by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Facts in the Germanische Heilkunde®

On September 11, 1998 , the verification of the Germanische Heilkunde carried out on September 8 & 9,
confirmed by the University of Trnava (Tyrnau) 

Germanische Heilkunde, which is based on 5 Biological Laws of Nature, without additional hypotheses, and which applies equally to man, animals and plants, is so clear and logically coherent that it could easily, as we can see now, have been verified honestly and conscientiously at the closest possible opportunity, and of course it would have had to be checked if it had only been wanted.

To reproduce a patient’s case according to the Biological Natural Laws of Germanische Heilkunde in principle is very simple as the phases of a “disease” (SBS-phases) run simultaneously on three levels (psyche, brain, and organs). There are two phases of every so-called “disease”, assuming that the conflict is resolved, plus a phase of normotonia before the sympathicotonia (i.e. the conflict active phase) and a phase of restoring normotonia at the end of the vagotonia (i.e. the conflict-resolved recovery phase).

So we have not only 4 phase sections on 3 levels each, but also 3 additional distinctive elements: DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome), CL (Conflictolysis) and Epileptic / Epileptoid Crisis on 3 levels each, i.e., 21 criteria, which we can query, each individually, according to the 5 Biological Laws of Nature.

However, since the 5 Biological Laws of Nature together contain at least 6 criteria, including the histological criteria, the cerebral-topographical, organ-topographical, conflict-colorative and microbiological criteria, one arrives at 126 verifiable and reproducible facts for a single case - if all 3 levels can be closely examined.

It is improbable that only any single case would randomly show these 126 replicate reproducible facts, because it is always one of millions of possible cases. But if a patient has only two so-called “diseases”, which may run partly parallel or successively, then the reproducible facts add up to 252. The probability is therefore multiplied to truly astronomical values!

Another fundamental criterion is that the location of the Hamer Focus in the brain is predestined. This means that the relay (one of several hundred possible relays) is already known in advance. And this relay, in the so-called case of Hamerscher Herd, must now have precisely the formation that belongs to the corresponding phase.

However, the patients usually have multiple issues, like cancers, paralysis, diabetes or similar, and for each and every so-called "disease,", i.e., Significant Biological Special Program (SBS), all criteria must again be fulfilled!

In addition, the Biological Conflict also determines at the moment of DHS both the localisation of SBS in the brain (called Hamer Focus) and the localisation on the organ as cancer or cancer equivalent. And also the conflict content of the biological program, the localisation in the brain and on the organ is determined at the moment of DHS. The Biological Conflict is synchronised at the same time, and at the same second, on all 3 levels and is there also detectable, visible, measurable!

Likewise, the DHS is neither easily ignored for the patient himself/herself if he/she knows what a DHS is, nor easily overlooked by the examining doctor. At least in the brain computer tomography (CT) the newly sharp-edged target cannot be overlooked. And also on the organ, new cells grow from the strike of DHS or cells reduce, become holes or ulcers.

The number of patients to be checked is almost irrelevant, because even 2 patients, each with 3-4 so-called “diseases” (SBS) with a total of 600-800 questionable facts result in an almost astronomical probability for the correctness of Germanische Heilkunde.

As it is well known, in the so-called "Medical Science", one of the means or methods is to obtain facts, including the collection and evaluation of statistics. As long as it is possible to aggregate facts, statistics are valid. However, where facts of different series are statistically causally linked, the matter becomes faulty. Up to now, statistics have always been a numerical summary of facts, the supposed causes were added statistically.

In retrospect, all the statistics of "Medical Science" had the weakness of the limited move on the organic level only, and even there the law of the two-phase nature of diseases was not taken into account due to a lack of knowledge of the interrelationships; likewise the psyche level (german: psychische Ebene) and the cerebral level, the importance of left and right-handedness were also not taken into account.

In addition, the statistics on carcinogens have generally been compiled by conducting animal experiments. In these experiments, the psyche and intelligence of the test animals were denied. For example, due to ignorance of the experimental set-ups, no one ever asked about the specific biological brain code of the genus of the experimental animal or even looked into behavioural research.

What distinguishes the Germanische Heilkunde positively from conventional medicine, therefore, is a higher scientifically founded sensitivity for the recognition of the difference between pure facts and interpretations of facts, which then in the strict sense are no longer facts, but originally were only working hypotheses, which often come along in the guise of facts. This also applies to the field of diagnosis, because here too there is a strict and clean differentiation of facts, versus interpretation and evaluation of certain hypotheses of traditional medicine.

For example, if a diagnosis is: "Metastases", then this implies an unproven, even wrong hypothesis that any secondary carcinomas, so-called secondary tumours, are primary carcinomas. The fact that there is a second or even third carcinoma is not disputed, at least not in principle, but the interpretation of this undisputed fact is.

The Tumour Marker - tumour markers are also facts that are not disputed as such. The only disadvantage is that they largely have a false name. Therefore this means that the facts have already been burdened with evaluative diagnoses.

There are non-specific, more or less specific and specific tumour markers. The word "marker" can be adopted without hesitation. In principle, such unspecific as well as specific markers could be found for any process of cancer growth or a vagotonic phase of any cancer. The most unspecific of all is the blood cell sedimentation rate (ESR = Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate; WBC - White Blood Cells).

However, previous medicine did not know how to distinguish between the conflict-active phase = (CA- sympathicotonia) and the post conflictolysis phase = (PCL - vagotonia). Of course it knew even less that there is a Biological Sense in one of these two phases. So markers were developed which were once elevated in the conflict-active phase and others which were elevated only in the vagotonic  phase. Some of these markers applied to old-brain controlled organs, others to cerebral controlled organs. This turned the right facts into wrong diagnoses or at least misleading ones, because in principle all vagotonic phase markers can also be called vitality markers.

According to Germanische Heilkunde, these markers must all be learned to evaluate them in a new and meaningful way, which, as facts, are of course undeniable. We must order them according to the different Germ Layer and according to the two different phases of development. Only then can they be of help to us, and only then will they no longer cause panic in patients.

So it is not surprising - if one has thought this far - to realise that by the more exact and scientific way of obtaining facts, taking into account many more factors, I have come across 5 Biological Laws of Nature and based on this I have developed a new method of Therapy. For the patient it looks like that for a diagnosis laboratory values, documents of imaging procedures (CT, MRI, X-ray) etc. are necessary.

With the Therapy1, which consists first of all Conflictolysis (Conflict + Lysis) the patient can even calculate the course of Vagotonia for himself, which gives him peace of mind and lets him find his way out of the panic. 

In the verification of a scientific system with only 5 Biological Laws of Nature and without a single hypothesis, the therapy whose “boss” in this case is the patient himself, is included in the system. Because this is the special thing about a scientifically reproducible system, that the course of the so-called "disease" can be calculated with some probability (provided that no new biological conflicts or conflict recurrences occur).

The course of therapy is therefore practically part of the tested system.

For those who assess only superficially and do not take into account the enormous range of purely scientific-empirical facts which form the basis for the therapy of Germanische Heilkunde, this may seem completely unjustified, as absolute. On closer inspection, however, this turns out to be a lack of knowledge of the actual connections. For the knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde is not about intolerant and self-absolute opinions in the social sense, but about natural laws that I rediscovered and found, and which certainly exist and function daily, to the chagrin of many critics, even without me!

Just when “School Medicine”2 pays so much attention to its alleged Scientificity (scientific nature), it must gradually reflect whether it has abandoned the path of a Natural Science long ago by not being able to leave or change the paths it has taken, e.g. in cancer therapy - despite statistically proven insufficiency - and thus, dogmatically and without a scientific basis, establishes itself absolutely! 

Thus School2 Medicine with its fixation on its other view of Cancers (e.g. cause, therapy) clearly overlooks the fact that I in the true sense of the word link biology with medicine, which has already long included all living beings (animals and plants).

In view of this dimension of knowledge, it seems irrelevant to point out that I, who is essentially critical of oncology, has no objection to the technical achievements of emergency or accident medicine: Anatomy; Surgery (with the exception of certain cancer-surgical indications); Emergency medicine; Pathology (with the exception of the diagnostic conclusions "malignant"/"benign"); Internal medicine: Diagnostics or all special field diagnostics of all other special fields of medicine; Topography; Radiology; Balneology; Biochemistry; Physiological chemistry; Human biology.

In order to correctly understand the 5 Biological Laws of Nature of Germanische Heilkunde in all diagnostic, scientific, therapeutic and general human consequences, system-immanent (co-)thinking is indispensable as a prerequisite!

Exactly this kind of thinking has always been refused by School2 Medicine! Besides it must be stressed that just the fact that in medicine fundamental Laws of Nature have been recognised for the first time now (as in other natural sciences long ago), this would for the first time have the real chance to become a real Natural Science in the actual sense!

Copyright by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer
Translated by Ela Faulkner

1 - Therapy, strictly in the sense of Germanische Heilkunde.
2 - “School Medicine”, German: Schulmedizin, "Conventional M., Orthodox Medicine)