Authorised Academies?


Hi there, can you please clarify which English-specific learning academy of the following IS approved please?  

1)... 2)... 3)... 4)... 5)...

As I understood Dr. Hamer appointed Helmut Pilhar as the official lecturer. Would that not mean his academy is the only official academy? If that is not correct, can you please explain why?

Many thanks for your patience and understanding. I realise there is a lot of controversy at the moment and I´m trying to do what is best and correct. 


What are authorisations or certificates? Dr. Hamer did not teach or train anyone. Everyone who is teaching now or have been teaching in the past have learned from Dr Hamer's books. Dr Hamer's friends were privileged to ask him questions directly that is all. Helmut Pilhar had been appointed as a lecturer when Dr. Hamer founded the University of Sandefjord and Helmut Pilhar was the publisher's representative in German-speaking countries at that time. (Dr. Hamer was forced to live in exile.) However, the university was closed shortly afterwards (forbidden). Later there has been a parting of the ways of Helmut Pilhar and Dr. Hamer's publishing house Amici di Dirk®. Helmut Pilhar has passed away in 2022. This means that now the Helmut Pilhar Academy is without Helmut Pilhar.

In order to make a decision who to trust, we recommend you to carefully study the content of the websites you are considering and listen to your heart and intellect. Everyone has to do this independently, ... find out for themselves, because there is a lot of advertising for this and that. And anyone can say they are the only authorised teacher. Please do not only read the information about the Educational Program/Courses/Seminars etc., but also the other information (e.g. Help, Archive, Info. etc.). This information is also important in order to decide; no one can do that for you. In any case, there is nothing wrong if you learn from Dr. Hamer's books.


PS: Concerning controversies: there were also controversies during Dr. Hamer's lifetime. He was criticised a lot: some said that he should not use the term "Germanische" and that he should stop to mention the Jews. They accused him of not being willing to cooperate, etc.
Even at that time people offered seminars and falsified books, and many thought that this would be more correct than studying Dr. Hamer's books. They even try to create another discoverer (Dr. Hamer has predicted that they will try to create a Zweistein1). Books changing the name of the discoverer of the "Iron Rule of Cancer" are already available!!!

1 - Dr. Hamer refers to "Einstein" (One-stone). He said that they will try to create a "Zweistein" (Second-Stone, menas a second Einstein). Quote from an Open Letter 2009

This reminds me again of Albert Einstein, who apparently was mathematically illiterate (it is said that he failed his school-leaving examination because of a "6" in maths). His wife, who is said to have stolen the formula E = mc2 from the Austrian physicist professor Hasenöhrl after he fell (?) in the First World War, withheld his name, renamed everything, and used Hasenöhrl's work to help her husband win the Nobel Prize under the name "Einstein's Theory of Relativity".

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Request and Reply

Thank you! I really appreciate your reply and explanation. Is the Educational Program designed by Dr. Hamer himself and who is authorised to teach that? Given you said no-one is authorised to teach his work. Seems such a shame. It is such incredible and fascinating knowledge, why wouldn't he have taught it when he was alive or trained people to teach it? 

Dr. Hamer has left us his books – THESE ARE his Educational Program. Dr Hamer has tried all his life to legalise Germanische Heilkunde so that he could teach officially – without success, the system did not allow it. See the book One Against All and Video: Germanische Heilkunde and Medical Doctors?

The Educational Program was created by Ewa Leimer. You can read about Ewa Leimer → here.

I have seen videos of what looks like Dr Hamer teaching his work. Is this just an explanation of his work but not official teaching? You previously said that Dr. Hamer did not teach or train anyone.

Dr Hamer gave short seminars. This cannot be seen as training. Quoting Dr. Hamer:

 "A lot of people will die because I am not allowed to train physicians either, and no physician has so far become competent in the New Medicine (now: Germanische Heilkunde). Many of the conventional medical doctors or alternative practitioners who attend my seminars think they can do a little crash course and then start practicing right away. But it doesn't work like that. It's far too dangerous." (One against all. Page 176)

The fact that Helmut Pilhar passed away and is now not associated with the academy, does that mean that the academy is not authorised to teach? but had he still been alive, it would be authorised to teach, under his guidance? I understood that Pilhar appointed Andi Lockemears and Nick Capetanis as the official teachers in the English language, so surely that wouldn't change whether Pilhar is alive or not?
I appreciate clarification on this matter please.

We have already told you what we think about authorisations and certifications. Who is going to certify someone???
1)  Dr. Hamer did not do it. Also Helmut Pilhar had no rights to give any authorisations or certifications because he received the appointment as a lecturer on Dr. Hamer's university under Dr. Hamer's supervision. But the university was banned without ever operating as an educational institution and Dr. Hamer passed away.
2) And certainly not "his successors" can do that (certify someone). If the English-speaking people had taken the trouble to translate the book "One against all" instead of discussing who is the only one authorised then you would have known WHICH opinion Dr. Hamer had about so-called "experts" – namely not a good one. Look around you, nowadays EVERYONE is an EXPERT.


Back to the Educator program. So, what I´m understanding is you are saying this is the only official and authorised teaching program although I am not clear as to why, given you have said that Dr Hamer never authorised anyone to teach?

It does not say anywhere in our answer that the Educational Program is "the only authorised one", because there are no authorisations.This is what we actually wrote! Ewa Leimer and the people who are conducting this program in the other languages work together with Dr. Hamer's publishing house Amici di Dirk® – that is true.

At this point, we consider the discussion on this matter to be finished.

March 2023