by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Germanische (Germanic) Heilkunde®

The verification of my results,  

......which, after the first storm of indignation, will probably happen quickly in the relevant special disciplines, will - I am convinced - completely confirm my results and will supplement them in detail. Then we will ask ourselfes again why we did not think of this earlier.  

...Once you have found the "universal key", it is rather easy to unlock all doors with this understanding. It falls "like scales from your eyes"! Mag.theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer

On the path to the Germanische Heilkunde®

What does it mean? Dr. Hamer constantly was „on the path to the Germanische Heilkunde“ throughout his life, because he first discovered these laws of nature and then he continued to research them throughout his life. „On this path“ a lot has happened to him. Sadly, these experiences were often rather unpleasant….

And we, every single one of us, individually, but also we as a human family, are also on the path….

Video (and Translation) by Cornelia Böhmer

What actually is Germanische Heilkunde®?

In contrast to “modern” medicine, Germanische Heilkunde1 is an empirical natural science based on 5 empirically discovered Biological Laws, which have been confirmed in every single case in human bodies as well as in mammal in general.

Likewise, every natural science, 5 Biological Laws of Nature don’t need any dogmas or hypothesis or so-called statistical probabilities.

Germanische Heilkunde is clear and logical, understandable and easy to trace for every average person. It is subordinated to the causal laws of natural science logic. Terms like "materialistic", "utopian" or "metaphysical" have no place in it.

Although there are many things/phenomena in nature that we do not understand and therefore call metaphysical instead of metagnoic (metagnoic = beyond our understanding), in fact, we just did not and do not have a “key” to understanding most of the alleged (so-called) metaphysical phenomena. For example, for many thousands of years, lightning and thunder were "metaphysical forces" for us. The discovery of the laws according to which these electro-physical phenomena occur and - as a consequence - their understanding did not cause them to lose their validity. These phenomena, previously considered by us as miracles or phenomena, understood as an expression of divine strength (god of thunder), have gained greater significance for us through their understanding. In the meantime, the amount of these incomprehensible or inexplicable phenomena has increased significantly.

We medics have always wished for science based on the methods and regularities of natural sciences. In fact, we've always considered ourselves to be representatives of the natural sciences. Unfortunately, reality often was different. We relied on too many hypotheses that we had to believe in. In order to prove the most daring statements, it was even allowed to mix different hypotheses. This was very illusory. What we missed was true Biological Laws, such as they exist in the natural sciences.

Currently, we divide medicine into "organ medicine" and "psycho-medicine", i.e. psychiatry or psychology. Such a division is absurd in the eyes of a Heilkundiger ("doctor") of the Germanische Heilkunde. The psyche must not be treated separately. Each organism functions on three levels simultaneously: the psyche, the brain and the organ, and all processes are always synchronous on these levels!

How can you briefly characterise Germanische Heilkunde?

Germanische Heilkunde is the complete opposite of current Medicine. Because the “School” Medicine (Student Medicine, conventional medicine), doesn’t have the knowledge of the biological regularities besides the collection of dubious facts, according to which all so-called “diseases” run their course. In this connection, there are 5000 main and 1000 additional hypothesis used. Statistics are the methods which nowadays medicine is based on.

Only Germanische Heilkunde, for the first time in the history of medicine, uses Biological Laws, according to which all our "illnesses" proceed. In fact, they are not any diseases, but indispensable biological processes with the phases of activity and regeneration occurring in them, which are necessary so that with their help, in a natural framework, we can cope with the life difficulties falling on us - "biological conflicts". The "biological conflict" itself is something "good", it is a biological opportunity for us. Finally, we are able to see the disease in a synoptic juxtaposition: in the psyche, brain and organic plane, taking into account the five laws of nature. For the first time medicine becomes an art for a doctor - who has common sense and warm hands.
Germanische Heilkunde can no longer be stopped. Also, it will not be possible to stop a new way of thinking developing with it. Finally the worst form of human slavery will end, consisting in total alienation from your own nature. Fear - born as a result of the loss of natural confidence in the vital forces of one's body and as a result of the loss of instinctive behaviour towards oneself - will lose the basis for existence.

Along with understanding the relationships between the psyche and body, the patient also begins to understand the irrationality of fear caused by the diagnosis and prediction of "inevitable" threats. He begins to understand that these alleged dangers only gain their deadly potential as a result of a poor prognosis, because he believes in them and begins to fear them, which in turn contributes to further changes on the organ level.     

It will also end, once and for all, the doctors' power over the patient, which they only have because the patient is still afraid of "devastating his body - cancer" with "eating the body - metastases." 

Doctors will have to hand over responsibility - which, moreover, they never really had, because of natural reasons, they couldn't have it - back to the patient. Germanische Heilkunde can mean true freedom, but only for those who really understand it!

I treat the discoveries described in Germanische Heilkunde as a legacy of my late son Dirk. In the aftermath of his death I once fell ill with cancer. I manage this legacy and I would like to openly share it with all suffering patients so that they can help themselves through their “illness” (SBS) and recover.

Copyright by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer
Translated by Ela Faulkner

1 - Translator's note: It is not possible to translate the new term (Germanische Heilkunde) into English. All trials for an adequate translation failed. For this reason, we have decided to keep the original name of this term. There are some old available publications in English using Germanic New Medicine however, considering Dr. Hamer's digression about to the adequacy of the term, we will use the original sound: Germanische Heilkunde. Germanische Heilkunde is often referred to in German simply as “die GERMANISCHE”. We will also use the term “the GERMANISCHE”, "the GERMANIC" as a noun.