Historical Review

how the
(the 1st Biological Natural Law of Germanische Heilkunde)
was born

Brief Information
Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

It all started with my own testicular cancer in 1979, after my son DIRK had been shot or fatally wounded (while he was sleeping in a boat) by the Italian Crown Prince V. E. of Savoy. He died 4 months after the fatal shots on 7.12.1978.

As I know today, at that time I suffered a loss conflict with testicular cancer. However, at that time I did not know these connections, but only suspected that my testicular swelling, which I felt 2 months after the death of my son Dirk, must have had something to do with it. I had never been seriously ill before or afterwards, and I decided to investigate as soon as I had the opportunity to do so, to see if all patients who had cancer experienced a similar terrible shock as I had.

In the evening of the 7th December 1978 my son died in my arms in the Heidelberg University Surgical Hospital. The darkest day in my life. The worst despair a person can experience when his child dies. In the midst of a hostile surrounding of doctors and nurses.

I knew that the Head of the Clinic was on the phone three times a day with the lawyers of the Savoy family. As the urologist, Prof. Röhl, had told me. Apparently, during these telephone conversations, they had come to the conclusion that it would be better if the boy died, and that this would have the advantage for the Savoy family as they would not have to face a cripple as a lifelong memorial. The judicial authorities in France were fully under control (...) which had been achieved by the Prince's release and his conviction in 1991, i.e. 13 years later!, for the peculiar offence of illegal possession of firearms, which was confirmed by the French Supreme Court in a macabre and inhuman way.

My family was in Rome, I was all alone.

Not only the victim's father, who had lost his child, fell ill with (testicular) cancer on this day of 7.12.78, but also the murderer's father, who lost his name and honour, fell ill (with osteolysis): Umberto II of Italy. His self-esteem collapsed. He was now the father of a murderer, the Savoy family desecrated for ever. Umberto has given us a classic proof of how exactly the course of conflict and the course of "illness" correspond to each other.

When the House of Savoy thought it was possible to control the avoidance of a trial and thus the public confession of the murder (I had in the meantime been offered 2,000,000 DM hush money), the illness of the ex-monarch calmed down again, to the same extent as the conflict seemed to calm down. The whole thing was to fizzle out. If no trial took place and consequently no verdict was reached, they would talk about it a bit more, but at some point they would settle down.

But when the French Supreme Court, the Cour de Cassation, decided on May 18, 1982 that the prince was to be charged with premeditated murder and the trial had to begin immediately before the jury court, Umberto had a dramatic conflict recurrence. His self-esteem collapsed!

Later he attempted to return to Italy and Rome to re-establish the royal house there, not to die, as they said. This was because the Italians had offered him to return to Italy alone, but he was determined to smuggle his son into the country. The Italians did not want the murderer at first.
Finally, a majority was found, after the newspapers and magazines, nearly all of which belonged to the monarchists, had started a real press campaign "for the poor king". Of course his family should be allowed to come along, too. They even spoke quite unabashedly of the reestablishment of the monarchy in Italy.
The ex-king was in Geneva, just a step from the border.

Then, on March the 2nd, 1983 I published the announcement of the Chief Public Prosecutor of Bastia via ANSA Bonn that the entire investigation in the future trial of the son of the ex-king had been completely corrupted from day one by the helpers, friends and bribed members of the European royal mafia. This news was widely published in almost all Italian daily newspapers. At that moment the positive mood for the king's return suddenly changed completely. The "murder" was suddenly remembered all too well, and not a word had been said about it in the whole time before.

The ex-king Umberto, who was an eager newspaper reader, realised that he no longer had the slightest chance of returning to Italy with his son. I had told him that he should have thrown himself at the feet of the mother of the murdered DIRK and begged for forgiveness instead of always thinking up new tricks and tricks to corrupt the truth and the law.

The progression of King Umberto's disease is therefore exactly parallel to the conflict course of the collapse of self-esteem and thus follows the IRON RULE OF CANCER exactly.

I myself solved my (loss)-conflict, of which the conflicting element was that I blamed myself the worst for not having moved my son DIRK away from the humanly abominable climate of the Heidelberg University Hospital, when the time was still there, through intensive discussions with my wife, who was an experienced, kind doctor, as I know today. At that time I did not care about my own death. Even when I was told that I had cancer, I always dreamt of my DIRK at night.

I was operated at that time, but today I would certainly not undergo surgery after knowing the IRON RULE OF CANCER.

The opportunity to get to the bottom of my suspicion of the psychological1 cause of the cancer was given to me in 1981 when I was the senior physician in charge of internal medicine at a Bavarian cancer clinic which was affiliated to the Munich University Hospital. When I started working there, people laughed: "That's where he belongs, he's already looking for a place to die".

They reverently left me there (for half a year) and suspected nothing wrong. 
My opponents were only alarmed when I announced on October 5th 1981 in the RAI and on Bavarian television that I had found a new system for the development, localisation and course of Cancer.
I called the mechanism of cancer origin DIRK-HAMER-SYNDROM (DHS), because this cancer development mechanism was first observed on myself after the death of my son, by myself! Since then I have been chased like a rabbit across the open field.

The first one to come to me was the clinic head physician, who said that I had invented this system only to prove that the prince was also guilty of my cancer, a "gentleman from Munich" told him. In addition, he had spent two hours on the phone with Mildred Scheel (President of the German Cancer Aid) and with Prof. Krokowski (Kassel), and also with Munich professors, and they had all strongly advised to throw the Hamer out of the clinic as quickly as possible because of "unsettling patients".

I was faced with the choice of revoking or declaring I was wrong, otherwise I would have to leave immediately. I left.

Through my intensive work in the Bavarian Cancer Clinic, my certainty increased that every cancer disease begins with a severe psychological1 conflict experience shock. It should not be concealed, however, that it took outside help to fully understand the System of Cancer development, even the development of each so-called "disease".

I am therefore also not afraid to give a true account of what happened in the following, even if this may seem "unscientific" to many people.

Dirk Geerd Hamer

The IRON RULE OF CANCER is the legacy of my dead son DIRK. Not only did his death give the cause for the discovery of this system, but I believe that even after his death he intervened in this discovery to a much greater extent than one might have suspected before.

This is what happened:
In September 1981, when I thought I had found a system in the genesis of cancer, the  DIRK-HAMER-SYNDROM, I got, as they say, "weak in the knees";
this discovery seemed too enormous for me to believe it myself.

That night I had a dream: my son DIRK, whom I often dreamed about and whom I consulted in my dreams, appeared to me in my dream, smiled his good-natured smile, as he often used to smile, and said: "What you have found Geerd is right, is completely right, I can tell you, because now I know more than you do, you have found out wisely. It will cause a revolution in medicine. You can publish it on my responsibility. But you have to do more research. You haven't figured it all out, you're missing two important things".

I woke up and had memorized every word of our conversation and was now reassured and from then on convinced that the DIRK-HAMER-SYNDROM was correct. By then I had examined about 170 patients.

I called Mr. Oldenburg from Bavarian Television, who had already brought a short report on the Hamer scalpel in May 1978 from the Surgeons' Congress in Munich. He came to Oberaudorf and made a small film, which was broadcast in Bavaria on 4.10.1981. At the same time the result was broadcasted in a report on the Italian television RAI.

Now I went in a rush to investigate further cases. I knew exactly that they would soon "put a stop to it" in the clinic, as my results contradicted conventional medicine.

By not only examining further cases, but also going through the old cases again and again, which I had compiled in a table, I made a huge observation: Cervical cancer or ulcer, for example, always had a very special conflict experience, namely a sexual one.
Breast cancer, on the other hand, is always a general human conflict, usually even a mother-child conflict.
Ovarian cancer a genital-anal conflict experience content etc.

On the one hand, these findings seemed logical and reasonable to me as if I could have believed them, because they were not only against conventional medicine, but they turned the whole medicine upside down, because it meant nothing else but that the psyche would define where the cancer originates!

Then I got "weak in the knees" again. The whole thing seemed three sizes too big for me.

The following night I dreamed again and in the dream I spoke again with my son DIRK. He praised me and said: "Golly, Geerd, you found that out quickly, you did very well".
Then he smiled again with his incomparable smile and said:
"Now there is only one thing missing, then you have found everything. You must not stop yet. You still have to research further, but you will surely find it.

I woke up again, was completely convinced of the correctness of my results and continued to research feverishly what the DIRK might have meant by the last one.

I now examined each subsequent case for the criteria known to me and found that in each subsequent case they were exactly the same. So DIRK was right. I not only researched all the past cases of each of which I had made a protocol, backwards and forwards, but also especially the "dormant carcinomas" and the following cases.

The secret of the interrelationships of cancer - and as you can see in the following, probably of the whole medicine, I had already recognised this in the summer of 1981 - lay in the understanding of "sleeping carcinomas". At that time I said to my colleagues: "When we have found out why they sleep, we have discovered the secret of cancer."

The colleagues tapped each other on the forehead and thought I was a weirdo. They couldn't understand why the Hamer searched through all departments of the clinic looking for "dormant carcinomas" and what they might have in common.

It became a race for hours. I knew that I was about to be banned from examining any more patients at all. So during my last weekend duty I examined "quasi day and night". But then suddenly an almost breathtaking realisation dawned on me:

In those cases in which the patient had survived, the conflict had always been resolved; on the other hand, the conflict had not been resolved in those cases that had died or were progressive.

I had already become accustomed to thinking that some things were right, which the colleagues with whom I tried to talk about it simply called nonsense and did not want to know more about it. But this realisation was not only three, but ten numbers too big for me. I was completely dissolved and literally had weak knees again. In this state I couldn't wait for the next night when I was going to present my schoolwork to my teacher DIRK.

Again I dreamed of my DIRK, as clearly as the last times. This time he was almost boisterous with admiration, smiled approvingly and said: "I would never have thought it possible that you would come to this so quickly. Yes, it is right. Now you found everything, nothing is missing. It is exactly like that. You can now publish everything on my responsibility, I promise you, you won't embarrass yourself, because it's the truth!"

When I woke up the next morning and saw the dream clearly in front of me, my last doubts were gone. I had still been able to believe my DIRK, and now that he was dead, even more so.

Of course, after I had presented my findings in a lecture to all my colleagues in the clinic (against whom, by the way, nobody could really object), I was immediately dismissed without notice, which should have happened at the end of September. I was not even allowed to enter the doctors' dining room any more, because a chief physician in discussion with me, in front of the assistants, had to admit that what I had said might be true after all, then everything that had been done so far had been wrong. I was officially banned from the casino (dining hall ban) because of "insecurity of head physician Merkel".

I told a number of people, both then and later, about my dreams and said that I basically thought my son DIRK was the discoverer of the IRON RULE OF CANCER.  It is possible that some other people before me have already reached this stage in their thoughts, but have not dared to take the next steps. Who knows if I would have dared to go on if my DIRK would not have given me the certainty in my dreams that what I found was right.

That is why I am not afraid to tell the truth about what has happened. The truth can neither diminish the so-called "scientificity" nor the merit of a person.

My DIRK deserves the credit for having not only initiated the knowledge about the Correlations of Cancer through his death, but also induced it after his death and passed it on to me. Therefore, I consider the knowledge about the connections of cancer to be the legacy of my son DIRK. And that is how it should stay!

So, dear readers, so far I have told you truthfully how it came to the discovery of the IRON RULES OF CANCER. 

The DHS (DIRK-HAMER-SYNDROM) is the linchpin of the entire Germanische Heilkunde (former names: NEW MEDICINE, Germanic New Medicine).

  • Every cancer disease is preceded by a severe psychological shock, a very severe conflict-experience shock.
  • The experience of conflict has always been highly acute-dramatic (in the soul of the patient).
  • The conflict-shock experience has always been isolative.

It is important that we realize that in the very second of DHS, which unexpectedly hits the person "on the wrong foot", not only a shock experience as such happens, but a conflict-experience-shock happens which has a very specific content!

If we use the word "conflict", it must be said immediately that we are not dealing with conflicts in the previous understanding, i.e. psychological conflicts, but biological conflicts. This kind of conflict can be experienced by humans and animals, even in a similar way by plants.

What is something conflicting?
An experience that triggers a shock, that it hits the person so unprepared that he cannot react to it in the first attempt:

This has never happened to me before.
I never dreamed it could happen.
I was struck by lightning.
I froze.
I was thunderstruck.
I couldn't speak.

It is also true that what we perceive as a "stress factor" does not necessarily trigger a DHS with Biological Conflict; for example, the death of a person, or divorce; or the fact that someone is an alcoholic. All this does not necessarily have to be "unexpected", the information does not have to catch us unprepared and it does not have to be completely incomprehensible.

However the IRON RULE OF CANCER was only the first step on the way to Germanische Heilkunde, it was the first of meanwhile 5 Biological  Laws of Nature.

Copyright by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer
Translated by Ela Faulkner

1 - psychological - “psyche” - Dr. Hamer later discovered that the psyche played a major role in conflict occurrence, please look for 5 Biological Laws of Nature for full explanation


You can read the letter from Dr. Hamer to his son Dirk, which he wrote two years after his death.