Censorship by Google
Newsletter, January 5th 2021

Dear friends of Germanische Heilkunde!

We observed that Dr. Hamer's website could be found on page 16(!) on Google search results, when using the search term "Germanische Heilkunde". Dr. Hamer's website appears on the first page in other search engines.

According to the SEO criteria, it should have been on p.1. Therefore, we decided to optimise the domain name, i.e. to no longer use germanischeheilkunde-drhamer.com, but germanische-heilkunde-dr-hamer.com.
That helped within a very short time, even to reach position 2 on page 1(!).

However, today we have noticed that this measure did not succeed that long... 
After about two weeks, Dr. Hamer's website is again on page 12 on Google search (if you use the search term "Germanische Heilkunde").

Therefore, we ask you to share the website www.germanische-heilkunde-dr-hamer.com on social media (internet) and with friends. Thank you very much!

We kindly ask everyone to help!

Your Germanische Heilkunde Team


With your donation, Dr. Hamer's books can be translated into many languages, published not only in digital form but as Paperback or even Hardcover. Publications support the worldwide dissemination of Germanische Heilkunde® in its original form.

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