by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Therapeutic Sensation - Mein Studentenmädchen 
The ancient magical song

As the author of the melody and the text of “Mein Studentenmädchen”, I want to offer all my patients this magical melody. I forbid any changes to the original, which I look upon as sacred and healing. I forbid as well any commercial use in every regard. “Mein Studentenmädchen” is only for one’s personal use.

Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Short historic outline of Mein Studentenmädchen

In 1976, I dedicated to my beloved wife, Sigrid, on the 20th anniversary of our love – a love that began when we were both students of medicine in Tübingen – a little ditty, Mein Studentenmädchen (My Student Maiden), with five stanzas, the melody composed by myself as well. This song has since been discovered to work as a sensational therapy.

Mein Studentenmädchen (My Student Girl) lay dormant for thirty years, between 1976 up until 2006, a Sleeping Beauty slumber. Then Giovanna Conti , the Italian pianist, came to me as a patient in 2006. She told me, that as result of reading my books, she was researching the works of classical music from the point of view of Germanische Heilkunde. She found almost all pieces of classical music were composed according to the law of the Two-Phases, the 2nd Biological Natural Law, enunciated by me in 1981 (with an epi-crisis in the middle of the pcl-phase).

The book in which Giovanna Conti presents and demonstrates her discovery was printed by my publisher Amici di Dirk® in Italian (“Per una Música biologicamente sensata nell´ottica della Nuova Medicina Germanica”, 2008) and in English (“The biological meaning of Music from the point of view of the Germanic New Medicine”, 2009)

Its special two-phase musical structure clearly showed that, by their compositions, classical composers intuitively expressed their own Biological Conflicts after they had been resolved; they communicated their own SBSs through music notes and tones, rather than expressing them in words.

Asking Giovanna Conti to analyse my little song, I was surprised when she declared this simple folk song progressed according to the 2nd Biological Natural Law. She later showed that, not only it was composed according to the 2nd Biological Law, but, because of its clarity, simplicity and perfect proportionality, it could be considered to be the prototype of all classical compositions of our great old masters.

I immediately noticed I had unintentionally written down my Biological Conflict, my own SBS for the bronchial tubes (a territorial fear conflict).

I understood later, the simplicity that made Mein Studentenmädchen a prototype or archetype of all the Archaic Melodies®. It arose from exceptional circumstances: both music and text were written by the same author and therefore they described the same Biological Conflict, my own SBS® (Significant Biological Special Program).

I call Archaic Melodies ® all those musical works, whose structure was intuitively developed by the great classical composers in exactly the same way. An SBS develops in nature for any person, animal or plant, which means: DHS, ca-phase, CL, pcl-phase A, epi-crisis, pcl-phase B.

They undoubtedly express their individual Biological Conflict, although we, of course, do not know the content of the conflict, since we generally only know their music and do not have an accompanying text written by the composer himself.

In consequence of publishing my book “The Archaic Melodies®” I discovered the healing power of my song in 2012, which I had already suspected beforehand.

Mein Studentenmädchen is the simplest form of Archaic Melody® from which its magical effect is derived. We don’t see this magical effect in the two-phase compositions of the great composers.

I discovered that the human voice was essential to produce such effect. This in turn led me to believe that our forefathers, the Germanic peoples, must have known and used the magical song of the God Odin for millennia. It must have followed the same tune progression as my little love song Mein Studentenmädchen.

And now for something quite extraordinary: the combination of the magical song of the God Odin and the melody of Mein Studentenmädchen has a unique therapeutic effect on our patients and this little love song has since been heralded as “the greatest medical discovery in human history”.

I consider it a divine gift, and I am extremely proud of it.

I called the various possibilities Magical Properties. The systematic examination of Mein Studentenmädchen is a matter of its own now: what can Mein Studentenmädchen achieve with a specific SBS depending on the three embryonic leafs?

We must therefore assume that when a family member, a child for example, was ill, our ancestors sat around the patient’s bed and sang the magical song of the God Odin. This type of magical song exists in no other religion except Germanic lore and clearly had a remarkable magical effect not only on ailing humans, but also on sick animals. The prototype or archetype of the melody of the little love song Mein Studentenmädchen, combined with the human voice exhibits the same properties as the ancient magical song of the God Odin. Fantastic!

After confirming the unprecedented effects of the original version of “Mein Studentenmädchen" with hundreds of patient cases, I now want to make this song, which has proved to be a true gift of the gods, available to all my patients.

It is absolutely necessary to know Germanische Heilkunde to understand the unique effects of this Archaic Melody and not to misinterpret the symptoms which listening to the song can induce. Therefore it is my matter of concern in letters to patients, which you may subsequently read, to give a preliminary summary of my research results. You can find them detailed in the second edition of “Mein Studentenmädchen” (2015, 736 pages). However, these explanations are presently available in German only.

The four magical faculties of the magic song Mein Studentenmädchen

  • The 1st magical faculty: it banishes all panic, that is, it calms the patient even though it does not remove the biological conflict-activity of the SBS (like the carcinostatic effect that occurs as of the fourth month in pregnancy). It keeps panic at bay for the duration of Mein Studentenmädchen.
  • The 2nd Magical Faculty: the primeval, archaic, magic melody Mein Studentenmädchen prevents, whilst listening to it, further conflict-relapses from accessing our soul in the pcl-phase.
    There is an exception however: these are visual relapses or tracks. That are relapses occuring if the patient sees before him, for example, the person connected to the conflict or his tracks (e.g. photo, film, mobile phone, etc.!).
  • The 3rd Magical faculty: it stops active cancer, without resolving it – the MISSING LINK
    This happens without cancelling the biological conflict activity, but the growth of cancer stops! Exactly as carcinostasis in pregnancy.
    I categorically do NOT claim that cancer will “disappear” with Mein Studentenmädchen, but will be stopped! No further tumor growth occurs while listening to Mein Studentenmädchen, provided the visual tracks are eliminated.
    It also halts the further increase of osteolyses, necroses and ulcers. 
  • The 4th Magical faculty: it steps-down all active cortical and other territorial conflicts. Also territorial psychoses will be stepped-down to “constellations” for the duration of listening (the “small resolution”). By this means, the patient no longer feels paranoid since 95% of so-called “normal people” today are constellated.

As regards day-conflict-relapses and night-conflict-relapses

If we listen during the night to “Mein Studentenmädchen” (with non-stop repetition) no conflict-relapses (while dreaming) can enter our soul, but during the day, further conflict-relapses (= day-conflict-relapses) can occur. Patients wanting to be on the safe side usually listen to it day and night.


Mein Studentenmädchen in other languages

The melody of Mein Studentenmädchen appears to be very old: the magical song of our god Odin.

This archaic melody is, as told, the archetype of all biphasic melodies. However, only this one has magical properties.

We do not yet know if a translation of Mein Studentenmädchen into another language would keep said properties. But we know already, sung in original German it has the identical positive effect on people speaking other languages, even in animals and plants. Therefore, there is no reason to change this magical song millions around the world have been listening to. It is a sacred melody. I consider Mein Studentenmädchen the greatest therapeutic discovery in the history of mankind. It is amazing how much this little song does achieve! It shakes conventional clinical medicine: who would have imagined that it is possible to cure paranoid schizophrenia (cortical)?

Anyhow, with Mein Studentenmädchen this is possible: the two cortical conflicts diminish in intensity thanks to the 4th magical property of the song, and thus a patient, now almost without conflictual mass, can more easily go ahead to solve them and discard his constellation.

Why should we allow abuse of patients for experiments as if they were guinea pigs, when the magic of Mein Studentenmädchen in German achieves success without them?

Copyright by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

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