Patient of Dr. Hamer 
in "Seniorenclub", ORF 1994

This patient received the conventional medical diagnosis of ovarian cancer, refused hospital and chemo, finally found the Neue Medizin/NEW MEDICINE (today: Germanische Heilkunde) and got well. Even then, the discoverer of NEW MEDICINE (repeatedly referred to in this film excerpt as the "New Theory"), Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, was not allowed to be named on public television. Nevertheless, this patient mentions the NEW MEDICINE/Neue Medizin (Germanische Heilkunde) and uses the nomenclature of Germanische Heilkunde in her report.

Scientific documentation in the Celler Dokumentation on page 290 (case 8)!

Translated by Ela Faulkner & El Glauner

Video with subtitles in German, Polish, Russian, Danish, Spanish, Slovenian, Dutch, Norvegian

International TELEGRAM - CHANNEL Germanische Heilkunde
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