How and why did the Crocus become
the Symbol of Germanische Heilkunde?

Ewa Leimer, 21st October 2020

In the early 2000s Dr. Hamer lived in exile in Spain. He was very desperate because his wonderful discovery still had no acceptance in this world's system. One night he dreamt of a gentle crocus breaking through the hard snow cover. Dr. Hamer understood this dream as a symbol and a message: just like the crocus, the Germanische Heilkunde® (former name: Germanic New Medicine®) will find its way to freedom.

Dr. Hamer then planted many crocus bulbs in his garden in Andalusia. However, this flower is known to grow only in colder regions. Despite the hot climate in Andalusia, one very special crocus has fought its way to the light in his garden.

Dr. Hamer photographed this crocus and placed the picture on the back of the book “Kurze Einführung in die Germanische Neue Medizin®” - "Introduction to Germanic New Medicine®" in July 2004.

Just like the crocus, which breaks through the hardened old snow cover in spring, Germanische Heilkunde® (former name: Germanic New Medicine®) will win the battle against outdated, life threatening theses and gain the recognition it deserves... and this will happen at a time when the crocuses are in bloom....

Not only the crocus flower itself, but also its dominant purple colour has a symbolic meaning. This colour stands for mental balance and decisiveness and is also the colour of inspiration, mysticism, magic (understood as an inner transformation process), and art.

In 2005 the Amici di Dirk publishing house used for the first time its own logo with a crocus, which is still used today in all books of the publishing house and on the publisher's website.

After Dr. Hamer's second imprisonment in 2004 and after the publication of his book "Ein gegen alle" - "One against all", I felt an inner urge to create an International Website for Dr. Hamer (the website in Polish language already existed in 1998) and to add additional symbolism to the symbol of the crocus.

In order to acquire the necessary skills to make my project possible, I took an 8-month web design course. Afterwards I was ready to start working on the website of Dr. Hamer.

During my visit to Spain in Coin in 2006, I showed Dr. Hamer “my” crocus and we discussed the details of his first own website, because until then, he was in a way only a “guest” on Helmut Pilhar's website.

In addition to purple, the petals of the new crocus were given yellow, orange and red. These colours symbolise the three germ layers - endoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm. This new four-coloured crocus appeared for the first time with Dr. Hamer's first website, which was given a blue background colour according to his wishes. For his website, Dr. Hamer also wanted me to use the Old German script (Fraktur), which he already used in his books. In 2010 Dr. Hamer replaced the name "Germanische Neue Medizin" ("Germanic New Medicine") by the name Germanische Heilkunde®, which was published in Dr. Hamer's book “Brustkrebs - der häufigste Krebs bei Frauen?” ("Breast Cancer" - the most common cancer in women?") for the first time.


To this day, Dr. Hamer is defamed by his opponents also because of the German Fraktur. Uninformed and disinformed people suppose that it has something to do with the 3rd Reich. We are told a lot of lies. It is exactly the other way round! The Old German script was abolished by the Nazis! (See document 1)

Our colourful crocus on a blue background stands independent, upright, steadfast and all alone. Similar to Dr. Hamer, who at that time had been struggling alone for more than a quarter of a century to make this wonderful and indispensable knowledge accessible to everyone worldwide.

Dr. Hamer founded the University of Sandeford in 2011 (he had already lived in exile in Sandefjord in Norway) and asked me to create the website for his new University. The domain of the university website was

The crocus was again redesigned by integrating the Man Rune as an additional symbol.

The Man Rune in the crocus represents a human being who communicates with the gods. An upright human being who prays with arms raised to heaven in dignity as a free human being, free as our Germanic ancestors were. Not like the unfree Christians, who have to kneel, burdened with guilt, like slaves, without dignity, in front of God and the priest and lower their eyes.

Even the use of the Man Rune is enough to discriminate against people… but people gradually recognise that this symbolism has nothing to do with the Third Reich and Hitler. It symbolises the connection to our roots. The slander and discrediting of the people, who use these symbols, is due to the fact that the agitators (globalists and communists) want to eradicate everything empathic and human.
Look at this subject yourself. In order to get the verifiable (true) information, however, you will have to dig deep...

The University of Sandefjord was prohibited after a short time. Dr. Hamer also received punishment threats if he did not immediately take the University of Sandefjord's website off the net. So I got another "order". Dr. Hamer asked me to create a new website with a new name and without the University's logo.

The blue website remained as it was, and the homepage of the university was replaced by a new one. A crocus similar to the "university" crocus with rounded petals was now used on this website.