Interview with Bavarian TV, Germany, "Report München"
The original unedited recording of the interview. Sandefjord 01/14/2010

Article by El Glauner 2020

The "art" of interrogating, humiliating, making fun of someone, interrupting.... This is the "culture" of our Junk Society, as Dr. Hamer characterises it. This "conversation" is, among other examples, a document of this trained (and even paid!) behaviour, following the principle: the more arrognant – the more successful, or rather: the weaker the arguments, the more one has to use crude methods. (Demanding evidence but having no interest – not having any evidence but arrogantly making accusations.) This TV interviewer is quite persistent and uses his "skills" more and more aggressively in the course of the "conversation".

Again a "journalist" who does not know anything about Germanische Heilkunde® and neither does he want to know anything about it. He tries to fool the greatest discoverer in human history with pseudo-arguments (which are pure accusations and false facts), but these are bursting like soap bubbles. Of course, Report München did not show on TV how ridiculous and puny this looks. The film was edited and altered in such a way (like all recordings with Dr. Hamer) that the hate slogan "charlatan, miracle healer" could be repeated for the umpteenth time. The most terrible thing is that they are using the tragic fate of children to criminalise Dr Hamer and Germanische Heilkunde®. In the case of Muriel Seebald, the Austrian authorities and physicians were responsible for destroying an intact family. Muriel's parents died, first the father, then the mother, and we do not even know what happened to the four children. You find detailed information about this case in the German book by Dr. Hamer "AIDS, die Krankheit, die es gar nicht gibt".

The well-known author and journalist Udo Ulfkotte examines the mafia structures of journalism in his book "Gekaufte Journalisten" (Bought Journalists). The English translation of this book appears to have been suppressed throughout North America and Europe. Here is a short example from the interview showing inappropriate questioning.

Dr. Hamer talks about Hamer Foci (HH):
"...physiologists will have to solve that in the future. But we can work with that. We can see exactly whether a HH is in the active phase or in the healing phase..." 
This is immediately followed by the journalist's question: "And what about the support, the acclaim from the right wing...?"

Money can buy you almost anything – crime, deceitfulness, murder, subservience, lies, betrayal... Priceless are enthusiasm, dedication to life, passion, love of truth, solidarity, family spirit, love of freedom, sincerity... For this reason, the penniless masses would have great influence if they were aware of this. Especially this awareness is getting destroyed by mafia-like institutions such as educational institutions, media, religious institutions. BUT:

We can light the flame of freedom because – although it is only a smouldering fire at the moment – it is ready to burn brightly at any moment and to spread hope among all nations and peoples living on Mother Earth.

The documents mentioned in the interview:
Newsletter of the Embassy of the State of Israel
Letter to Schneerson 1986
Joav Merrick - The Scientific World Journal

Part 1: Cancer statistics worldwide and in Israel
Part 2: What is AIDS? AIDS in children?
Part 3: State of Germania, Chip implants
Part 4: Can you prove that a person was cured by your method?
Part 5: About politics. BRD (FRG). Right Wing..?
Part 6: Dr Hamer insists to get an answer to his one single question.
Part 7: What are standardised groups? Summary of cancer-related deaths in percentages.

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Interview in Slowenian, Danish, Norwegian