Telephone Interview with Dr. Hamer and Walter Pohl for the Austrian magazine NEWS

The following significant original interview with Mr. Walter Pohl, editor-in-chief of the "News", the leading Austrian magazine, took place on January 12, 2010. It leaves little room for improvement in terms of clarity. Above all, the interview makes clear that Mr. Pohl, as editor-in-chief, is perfectly aware of the backgrounds. Where others have doubts and questions, he as editor-in-chief of course has profound background knowledge...

All that was left of our original interview in the NEWS article of 01/14/2010 was a miserable bunch of phrases.

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

⇒ Listen to the German Original Recording.

1st Telephone Conversation

Pohl: (picks up the phone) Pohl!

Dr. Hamer: Hello Mr. Pohl, Hamer here.

Pohl: Well, hello doctor!

Dr. Hamer: Hello! Mr. Pohl, you told Mrs. Pilhar that you would like to do an interview, didn't you?

Pohl: Yes, I would like to – in the context of this little girl's case...

Dr. Hamer: Muriel Seebald

Pohl: Myriel or Muriel or whatever. Have you already had contact with the Austrian media? I haven't been following it closely, because I just came back from vacation yesterday, to be honest.

Dr. Hamer: No, not so far – except that I was terribly mobbed, wasn't I?

Pohl: Yes, I see, well, that's ... you're used to that, aren't you? (laughs)

Dr. Hamer: Yes. Mr. Pohl ... (laughs) ... Mr. Pohl, I want to ask you something: How many pages the interview should be? One page, half a page, one and a half pages?

Pohl: Well, it depends. We have planned up to... – we have scheduled once, because we have scheduled tomorrow 2 p.m. – ...up to one page, ok? (unclear) a paragraph about this girl – the parents don't talk much, or actually nothing at all and uhm ... Are you now doing remote diagnostics, so to speak, or do you have contact with the parents in some way?

Dr. Hamer: Well, I have excellent contact with the parents and all the medical findings, I have them here on my table, so to speak, right?

Pohl: Yes.

Dr. Hamer: So I am well informed about the case, right? And...

Pohl: Yes, I'll write the article and I'll fax it to you tomorrow or e-mail it to you early in the afternoon and you can have a look at it, as usual – we've never had any problems.

Dr. Hamer: No, we have never had any problems. Look here: Let's do it this way then: So one page counts for 10 minutes, doesn't it?

Pohl: Yes, yes, more or less, we will manage that.

Dr. Hamer: Yes?

Pohl: Mhm, mhm, yes, of course!

Dr. Hamer: Mr. Pohl, let's make an agreement – you know me: I'm not a person who talks rude or does any kind of...

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: Well, everything we talk about, you can publish, there are no insults and vulgarities, okay?

Pohl: Yes, of course not...

Dr. Hamer: Then I also would like you to promise me that this will not be changed.

Pohl: No, no! The same as usual!

Dr. Hamer: As usual.

Pohl: As usual, Doctor! We have never had a problem in this respect.

Dr. Hamer: Good! Then let's get started, shall we?

Pohl: Let's get started, yes! Since when did you... How did Muriel's parents...? How did they, or when did they contact you? Or Mr. Pilhar and then you... or how did they get in touch with you?

Dr. Hamer: We got in touch via Mr. Pilhar, right? Yes!

Pohl: Mhm, mhm...

Dr. Hamer: Well, Mr. Pohl, I have already mentioned in... So let's start like this: 15 years ago we went together by plane, didn't we? Can you remember?

Pohl: (unclear) We met once in Cologne. Were we on a plane, too? Yes, we were on a plane too! Exactly, yes, that's right!

Dr. Hamer: On a plane, right?

Pohl: Yes!

Pohl: Yes.

Dr. Hamer: Do you remember that?

Pohl: Yes, yes!

Dr. Hamer: And this* [*the topic they talked about] has been confirmed in the meantime. There is now a publication from the Israeli statistical office that in Israel – where they practice Germanic New Medicine® – only 1% of Jewish patients die of cancer, of course without chemo.

Pohl: Yes.

Dr. Hamer: You can read that in the magazine "Zeitenschrift", published in the 4th quarter – you probably have it!

Pohl: Yes.

Dr. Hamer: Well, you can find that also in many publications. The Israeli statistical office has published that, so that's quite a reputable source, isn't it?

Pohl: Mhm, mhm.

Dr. Hamer: Well, and at that time I told you about that, and then you said: "Yes, Mr. Hamer! That is very clever of the Jews, that they practice the Germanische (Germanic)" – at that time it was called New Medicine! – "I know that for sure!" you said.

Pohl: Mhm, mhm.

Dr. Hamer: And then I said: "Yes, of course it is very clever! But, Mr. Pohl, what would you say if you are non-Jewish and you see that one after the other is being killed by chemo – chemo has a mortality of 98% – what would you say then, if you belong to the other side?"

Pohl: Yes.

Dr. Hamer: Yes, and then you did not know what to say, right?

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: But well, I mean....

Pohl: I remember somehow, but it was quite a long time ago.

Dr. Hamer: Yes, yes, but it happened for real. I have a very, very good memory, Mr. Pohl (laughs) – So, really.

Pohl: Yes.

Dr. Hamer: Well, I mean, Hamer was right – Prof. Joav Merrick has confirmed that all Jews practice Germanic New Medicine® – you can check it out, he has published an article, you can read it everywhere on Pilhar's website, too – that means that Hamer was right! Why was I actually persecuted, Mr. Pohl? "Miracle healer! Charlatan! Lock him up! Shout him down! Finish him off!" – Why? All Israelis were allowed to practice Germanic New Medicine® since 1981, with 99% survival rate! I don't want an answer from you. You can't give an answer, otherwise you probably are no longer an editor at NEWS tomorrow, right?

Pohl: Hm, well...

Dr. Hamer: Well! But who cares! Mr. Pohl, now we want to focus on...

Pohl: ... this Muriel and the AIDS problem, right?

Dr. Hamer: You see, it's exactly the same with Muriel: Hamer has told the truth, because 15 years ago in August – that was shortly after we were on that airplane together – I said in a live interview on Styrian radio: "AIDS is only a smegma allergy, that's it!"

Pohl: Mhm, mhm...

Dr. Hamer: And then on German television ("Brisant") – you can also listen to it and read it and watch it on Brisant TV; there I said that a second time. And, Mr. Pohl, after this interview – 20 minutes after this interview – an arrest warrant was issued against me in Austria for a period of 20 years, based on AIDS denial.

Pohl: Mhm, mhm. I didn't know that at all.

Dr. Hamer: Well, it is like that. 20 minutes after this radio program, an arrest warrant was issued against me based on AIDS denial! Later they said, "Yes, and also because of Olivia," but at that time it was only because of AIDS denial.

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: Well, it is very clear by now. No human being has ever observed a virus. There is no such thing as a virus – an AIDS virus – there are no viruses existing. No one has ever made a publication on a virus, and now.... But the second thing is: Actually, there is a perfect scientific way. Some publication in Spain stated: "Among all the dissidents, Hamer is in fact THE dissident among the dissidents." Because Hamer has chosen a completely different approach and said: "Hold on! What is this AIDS in clinical terms?". And then he found out that all patients had a trauma – a "smegma trauma". Do you know what smegma is? It's a secretion that is produced under the foreskin so that the penis can penetrate, right?

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: "And then, Hamer found out that all so-called AIDS patients suffered a smegma trauma." That's the approach of a serious scientist, Mr. Pohl, isn't it?

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: At that time I did not have enough cases – I could say that at that time, 15 years ago – but in the meantime I have hundreds of cases and all of them are similar. Everyone has suffered a smegma trauma and a serious scientist has to say: "Well, folks, then this is correct, right?" I mean...

Pohl: Yes, but doctor, how is it then with patients – with AIDS patients – who are not infected by sexual intercourse, but for example by a blood transfusion of a so to speak smegma-traumatic patient? How is this possible?

Dr. Hamer: Well, yes! Mr. Pohl, if someone has an orange allergy and their blood is drawn and someone else receives a transfusion, then the other person will also have an orange allergy for a few months.

Pohl: Mhm, mhm.

Dr. Hamer: That is clear! And there you can also see the virus load, the orange virus load, or with cherries you can also see the cherry reverse transcriptase, or with apples you can see the apple slow virus and -retro virus – everything was fake and nonsense, no?

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: This AIDS is no different from any other allegies.

Pohl: But can we conclude from this that if all patients who suffered from, what conventional medicine calls "AIDS", had never been treated, or had been treated in a different way, they would have survived? Because there are (unclear).

Dr. Hamer: Yes, exactly! You don't die of an orange allergy, but if you have an orange allergy, then you can say: "Ok, now I won't eat any oranges for the next 3 years". Right? That's totally... I mean, nobody would have died of HIV – we have a look at Israel again – no Israeli has HIV, i.e. AIDS, no Israeli receives AZTit's strictly forbidden to treat a Jew with chemo or AZT...

Pohl: Yes.

Dr. Hamer: ...and no Jew dies of AIDS. It's only the non-Jews who are killed with AZT. But I mean, AIDS is not a disease at all, it's just an allergy – I demonstrated that in my book.

Pohl: Mhm. I know the book! I have it with me on my table today.

Dr. Hamer: Yes, and that's all you can do, scientifically verify it. Well, Mr. Pohl, it is absolutely insane: Look, the clinic – all the clinics, we have sent it to a hundred clinics, a hundred or even more – they all have the book. For 5 months or 3 months, 4 months they had the possibility to read the book, and all the clinics could within 3 hours check on 20-30 patients whether they also had such a smegma trauma as I described in the book. Then they would find out: "Oh God, yes! All of them suffered a smegma trauma!" Of course, this would imply, Mr. Pohl: Well, who is responsible for that? Of course, since all Israelis do not have AIDS, then it is obvious – since no circumcised Jew has smegma – all the rabbis and all the oncologists, most of them are Jewish, have known about this fraud. That is a colossal fraud.

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: And all the so-called AIDS patients who had nothing but a smegma allergy, like an orange allergy, were killed on purpose.

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: One has to be allowed to suspect that, no?

Pohl: But that is a rather radical statement.

Dr. Hamer: Yes, yes! If AIDS is only an allergy and if...

Pohl: But Dr. Hamer, there are also doctors – I don't know, at the AKH in Vienna or so – who – I don't know, I don't know so well – treat HIV patients and are not Jewish, or (unclear)?

Dr. Hamer: Yes, yes, but we don't want to discuss that, that somehow leads to... I don't want to have a religious-scientific discussion. But Mr. Pohl, I have told you...

Pohl: But Dr. Hamer, the following question: If circumcision, so to speak, significantly reduces this risk of getting such an allergy – right? – then there should be practically no HIV in the Arab world, because they are circumcised.

Dr. Hamer: That's how it is, yes! That's true!

Pohl: Yes.

Dr. Hamer: AIDS is practically non-existent there, too. As long as people stay among circumcised people, even if they are homosexual, they don't know this particular smell of smegma.

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: It is like that. You are right about that, yes! But I mean: Who is responsible for this terrible crime? Because normally – listen, Mr. Pohl. I have worked 10 years in university hospitals. If someone had said 15 years ago, "Listen, this is just a smegma allergy," then every university clinic would have been obliged to immediately – only 3 hours, it's ridiculous, you can afford the time – to find 20 or 30 AIDS patients and ask: "Have you had such a smegma trauma?" Right?

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: This should be expected from any university hospital. Even now – the book has been available for several months and no university has verified it. Even all these AIDS critics don't want to recheck this – well, there is something fishy, Mr. Pohl, you have to admit that.

Pohl: Yes, who is... Can you make things clear? A person or a system that is responsible for the fact that this is not checked, but is treating with medicaments, which in reality – from your point of view – would not be necessary at all?

Dr. Hamer: Mr. Pohl, if only non-circumcised people are treated,...

Pohl: Yes.

Dr. Hamer: ...then we don't need to discuss this any further.

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: Otherwise somebody will think I'm an "anti" or something, won't they? And we want to avoid that. I just want to tell you one thing, again from Israel: Look, in the Israeli hospitals, there are about one fifth Palestinian patients, right?

Pohl: Yes, but they are probably also circumcised.

Dr. Hamer: Yes, exactly. The Jews receive treatment without chemo and 99% of them survive, and the Arabs receive chemo treatment and 98% of them die, just like all Europeans or Americans. In the same hospitals, 99% of the Jews survive the same disease and 98% of the Palestinians die of the same disease with chemo.

Pohl: Yes.

Dr. Hamer: You are allowed to reach your own conclusions, Mr. Pohl.

Pohl: Yes, but we are not talking about cancer now, we are talking about AIDS!

Dr. Hamer: Yes, it is the same with AIDS. No circumcised person has AIDS and all uncircumcised people are killed because of it.

Pohl: Look, doctor, even for me it is, in a way, understandable that hygienic aspects, such as the improvement of hygiene in the genital area and circumcision, of course, also have an influence on the infection with this so-called HIV virus. There is no question about that, it has even been proven by conventional medicine. But the question is: What do you mean by "this HIV virus does not exist"? Of course, you can't put a virus on a plate and look at it and cut it up with a fork, but....

Dr. Hamer: Sure you can! One would have to! Mr. Pohl...

Pohl: From that point of view, one could deny any virus, right?

Dr. Hamer: Mr. Pohl, a virus does not exist. No one on this planet has ever proven a virus. A virus simply does not exist. It was a [*fake] "discovery" by Pasteur, but it does not "really" exist. No one has ever proven the existence of a virus. Even Montagnier in '92, I think, announced that he had never seen a virus – a lethal virus. Well, non-lethal viruses don't exist either. But I want to tell you something about hygiene, Mr. Pohl: Look, if you use condoms, – right? – then the partner doesn't smell the smegma. Then it's covered by the condom, so one doesn't smell it. This means that people might get smegma allergies less often if they use condoms. That could be the case, in fact, one can expect that. But it's not an infection, it's just a ridiculous allergy. One could say, "Well, if you eat oranges with knife and fork – or whatever – you're less likely to get orange allergy!". This is totally absurd and stupid, Mr. Pohl, that one cannot believe how stupid this is. Medical doctors are not that stupid, it has been known for 15 years that Hamer said: "It is only a smegma allergy". That means that they had the opportunity to verify it and they probably didn't verify it, just like with cancer – the legal advisor of the University of Tübingen told me: "Yes, Mr. Hamer, your medicine [*discovery] is correct" – which now is called The Germanische (Germanic), at that time Neue Medizin (New Medicine) –

"I can confirm that, because our professors have checked it immediately behind closed doors – a few days after you have submitted your work – and found out: 'Yes, that's correct!'"

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: But they were all professors belonging to a certain religious community and then immediately the supreme Rabbi Schneerson ordered: "Stop, immediately! We are practicing this Germanic New Medicine®" from now on, – at that time, New Medicine.

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: Right? And...

Pohl: Doctor, how would you now personally or indirectly, so to speak, treat this girl?

Dr. Hamer: Well, she doesn't need any treatment! One must detoxify her now from this orthodox medicine junk.

Pohl: I see.

Dr. Hamer: But Mr. Pohl, I would like to repeat that: she had only "tomato or orange" allergy. You don't have to be hospitalized because of that. Besides, Müller lied, he said she had AIDS. That's not true, he didn't even test her for AIDS. Then he said she had pneumonia. Not true. One day before Dr. Wohlgemut – the family doctor – was there and said that the child is well, she has no fever, she has no pneumonia, nothing, absolutely nothing. And then one day later – without seeing any doctor – the district chief announced the diagnosis "pneumonia", or who knows who did that, and simply arrested the little girl. And later Müller from the children's hospital lied that she had pneumonia. That's not true, how can you get pneumonia from an orange allergy? Mr. Pohl, that...

Pohl: Yes, but if that's... Doctor, if that's the case then....

Dr. Hamer: Yes?

Pohl: ...then that would mean that tens of thousands or perhaps even millions of patients, I mean HIV allergy patients – in Africa, for example, who didn't receive treatment and died.... How could they possibly die, if it is only an allergy, which is probably temporary? You don't die of an allergy – I also have hay fever, I also have pollen allergy and I don't die of it...

Dr. Hamer: Yes, you see? Then you also have reverse transcritptasis and then you also have hay slow virus and all kinds of such nonsense. No, in the patients...

Pohl: Well, but what did they die of? I mean, that has been proven – people who have been treated also died. That is no question – but also...

Dr. Hamer: Yes, in Africa many people die. There, they don't do HIV tests at all. Maybe only in 2.3% of the cases they do HIV tests. The others are simply diagnosed without a test and then they say: "Well, this one has HIV, this one has AIDS" and then they are treated with AZT. They die from AZT – not because of an allergy.

Pohl: Yes ...

Dr. Hamer: Mr. Pohl, you have to reflect on this really carefully and then you will say: "Oh boy, Hamer is right!

Pohl: Yes ...

Dr. Hamer: And I ask this question again: Why is no one proofing my results? Mr. Pohl, then NEWS should do that. Bring 20 patients into your editorial offices and then ask everyone whether they have had a smegma trauma or not! Then you will be surprised to find out: "Yes, of course, they have had a smegma trauma – just like the hundreds of patients that Hamer had examined, they all had had a smegma trauma and those who showed up at NEWS, they also had a smegma trauma." And then the whole hoax is exposed.

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: Well, Mr. Pohl, you could really earn some credit for that, couldn't you?

Pohl: No, I think it will... Do you have any possibility to take care of this Muriel personally? Like you did with...

Dr. Hamer: We have now started a university in Sandefjord.

Pohl: Yes, but she is in Graz and not in Sandefjord.

Dr. Hamer: In Sandefjord, yes. And we are now going to rent a room in a clinic, maybe rent a lot of rooms, we don't know yet how it will work out. Then Muriel can come, yes. But I tell you again, Mr. Pohl, such orange allergies do not need to be treated. At the most, we have to deal with the junk, the therapeutic junk of orthodox medicine, but an allergy? Besides, there is no evidence of HIV in Muriel. After all, it does not exist. These are just assumptions of the physicians, of Müller. He hasn't proven anything, nothing at all. But her siblings have no HIV test either ... no AIDS – HIV negative. Therefore, it's all just speculation, hypotheses. Based on this, the girl receives treatment with these fourfold chemo-inhibitors. On mere suspicion! And Müller refuses to spend three hours to find out whether AIDS exists or not – no one is willing to verify that!

Pohl: Mhm, mhm.

Dr. Hamer: Mr. Pohl, you don't have to treat an HIV allergy just as you don't have to treat an orange allergy or a tomato allergy. I would say, "Well, you should not eat tomatoes for the next three months, or three years. You can eat something else, can't you?"

Pohl: Why didn't you actually try – because there has obviously been contact for some time via Mr. Pilhar – to invite this girl to Norway (unclear), in order to give her (unclear)?

Dr. Hamer: No, I am not allowed to do that. Then the same thing would happen as in Olivia's case. Then the Austrian authorities would issue an arrest warrant against the parents and ... No, that's not possible. Instead, Mr. Pohl, we have to expose this fraud, you have to help me, and then people should ask: "Oh God, oh God, oh God! Why did they kill 40 million people – mainly in Africa? Simply because they're evil?"

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: "That could have been verified quite easily – for 15 years, this would have been an option. Hamer had already spoken about that on television and radio. That is not a disease, that is just an allergy, a smegma allergy."

Pohl: Yes, but not only because of wickedness, obviously there are economic interests... so if I understand you correctly, the economic interests of the pharmaceutical industry, such as AZT companies or other anti-AIDS...

Dr. Hamer: Yes, one could... Perhaps there are also religious reasons to reduce the world population, so only those people are left who do not receive treatment with AZT, right? But again, we don't want to discuss this further, do we?

Pohl: Mhm... Yes, but...

Dr. Hamer: But that could...

Pohl: But that is... but these are not at all... I mean, the world population has not been dramatically reduced by HIV, or whatever the term means.

Dr. Hamer: No, but I mean by...

Pohl: In reality, from the classical point of view, the WHO does not classify HIV as a pandemic anymore, as a fatal disease, but only as an infection, so to speak, isn't it?

Dr. Hamer: But I mean with the...

Pohl: That became public two years ago. Well, they said that it is no longer a fatal disease.

Dr. Hamer: But, Mr. Pohl, 95% or even more patients die during the treatment, depending on how intensive the treatment is. For example, if you use AZT to treat an allergy, an orange allergy, 95% of the patients will die, no? That's obvious!

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: That is a hoax, Mr. Pohl. Simply a hoax. And that is of course... As I said, we don't want to discuss this in detail, but there are religious motives involved. For example, I can prove it when it comes to cancer: In Israel, the survival rate is 99%. But in the meantime – for 29 years – 2.5 billion people have been killed with chemo. That's really not a small number of people, is it?

Pohl: Indeed. Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: And of course not a single Jewish patient, but all non-Jews – 2.5 BILLIONS! Well, again, we don't want to... we're not allowed to say that, otherwise somebody will shout "anti" again, won't they? But I mean, everyone who listen to that and reads about it in your newspaper will say: "Oh God, this is how things work!

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: And as I said, I have nothing against Africans or Chinese or anybody – I am the most tolerant person you can imagine, you know me Mr. Pohl – but I have something against murderers!

Pohl: Mhm, mhm.

Dr. Hamer: Do you understand that?

Pohl: What do you intend to do now? Do you intervene in any way in this conflict regarding Muriel?

Dr. Hamer: No, I cannot get involved. But... as I said, she doesn't need any treatment, she only needs to get rid of or detoxify this therapy junk of orthodox medicine. Apart from that, she doesn't need any treatment – she is not sick at all, she was perfectly healthy before, she didn't have any problems!

Pohl: Why did they go to a doctor or hospital in the first place?

Dr. Hamer: Yes, from the very beginning the child received AZT, that's the terrible thing!

Pohl: Because both parents were also infectious, so to speak, right?

Dr. Hamer: Yes, they also had an orange allergy, so to speak, right?

Pohl: Yes.

Dr. Hamer: But this is NOT infectious, Mr. Pohl, this is really not infectious.

Pohl: Mhm, mhm. Are you in Norway right now?

Dr. Hamer: I am in Norway and we have founded a university here, I am the rector of this university and we want to have a clinic here, we hope...

Pohl: Yes, yes, with an empty hospital that still can be used.

Dr. Hamer: Yes, and we want to establish a university clinic and this university clinic has set itself the goal of absolute truthfulness. Not only the clinic, but also the whole university. Well, everywhere there is nothing but lies, Mr. Pohl. I mean... I don't want to criticize your institute, okay? But I mean, think of what was reported in the media: "Those evil parents. They are murderers. They should be sent to prison. The child has to be taken away from them." Well, if the child has an orange allergy, then the child must be taken away from the parents!? Is it irresponsible if they want to keep their daughter from receiving this type of chemotherapy? That is..

Pohl: But you are already in contact with her parents via telephone, aren't you?

Dr. Hamer: Yes, yes, of course!

Pohl: Yes. Doctor, I will now put this on paper or into the computer ...

Dr. Hamer: Good!

Pohl: I have only one question: If I follow your instructions, may I ask you for something?

Dr. Hamer: Yes, you are welcome! If I can satisfy your wish.

Pohl: I just had a very, very nice conversation with Mrs. Pilhar, because Mr. Pilhar has just been traveling and was not at home and we got quite close on two different levels, i.e.: My next commentary in NEWS is directed against swine flu, it will be published on Thursday – I can tell you then... or you can access the Internet and you will also find the article in NEWS – the swine flu was, so to speak, let's say...

Dr. Hamer: ... a hoax!

Pohl: ... was a hoax, yes. A hoax in the sense of "completely exaggerated", "completely hyped" ...

Dr. Hamer: No, no! Mr. Pohl ...

Pohl: Hold on a moment. I am a person who questions everything, right?

Dr. Hamer: Mhm, mhm.

Pohl: I'm not one of those who claim that the moon landing actually took place in the Nevada desert and was merely reenacted, but there are certain things that need to be questioned, right? And now I have had a very good conversation with Mrs. Pilhar and I would like to do an interview with Olivia Pilhar at the end of my career as a journalist – I am already 48 years old. Well, I know that Mr. Pilhar says – "That costs 800,000 euros or a million euros" – but of course no one in the editorial department will pay for that, right? Because there's really no money. That's a lot of money. I would like to do an interview with Olivia and her parents in an institutionalized setting, with all the measures that give confidence, even outside of Austria – we can also fly or drive to Norway or other places – so that you can participate. Do you think you can manage that?

Dr. Hamer: I will be happy to support you! Mr. Pohl, one more little thing: Nomen est omen, right? Pohl means "the Polish" and the Poles have now made ridiculous things. They just laugh at all the Europeans, don't they? At the Polish border, all the swine flu viruses that don't even exist... They stopped at the border and there is not a single case of swine flu in Poland. I.e. the whole thing was a scam.

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: No one has been... They are not vaccinated, they are chipped, Mr. Pohl, no?

Pohl: Yes, that's what Mrs. Pilhar told me.

Dr. Hamer: That is not a vaccination. Ridiculous! Vaccination! Vaccinate against what? Those people haven't proven any virus...

Pohl: How does the chip work? Simply by vaccination some data is put into the bloodstream which tags the person?

Dr. Hamer: No, no, look here! The chip is inserted in the body, a small solid object and...

Pohl: But that is not possible with a syringe?

Dr. Hamer: With a syringe, yes. It passes the syringe cannula. Because it's only 0.2 millimeters or... Right? The syringe is 0.3 millimeter, but they can form it like a cylinder and then it's injected deeply and then they can basically do whatever they want with the patients for the rest of their lifes. But the chip also can have a number of toxic compartments inside. They can create any epidemic by suddenly making 1000 people collapse, seriously ill and so on, and then they repeat: "Oh, that's a virus, you have to be vaccinated again" and so on – it's all a scam! But these people are chipped, as we have seen again in the case of Susanne Rehklau. Although she only suffered from a overial carcinoma in pcl-phase – i.e. tuberculosis – the clinic said "she will die soon" and they let her die at Christmas. There was absolutely nothing she could have died from.

Pohl: Where did this happened?

Dr. Hamer: Close to Memmingen.

Pohl: Mhm, mhm.

Dr. Hamer: Okay? Well, you can also read about it on my website:

Pohl: Yes, I know that – there's so much information, I need weeks to read the material (laughs).

Dr. Hamer: But, I mean Mr. Pohl, this swine flu.... Viruses are not existing, according to Germanic New Medicine® a flu would be a harmless healing phase, right? After the first conflict-active phase such a flu would be a harmless healing phase. But the deception is systematic. Look, 3 dead pigs and one dead child 20 or 30 kilometers apart are enough to trigger a pandemic, isn't it?

Pohl: Mhm, mhm.

Dr. Hamer: This is a total hoax. The whole thing was faked in order to implant a chip in people, so that you can control them. They can kill any chipped person from Tel Aviv as they please.

Pohl: Yes, but how... but not so many have been chipped ...

Dr. Hamer: By satellite.

Pohl: Well, not that many... People have a natural immune reaction and... most of them didn't get vaccinated. The crazy campaign for vaccination was ...

Dr. Hamer: In Norway, for example, in Sandefjord, half of all adult men are members of a Masonic Lodge, right?

Pohl: Yes, yes.

Dr. Hamer: And they are all requested to get chipped, right? And 80% of them received a chip. The Poles are laughing their heads off. The Poles who stay with us are laughing their heads off because of the Norwegians, right? 80% have been chipped and they are...

Pohl: Yes, but here in Austria, for example, only not many have been vaccinated – not even 250,000.

Dr. Hamer: I already suspect that all patients in any hospital ... are chipped, secretly.

Pohl: Generally, or what?

Dr. Hamer: Generally, yes! In order that they can do anything with the patients at any time. You can kill them at any time. If someone is a critic of the regime, "bang" he is switched off [*killed].

Pohl: Okay, how does that work?

Dr. Hamer: You can read about it on Pilhar's website. The HITACHI chip and there is an extra patent for a lethal chip – that works 100%. By using a satellite, you can simply switch them off.

Pohl: And what happens inside the chip? What does it do in the body?

Dr. Hamer: It releases the toxic compartment, the lethal toxic compartment, and then "bang" the patient is... half an hour later he is dead. That works 100% – that is patented, in fact. The patent was rejected because it is against common decency, but of course they all... The Chinese and the Israelis and all the secret services use this chip, of course, no?

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: And that is what was used for the vaccinations. The chip was placed the tip of the syringe, the cannula tip.

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: And if you are vaccinated with a chip, then for the rest of your life your are...

Pohl: ... tagged

Dr. Hamer: ...tagged. They can do anything with that person; they can kill you any time.

Pohl: Yes, but there would have to be a GPS transmitter inside the chip.

Dr. Hamer: What?

Pohl: Because otherwise you can't locate the chip and you can't track the person ...

Dr. Hamer: Sure, sure, sure!

Pohl: ... because I can get vaccinated here in Austria and then I can move to New Zealand and live in a cave on a mountain somewhere.

Dr. Hamer: No, you can locate and activate it worldwide by satellite. That says the patent!

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: That is true!

Pohl: Who has filed for the patent? Who did... (unclear)

Dr. Hamer: You have to look it up on the Internet. An Arab applied for the patent, but it was rejected, but it works. Today you can activate any chip by satellite and then open the toxic compartment...

Pohl: Yes.

Dr. Hamer: ... and then the patient is dead.

Pohl: And what kind of poison is that?

Dr. Hamer: Well, that's secret, right?

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: There are several kinds of toxic substances. There are lethal and there are non-lethal toxins. Therefore, they can trigger epidemics, right? Then 1,000 or 2,000 people collapse and then they say: "Ooooh, virus, that's a virus!", the WHO proclaims a pandemic and so on. It's all a fraud!

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: Well, Mr. Pohl, do your work and send it to me tomorrow.

Pohl: (laughs) Which address should I send it to?

End of telephone conversation 1

2nd Telephone Conversation

Dr. Hamer: Hello Mr. Pohl, I greet you. Hamer!

Pohl: Well, hello doctor! I am almost finished. I will do a PDF of this in 10 minutes....

Dr. Hamer: Yes.

Pohl: ...and I'll email it to you. However, I tell you right away, it is not yet proofread. That means in terms of language... So if something is not perfectly German or grammatically... – that will be changed, but I don't think so. Quite ok, I think...

Dr. Hamer: When I have received it, I will call you again, okay?

Pohl: Yes, of course, sure!

Dr. Hamer: Okay!

Pohl: Good! Thank you doctor!

Dr. Hamer: Good! Bye, bye!

End of telephone conversation 2

3rd Telephone Conversation

Dr. Hamer: Hello Mr. Pohl! Well, I greet you! Only a little of our interview made its way to the audience, didn't it? I never said that Muriel is infected. There is no infection in the case of an allergy, right?

Pohl: Okay. Yes, yes.

Dr. Hamer: And there is no virus... no HIV has been found in Muriel.

Pohl: Yes, so the "infected" should be... Because according to your opinion there is no infection, logically, because a virus does not exist, right?

Dr. Hamer: Yes, sure, of course! And no HIV test has been done, but apart from that...

Pohl: But I didn't write that either – that she was tested for HIV. Nobody says that, neither me nor the...

Dr. Hamer: No, no, but Muriel is not ill, she is only treated because of a suspected virus.

Pohl: Yes, yes, because the parents are both HIV positive according to conventional medicine. That's why she receives treatment.

Dr. Hamer: Yes, yes, but they cannot infect others, the other three siblings are not positive either. You can't infect a person with orange allergy.

Pohl: Yes, yes.

Dr. Hamer: And Muriel has not even been tested. She is simply treated with chemo based on suspicion.

Pohl: Yes.

Dr. Hamer: And most of the treatments are fatal for the children, no?

Pohl: Well, of course. That is of course a terrible chemo, isn't it?

Dr. Hamer: How can you do a lethal therapy based on an idiotic suspicion? That's nonsense! And you must not write that "she is infected" – she is not infected at all!

Pohl: No, doctor! That's why I'm calling you. If something is formally wrong from your point of view, that... You see, I have written the article quite quickly, so that you get it in time, I will... are there any other changes? Where formal things are wrong, so to speak.

Dr. Hamer: Yes, yes! Mr. Pohl, as I said, the other three children, they are negative.

Pohl: Yes.

Dr. Hamer: "Why are they not infected?" There is no such thing! You can't infect others with an orange or tomato allergy! Impossible!

Pohl: Yes, I'll add that.

Dr. Hamer: Mhm. And the other three siblings are also negative and Muriel was never tested for HIV.

Pohl: Yes, I'll write that, too.

Dr. Hamer: And "infect" doesn't exist.

Pohl: Yes.

Dr. Hamer: Besides, Mr. Pohl, I had... look... I can tell you that... I can publish our conversation on my website under the heading "Interview".

Pohl: Okay.

Dr. Hamer: I told you, Mr. Pohl, when we were on a plane 15 years ago, I told you that all the Jews in the world are practicing Germanic New Medicine®.

Pohl: Yes.

Dr. Hamer: And you told me that you knew about that and that you thought that the Jews were very clever.

Pohl: Ah.

Dr. Hamer: And then I said: "Yes, that is indeed clever. But this is of course a terrible crime....

Pohl: Yes.

Dr. Hamer: ... that Menachem Schneerson has ordered... The non-Jews are not allowed to use it*!" [*practice Germanic New Medicine®]

Pohl: Mhm, mhm.

Dr. Hamer: Mr. Pohl, that has nothing to do with anti-Semitism, it is a crime! You see, if any German commits a crime, then that is not anti-Germanism, when this is called a crime!

Pohl: Well, yes! I phrased that as a question and you immediately say that it has nothing to do with anti-Semitism.

Dr. Hamer: No, but it is a crime!

Pohl: Yes, yes.

Dr. Hamer: And we have to find out who is now responsible for this crime... You can say, "Yes, that's just the Zionists" or "that's just the Chabad" or "that's Menachem Schneerson" or you can... But I mean, it's a crime anyway!

Pohl: Yes, yes.

Dr. Hamer: Because, if 99% are allowed to survive in Israel – that's what we mentioned in our interview – that 99% survive in Israel... and in Germany, 98% die from chemo...

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: Then that's not okay, Mr. Pohl, is it?

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: You have to admit that and your article must also contain this information...

Pohl: Good!

Dr. Hamer: ... that in Israel ... that is the official statistic of Israel! That was published only a few weeks ago.

Pohl: Yes.

Dr. Hamer: It's in the magazine "Zeitenschrift", fourth quarter. It says exactly...

Pohl: Yes?

Dr. Hamer: Well, yes, it is mentioned there in detail! It says that in Israel 99% of people survive cancer – 99% survive! Mr. Pohl, can't you imagine, no matter if you... – I don't know if you are Jewish or not, I don't need to know that...

Pohl: (unclear)

Dr. Hamer: ...wouldn't you have to say: "That's not acceptable! If 99% survive in Israel, why can't 99% survive in Vienna?"

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: Do you understand?

Pohl: Yes, of course I understand!

Dr. Hamer: Of course! That is my argument! It is not acceptable that someone's faith is the basis for his or her survival!

Pohl: Yes, yes, yes.

End of telephone conversation 3

4th Telephone Conversation

Dr. Hamer: Hello Mr. Pohl, it's me again.

Pohl: Well, I'll send it to you right away! In a minute you will get it, okay?

Dr. Hamer: Yes, listen to me! I just wanted to tell you something else, Mr. Pohl: Mr. Pohl, the interview would become a lot better if you would include this little private story of both of us when we were... 15 years ago....

Pohl: I know.

Dr. Hamer: ...we flew from Vienna to Munich, I told you: "Mr. Pohl, just imagine, nobody in Israel dies of cancer. They are all practicing Germanic New Medicine®"...

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: ... and you said: "Yes, I know that. But that is very clever of the Jews." Then I said, "That's right. That is very clever. But it's evil, it's a crime, that our non-Jewish patients...

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: ...can't survive 99%. As it is now the official statistics – in Israel 99% survive!" And so I asked you back then, "If in Israel the patients can survive 99% without chemo, why aren't the patients not allowed to survive in Vienna?"

Pohl: Mhm.

Dr. Hamer: There you have...

Pohl: I know! I remember! We have already discussed this twice anyway.

Dr. Hamer: Exactly!

Pohl: I will try, when I insert the new image, I will keep it a little bit smaller and then I also add this detail. I just don't have enough space. I have to make the picture smaller then.

Dr. Hamer: Mr. Pohl, I appeal to your honesty! You see, you said at that time that you know that they practice Germanic New Medicine® and that it is very clever! Then I said: "Yes, that is indeed clever, but that is downright impertinent that the non-Jewish patients are not allowed to survive!"

Pohl: Mhm, mhm, mhm.

Dr. Hamer: I want to point that out, right?

Translated by El Glauner
*translator's note

International TELEGRAM - Channel Germanische Heilkunde