by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Dirk Hamer Syndrome - DHS

People have always had a sense of the connection between psychological conflicts, emotions and drastic experiences or shocks in people's lives, such as the death of a partner or child, etc. Our German language, among others, bears eloquent witness to this in countless idioms and expressions.

Below, we will briefly touch on how much the human being had already come close to the Biological Conflicts in his way of expression, in their nature and content:

  • it hit me like a bolt of lightning ...
  • it blew me away ...
  • it pierced through me ...

It was not until the 20th century that the wisdom, which has always been available, was completely lost of sight by doctors and scientists, which is quite surprising considering the somewhat amazing insights into the core of the matter. Today, we humans have largely lost the connection to our environment and to our co-inhabitant animals. This is the only way to explain the creation of the rather instinct-less imagination of "intellectual conflicts" that have no relation to biological reality. Humans do feel and sense according to archaic biological control codes, they experience conflicts biologically, while they are telling themselves to live detached from nature.

DHS® is the Dirk Hamer Syndrome, which I called it when I myself was so shocked at my son's death and was diagnosed with testicular cancer. It is a severe, highly acute, dramatic and isolative conflict experience shock that catches the individual "on the wrong foot".

DHS® has the following characteristics and meanings:

  • it arises as an unexpected shock experience of a Biological Conflict – in one second,
  • it determines the Biological Conflict content, the next conflict runs on this main “track”,
  • the content of the Biological Conflict determines the location of the Hamer Focus (HH – Hamerscher Herd) in the brain
  • it determines the location of the cancer on the organ – by determining the content of the Biological Conflict and determining the location of the HH in the brain
  • Biological conflict immediately changes the work mode of the vegetative nervous system to constant stress, the so-called constant sympathicotonia.

Each conflict has a specific content and it is determined when DHS® strikes. The content of the conflict is determined by association, ie as a result of involuntary thoughts that the mind cannot "filter". Only our feeling, which arises when the DHS® strikes, determines the content of the conflict and thus the "track" on which the further biological conflict "continues". Thus, the subconscious associates the content of the biological conflict caused by DHS® with a specific biological area, e.g. the area determining the relationship between the mother / child, or the territorial area, the area related to water, the area responsive to fear from behind, or the feeling of self-devaluation (SWE)1 or other areas.

In DHS® strike, the subconscious knows exactly how to differentiate: Never does 'self-devaluation' sensation belonging to the sexual area, such as saying 'You impotent / You wimp!' cause bone loss (osteolysis) in the cervical spine, but always osteolysis of the bone in the pelvic area - pelvic bone cancer. On the other hand, the feeling of loss of self-devaluation assigned to the area defining the relationship between mother and child, e.g. the statement "you are a devious mother!", will never cause changes in the bones of the pelvic area, but always the so-called bone cancer around the head of the left shoulder bone - in right-handed women. 

We think it's us who think, in fact it's being thought for us. 

This conflict shock with which the individual is confronted quite unexpectedly, which " blew him away…" - now it is necessary for the body to switch to an emergency or special programing order to be able to cope with the unexpectedly occurred situation. We can safely say that the emergency program is a great biological chance for survival!

Soon after the DHS® strike, a Special Program switches on, practically simultaneously in three planes: in the psyche, brain and organ and its presence is visible and measurable! In the CT scan, we can see these changes (Hamersche Herde (HH) = Hamer's Focus) in the form of clear, sharp concentring rings, also similar to the image of a calm mirror of water into which a stone was thrown into.

Hamer Focus (HH) at the time of DHS, beginning the active phase of the conflict

A huge help in the reconstruction of DHS® strike (which we must find) are the three planes available to us. Thanks to them we can effectively conduct our psycho-cerebral-criminal forensic investigation.

For the first time in the history of medicine, we can finally examine thoroughly the alleged "diseases", which in Germanic we call fragments of the Significant Biological Special Program (SBS®), and so far we have only done in the case of pregnancy.

This criterion makes Germanische Heilkunde a science in the strict scientific-biological sense from the very beginning. It enables us to reconstruct and reproduce any case what had never been done in medicine before.

DHS® forms the basis of the Iron Rule of Cancer and all diagnostics. At last we understand what is happening to the patient - and this is wonderful. We must empathise with the patient during the DHS® strike and imagine what the overall situation looked like in that very DHS second. Only then will we be able to understand why it caused the Biological Conflict, why the conflict was so dramatic for the patient, why the concerned person was isolated at that time and had no one to talk to about it and in the end why this situation was so conflicting. When you “touch” a person’s DHS, they usually get emotional, upset and sometimes even tearful which is signifying how badly they got affected by the event. It is therefore very important that one understands the DHS very well, because then one has already understood half of the Germanische Heilkunde.

Every cancer is preceded by a severe biological shock, a dramatically conflicted event. Using the term 'conflict' we must point out that this is a special type of conflict. These are not psychological conflicts that begin to appear in childhood and slowly increase, but they are Biological Conflicts. Biological conflicts should be treated in the evolutionary sense as archaic conflicts that developed during the evolutionary process of the individual in order to mobilise them to activity in the struggle for survival in certain environmental conditions.

In principle, both human and animal survive such conflicts. They have nothing to do with other intellectual-psychological problems and conflicts that we also experience. Biological Conflicts have a completely different quality. These are special programs of archaic behaviour of our brain programmed by nature. "We think we are thinking, but it is actually being thought for us." The conflict strikes associatively before we even start thinking. Therefore, often what we consider to be a shock factor is not DHS® that causes Biological Conflict. For example, the death of a loved one, or divorce, or the fact that a loved one is an alcoholic. All this does not necessarily occur unexpectedly, the information does not have to "hit like a bolt of lightning", the situation does not have to be "unbearable".

We don't experience ordinary conflicts and events in the form of shock, but we always have some time to prepare for them. However, conflicts that we couldn't prepare for are called Biological Conflicts. ie. they are events that cause a shock that unexpectedly occurred that the individual in a second of his occurrence was not able to show any reaction: something like that has not happened to me yet,

  • I didn't think that this would happen to me
  • hit me like a thunderbolt of lightning
  • I stood frozen on the spot
  • I was speechless, flabbergasted, etc.

DHS® is a heavy, highly dramatic, felt in isolation from the environment, Biological Conflict, which we experience absolutely unexpectedly, which strikes us like a "thunderbolt" simultaneously or almost simultaneously on three levels; psyche, brain and organ. We can "order" all our conflicts based on evolutionary development. We know what behavioural patterns were "programmed" at every stage of evolutionary development. Not only the brain and organ are interrelated, but also conflicts. All this information is needed so that you can recognise what the patient was thinking at the time of DHS®. However, in a DHS® second even more can happen. At this point, the so-called tracks along which the entire "disease" process takes place. These tracks are something special, they are a very important moment. All relapses of conflict activity take place after these once laid tracks. You could call it a real conflict allergy. Tracks are additional aspects of conflict, combined with DHS®. These are the circumstances associated with DHS®.

Copyright by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer
Translated by Ela Faulkner

1 - SelbstWertEinbruch = SWE. We keep Dr. Hamers original abbreviations.