Germanische Heilkunde and The Suppression of Knowledge

The end of the suppression of knowledge concerning the Germanische Heilkunde, would also mean the end of the worst excesses of our so-called civilisation: Mass murder, animal experiments, exploitation of humans and animals, impoverishment caused by the system, anti-human hospital operations and much more. The historian Georg Kausch describes the significance of the discovery of the Germanic for other fields of knowledge.

From the preface “Einer gegen alle” ("One against all") 1st edition 2005:

My personal fate - as bad as it was and still is for me and my family in the past 25 years - is only a speck of dust compared to the suffering, inflicted on billions of people all over the world, caused by the suppression of the knowledge of Germanic New Medicine (Germanische Heilkunde).

This is not about me personally... The well-being of the patients entrusted to us is so endlessly more important than the value of my licence to practise medicine, which is only to be seen as a symbol of the fact that patients must be given the right to freely decide, according to their wishes and will, which therapy they would like to choose for themselves in the future.

Alhaurin el Grande, summer 2004 - Dr. med. Mag. theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Subtitles in Polish, Russian, Italian, Hungarian

We hope that this important interview with Dr. Hamer will soon be translated into English by a native speaker.