunately, we are thus faced with the impossibility of realizing this wish! The principle: "The king is dead, long live the king!" will not work concerning our physicians!

Truly Heilkundige (healing practitioners) have yet to be born to grow up with Germanische Heilkunde® and live it in everyday life. Only then will they have a sufficiently large wealth of experience to be able actually to help/assist other persons.

Until then, we must help ourselves as best we can. That would mean that there is no way around the assumption of personal responsibility and self-study of Germanische Heilkunde®. With this knowledge, we can reduce the necessity of clinical help to a minimum. With this knowledge, we learn to live in harmony with our biological code and the laws of nature. With this knowledge, we create small germ cells, the ground for a new society, which is no longer hostile to us and can produce genuine Heilkundige.

However, as long as most persons are not sovereign and certainly not in possession of the knowledge and experience of Germanische Heilkunde®, we cannot expect a sovereign state to emerge, as it were, out of nothing. The ground for a natural society can only be prepared by mature and sovereign persons...

The persons need to understand that the hope for quick help from outside is illusory within the presently prevailing system. Just as imaginary as hoping for rapid training of doctors who can help us in an emergency. For one's survival, it is necessary to take one's fate into one's own hands, learn anew to take responsibility for themselves, and learn how to be self-sufficient (autonomous).

That is our goal. That implies thinking in generations. 

Even the opponents of Germanische Heilkunde® think in generations! We also have to learn this anew.

At first glance, this path is not popular, and it does not make you wealthy (if wealth is defined as the increase of money). But in the long run, Germanische Heilkunde® can spread in this way.

Independent acting is the first important step. Anyway, it is part of the implementation of the Germanische Heilkunde®. "To be treated passively" is not part of Germanische Heilkunde®. The patient, or rather the person concerned, is the "boss of the procedure," as Dr. Hamer repeatedly cautioned. It is not for that reason that Dr. Hamer chose the term "boss of the procedure." Dr. Hamer kept saying that Germanische Heilkunde® is not a repair workshop of traditional medicine and should not be understood as a repair workshop.

The search for helpful therapists and doctors is a trap. Tempting though it is, it leads us in precisely the wrong direction, away from the actual implementation of Germanische Heilkunde® in our families, the communities' seedbeds.

As Dr. Hamer used to say,

"Germanische Heilkunde® is not possible without a constitutional state, and a constitutional state is not possible without Germanische Heilkunde®."

The GENIAL DOCTOR and the GREAT PERSON AND FIGHTER - Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer has passed away...

Now it is our turn –we, the "simple" people. Only we can prepare the ground for its breakthrough and thus for a constitutional state by learning comprehensively and honestly and living in the spirit of Germanische Heilkunde®.