by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

The Fourth Biological Natural Law
The ontogenetically determined System of Microbes

Germanic Heilkunde - Introduction 1

In academic medicine, we divided microbes into ”good” (e.g. intestinal, mouth and vaginal flora), and ”bad” (e.g. tubercle bacteria). We thought the ”bad ones” were to blame for many diseases. One called these diseases „infectious illnesses“. This mistake, with disastrous consequences, happened because with many illnesses, one found fungi or bacteria within the place of activity. The fungi bacteria proliferate in the ca-phase (tubercle fungi bacteria). Not until the pcl-phase, do bacteria begin to proliferate. But both types only got o work in the pcl-phase, the resolution phase.

Comparison with the fire brigade: someone analyses the source of large fires: “I have evaluated all large fires of the past decades. The result is clear. At each fire, fire engines were present. Therefore, these fire engines are the source of the fires!” that makes no sense, of course, because everyone knows that the fire brigade does not start fires, but is there to extinguish them. It is the same with fungi and bacteria.

They are not to blame for the “illness” but rather they optimize the restitutive pcl-phase. We now know that viruses do not even exist, they are not provable. They were hypothetically postulated, which was a mistake.

Microbes have been our true companions over millions of years. We live with them in perfect symbiosis. Our brain and body rely on them. They receive orders from our brain for very particular “operations”. Our little micro-surgeons augment or decompose tissue – namely, solely in the healing phase:

Fungi and fungi bacteria, our oldest companions, remove, on orders from the brainstem, superfluous tissue of the inner embryonic germ layer (e.g. candida fungi in the intestine, soor fungi in the mouth). The most important are the tubercle bacteria. Night sweats are the sure sign that tubercle bacteria are presently at work.

A summary regarding microbes

Mycobacteria (fungi-bacteria) and fungi work on the tumours guided by the old brain, and proliferate in the conflict-active phase (=ca-phase). Enough mycobacteria will have been “produced in advance” so that in the resolution phase (=pcl-phase), the tumour can be dismantled as quickly as possible. As quickly as possible means: in the biologically determined time, since the microbial surgery is a very complex matter, as we saw earlier in lung TB, that was and is, indeed, nothing other than the tubercular pcl-phase of lung nodules (death-fright-conflict). Without mycobacteria, the whole organism becomes disordered, as we can well see with thyroid-carcinoma. With our modern pictorial procedures (CT and MRT), we can follow very well how a tumour (ca-phase), is caseated by mycobacteria in the pcl-phase.

If, in the case of thyroid-carcinoma, as mentioned, no mycobacteria are available at the right time, then the metabolism runs at full speed, not only in the ca-phase and further in the pcl-phase, but lifelong, as in the case of a car with a blocked accelerator. That a tumour, having already fulfilled its biological meaning and its purpose, should be decomposed, is biologically self-evident.

Bacteria only work on organs belonging to the middle embryonic germ layer (mesoderm), guided by the cerebral medulla, i.e. necroses. They first proliferate in the pcl-phase. During proliferation, they need oedema, that is, a fluid environment and warmth. Therefore, we previously falsely assumed that they were the cause of the pcl-phase symptoms: fever, tiredness, exhaustion, headaches etc.
Most bacteria (staphylococci, streptococci, pneumococci, gonococci), according to another classification anaerobic (=working without air), or aerobic (=working in air), have their particular organ tracts, but can overlap if the “neighbouring specialists” are missing. Killing bacteria with antibiotics reduces symptoms of the pcl-phase, but is biologically idiotic. There are many very different genera of bacteria, each bacterium has, as mentioned, its “specialized organ tract”, as e.g. the gonococci in the uro-genital tract or the corynebacteria of the throat. Some of them, namely, tubercle bacteria, are guided by the old brain (=brainstem + cerebellum), and decompose tumour tissue. The other type of microbes, namely bacteria, guided by the cerebrum medulla, rebuild tissue (e.g. cartilage, bone).

Microbes are important members in the regulating processes of nature.
We should preserve and foster them instead of fighting against them.
Vaccination, against no matter what, are from the pont of view of the GERMANISCHE, not only senseless (since they do not work), but are extremely damaging, due to the conflict possibility from the vaccination procedure itself (fear in the infant or child subjected to vaccination), and poisonous additives (phenol, formaldehyde, mercury, and the aluminium compounds, and so on). Since we do not even know against what we are really vaccinating (toxin, antibodies against the healing phase?), and since there are no viruses that we can vaccinate against, it is all just one big fraud. Even worse: due to no longer ignorable events, we have to urgently assume that already with previous vaccinations, and with all ensuing vaccinations, the point is really chip implantations, whereby, one can observe a vaccinated person his life long, or even worse than that, if the information about the new so-called Chinese “death chips” is correct, a lethal compartment can be activated via satellite.

Photo from the Internet with a microchip implanted in the hands
Chip in the liver parenchyma

If tubercle bacteria are missing, because we have eradicated them due to a misguided hygiene, then superfluous tissue can no longer be decomposed that normally would be caseated by mycobacteria. With TB, caverns usually remain. Without TB, the body has to help itself, in this case, by other means: it encloses the tumour in connective tissue.
In the breast, we discover these old tumours in X-rays. They were at one time active milk producing cells of an SBS (un-biological healing). However, what nature did not plan, was that we could “submerge” ourselves within hours in a new, to our body, foreign microbial environment (long distance travel). Here problems can develop, e.g. in the case of malaria.

The cerebral cortex, our youngest part of the brain, possibly works with smallest protein compounds (so-called antibodies in the pcl-phase), to replace missing tissue in the resolution phase (pcl-phase), e.g. bronchi, skin. Moreover, the existence of viruses is very debatable. No one has ever proven a virus beyond doubt. They were always antibodies in the pcl-phase.

Regarding viruses, we did not know, until recently, that they do not exist at all. So-called viruses were postulated 150 years ago, when we had relatively low resolution microscopes. No one has ever seen a virus; also never watched proliferation. Even the hypothesis that the unseen viruses caused an “illness”, was false. Naturally, then all so-called vaccinations against viruses were one enormous fraud, such as AIDS, bird flu and swine flu. In all likelihood, they were in reality – chip implantations.
The hypothetical viruses could, at best, have helped during healing, but even that is so far unproven.

The supposed viruses were no more than co-called antibodies that became involved in a DHS as an accompanying track in the brain, but are only organically visible and measurable as antibodies in the pcl-phase.

This is the case with “AIDS, die Krankheit die es gar nicht gibt”, (AIDS, the disease that does not even exist). With a smegma-trauma, a smegma-track becomes involved in the DHS. The antibodies only first become measurable in the pcl-phase as an AIDS test.
The supposed illness-producing viruses were fundamentally a huge fraud! See also, “Vermächtnis einer Neuen Medizin”, (Legacy of a New Medicine), 1987, and “AIDS, die Krankheit die es gar nicht gibt”.
Virus animations that are occasionally shown on television, are pure deception, done earlier for financial reasons, today additionally, in order to control people their whole life long, command them and, if necessary, kill them at any time that suits, via satellite (chip with lethal compartment):

Bill Gates, the cynical king of the microchip, disclosed in the year 2010:

“The world today has 6.8 billion people... that´s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines (meaning microchip implants), health care (meaning death care), reproductive health services (meaning contraception/abortion), we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.

A month later (July 2010), he said at an AIDS conference in Vienna with an allusion to my book “AIDS, the disease that does not even exist”:

“Then we have prevention approaches that rely on new tools. We now have three tools that have shown significant impact. The first is male circumcision.” (meaning: no more smegma). 

As a Jew, he understood my book well; the particular conclusion drawn is naturally idiotic.

Copyright by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer 

1 - Please note that this is only a very short version and that you will need extensive knowledge to understand the Germanische Heilkunde®. Besides understanding the system and many important details, it is especially important to study the patient cases in Dr. Hamer's books in order to understand what the GERMANISCHE (GERMANIC) is and how to live in harmony with this knowledge (= the system discovered by Dr. Hamer).