by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Left or Right-Handed

Germanic Heilkunde - Introduction 1

Left or Right-Handed?

A very important criterion in Germanische Heilkunde is the handedness of the patient. Because without the determination of left or right-handedness, one cannot work at all in Germanische Heilkunde.

Left or right-handedness is set in the brain for each of us (even before birth) and remains unchanged for life.

Clap your hands and notice which hand is the leading one. That is the hand which is on top, i.e. actively claps.
It is possible that you are left-handed even though you thought, until now, that you were right-handed, because many people were retrained as a child.

The Clapping Test

Left hand above right: biologically left-handed (LH)
Right hand above left: biologically right-handed (RH)

Ascertaining handedness in GERMANISCHE HEILKUNDE is one of the most important things, because from that a simple rule follows:

For right-handers, regardless whether woman or man, the following applies: the left side of the body is the mother/child-side (own mother, own children or people and animals one relates to in this way), the right side of the body is the partner-side (business partner, marriage or life partner, father, colleagues, friends, enemies, relatives).
With left-handers, regardless of sex, it is exactly the opposite. If, for example, a left-knee makes problems for a right-hander, the conflict concerns mother or children. Knees have to do with a ungainliness, self-devaluation-conflict. In this case, connected with mother or children. The painful left shoulder of a left-hander points to a surmounted self-devaluation-conflict concerning a partner (somebody aside from mother or children). For, a guilt feeling:”...what a bad partner I am!”

If a woman who's child had an accident is right-handed, then we already know which breast is affected: the left (mother/child side)! Pay attention to how a right-handed woman carries her child: the child´s face lies normally at her left breast. Therefore, the SBS (Sinnvolles Biologisches Sonderprogramm der Natur = Significant Biological Special Nature Program) starts for the left breast.

Copyright by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

1 - Please note that this is only a very short version and that you will need extensive knowledge to understand the Germanische Heilkunde®. Besides understanding the system and many important details, it is especially important to study the patient cases in Dr. Hamer's books in order to understand what the GERMANISCHE (GERMANIC) is and how to live in harmony with this knowledge (= the system discovered by Dr. Hamer).