Therapist of the Germanische - dangerous deception

Ewa Leimer
Translation: Ela Faulkner

Is it important for our life as humans, and our survival as a human species,
to have a comprehensive knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde?

Welcome, I'm pleased that you have found us. My name is Ewa Leimer - I have a master's degree in pedagogy. I don't usually introduce myself with my academic title, but it seems important to mention it here.

I am the author of the Polish version of Germanische Heilkunde, which has been available to the Polish Nation since 1998. Based on my translations of Dr Hamer's original literature as well as the opportunity of knowing and working closely with Dr Hamer, I have developed, with the help of professional programmer, who is also a friend of Germanische Heilkunde,  a unique Educational Program... and for the past 19 years I have disseminated this knowledge in Poland.

During the several years of our activity many people have participated in our Educational Program, but unfortunately only a few have taken the subject seriously. I am aware that there are various online sources of completely different, altered, shortened and abbreviated versions of Germanische Heilkunde, which in NO way corresponds to the Germanische I know from the source. 

There is even "therapy" offered, supposedly in accordance with this knowledge, but anyone who has UNDERSTOOD Germanische Heilkunde in its COMPLEXITY knows, that this is a dangerous fraud on people looking for help. This very bad trend in the field of Germanische Heilkunde is the main reason why, after such a long period of background activity, I have finally decided to comment publicly on this matter. My consciousness does not allow me to remain silent anymore. 

The systematics discovered by Dr Hamer are used by these people only selectively and in fragments,... for their own purposes or are passed on completely distorted - misrepresented! This way, the coherence is lost and knowledge becomes incomprehensible. Dr Hamer did all he could to ensure that people understand this knowledge! 

It is also important for us and we also want every participant of our Educational Program to understand the systematics discovered by Dr Hamer in all its complexity, because only then, after completing the Educational Program, will YOU be able to USE this knowledge... and CORRECTLY and INDEPENDENTLY apply this knowledge on daily basis... 

I have tried to explain this problem to you in series of short videos and hope that my statements are understandable for you and will help to awaken a critical view of the credibility of all help offers from the so-called therapists, the supposed the Germanische Heilkunde ones. 

Thank you for your attention!

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Therapist of the Germanische - dangerous deception

Part 1
Alleged treatment

Most people today still believe in the honesty of the information given to us by the mainstream media. The industry and the media complex with its political players make sure that people do not question the distorted falsified picture of reality. All areas of social life are dominated by fear. Societies have been brought up to believe that disease is a danger. Particularly strong emphasis is placed in relation to a dangerous-sounding diagnosis. An individual who has been diagnosed with a so-called terminal illness is then subjected to pressure, with the purpose to persuade the individual to receive therapy, usually... chemo -"therapy". A person who has received a cancer diagnosis most often falls into a terrible fear of death. This is caused by the doctor's pessimistic projection of the diagnosis. In fact, all dangerous sounding diagnoses by conventional medicine - like cancer... result, after 5 years from the start of radical chemotherapy, in over 98% mortality rate. 

In case of other so-called diseases people are less frightened, which is why such diagnosis don't cause as much panic. Yet, according to conventional medicine all so-called diseases must be treated with conventional methods and almost every citizen shares this belief. Nobody questions neither the correctness of the diagnosis, nor the correctness of the predictions, nor the accuracy of the treatment methods. Out of intense fear, people follow all the orders received from doctors and therapists. But those who trust medical orders are more likely to get harmed than to help themselves. Today, only few people realise that in forced treatments, including vaccination, there hides a hideous plan of the ruling elites. Bill Gates publicly promotes medical activities aimed at reducing the human population. Dr Hamer was one of the first who had the courage to speak about it in public. 

In spite of the critical statements from other doctors pointing out errors in medical diagnoses and prognoses, as well as questionable treatment effects, by the medical system (controlled by the WHO), humanity continues to be manipulated, by supporting the view that only through treatment can, so-called sick people, fully recover. This paradigm prevails everywhere, regardless of which treatment one chooses. Whether it is conventional medicine or so-called alternative medicine; all medicines have the same goal: TO ELIMINATE THE SYMPTOMS. At this point, it should be emphasized that the causes of the so-called diseases, including cancer, are unknown to medicine. The exceptions are: the consequences of poisoning, injuries and malnutrition, where the causes are conclusive. It is a shame that "common people" do not read medical books. If they did, they would find some peculiar information, about the quality of knowledge the so-called therapy of today's conventional medicine is based on. 

The statement of conventional medicine representatives is clear. Medicine, which claims to be scientific - is BASED on DOGMAS! 

Can you imagine that natural sciences, like chemistry, physics or mathematics are based on dogmas? 

Alternative medicine does not use such aggressive methods as conventional medicine, but it also does not question the existence of the so-called diseases and it also concentrates on elimination of the symptoms, i.e. to eliminate the so-called disease. The patients trust the doctors and so-called therapists because they have no other choice. They know nothing about the processes that are happening in their body and no doctor or so-called therapist can clearly explain to them why these changes interpreted as a disease have occurred, because they do not know this themselves. 

Despite the lack of knowledge about the causes of visible symptoms, patients are encouraged, in most cases forced, to receive therapy. Until today, no studies have been carried out on what would happen if so-called diseases were not treated at all by conventional medicine. So-called spontaneous cures are well known to conventional medicine however, officially they are labelled as very rare phenomena, that conventional medicine also cannot explain.

Or... perhaps treatment, as it is understood today, is not necessary at all?

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Part 2
Can we talk about Therapy in accordance to Germanische Heilkunde?

Welcome, it's nice that you have found us!

Actually, no one should be surprised that our global ruling system has been concealing the existence of Germanische Heilkunde for decades. Such a significant discovery for humanity. If anyone speaks about it, it is usually in a slanderous way only. The uniqueness of this discovery rests on the fact, that each one of us can check the correctness of this logical and coherent knowledge, at any time, on ourselves - on our own bodies. 

Thanks to the Germanische, for the first time in the modern history of mankind every human is able to understand why symptoms arise and why they disappear. For the first time in the modern history of mankind, our own empirical examination enables us to recognize and name the causes of symptoms, which are called diseases in conventional medicine. Anyone who had the time to verify this discovery peacefully on their own body, with symptoms that are considered harmless by conventional medicine, gains confidence in the correctness of this knowledge over the years and no longer needs to believe in it but KNOWS that nature does not want to destroy them, but rather helps them. This confidence enables them to remain calm, in case they are confronted with symptoms which are considered "malignant" by conventional medicine. Therefore, based on the reliable knowledge they have acquired, they know which symptoms to expect, how to interpret these symptoms, how to change their lifestyle and how to adapt their lifestyle to the symptoms. They also know what they must do in the course of a specific SBS and what they must avoid at all costs. Someone like this does not panic, even when they are diagnosed with a so-called terminal disease. Thanks to this knowledge, they consciously and calmly go through their Significant Biological Special Program of Nature and finish the process naturally without any pharmaceutical drugs or any other intervention. For this kind of person Germanische is a blessing. 

You will probably ask now: What does such a person do? How do they heal themselves? So, if the symptoms, classified (by medicine) as an illness DO NOT intend to destroy the organism, but are useful help from nature, then it means that we don't have to make any effort at all for the symptoms to disappear. Yes, sometimes they can be very persistent, sometimes they can make daily functioning difficult, but they are always needed by the organism and they will always come to an end. Of course, on ONE condition, that the SBS, this Significant Biological Special Program, reaches its END. If we know this, then we patiently endure the symptoms. So, there is no disease in the sense that we know it today. If this is the case, then there is no need to eliminate the "symptoms, which in medicine, they called TREATMENT".  Understanding the significance of symptoms, as well as having experience gained in the past, "where the moment the SBS ENDS means an END to symptoms too... Knowing these facts" is enough to create OPTIMAL conditions for a peaceful course of the Biological Process. First of all, the ability to predict the symptoms has calming effect. This experience enables you to make "wise decisions, appropriate to your biological needs. Some say that in Germanische you don't need to do anything, you just wait, until the symptoms disappear, that nature will manage anyway. Well... there is no bigger mistake that this! Only thorough knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde is an indispensable condition to make informed, conscious use of it, without making cardinal mistakes. 

Regarding so-called therapy, Dr Hamer writes in his "Golden Book":

"An animal lacks a therapist's help to recognise its biological conflict and give it some advise on how to avoid this conflict. The animal must always go through its biological conflict in its entirety, until it is realistically resolved or the animal dies from the unresolved conflict activity. We already know that in nature the so-called cancer is not an error of nature, that it is not true that cells are out of control and act in strange, crazy ways, but it is always a meaningful event in the overall plan of nature, it is an essential part of its plan. In animals we observe a phenomenon which, in relation to humans, we can only very cautiously hint, and that is the following: the help that comes form outside, aimed at resolving the conflict activity, which in nature is not intended, is not improving in a sense of its quality, but it is only improving in a sense of quantity - but of a bad quality, i.e. there is more being done to help but the help is not very effective... it is a bad quality help - as says Dr Hamer. It is the same with humans, considered as a race. Therefore  - he writes... "in general, the only solution as the "therapy" for the biological conflict is the real solution of the conflict - END OF CONFLICT ACTIVITY. A real, genuine conflictolysis. This real ending of the conflict might mean a return to the state from before the biological conflict occurred  or it may be that an acceptable alternative is found to the conflict."

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Part 3
Who can benefit from Germanische Heilkunde

You would think that at least the alternative "stage" would disseminate this knowledge but... Attention!

That's where the trap is!

So-called alternative medicine, which refers to Germanische Heilkunde, disseminates a DISTORTED or completely ALTERED Germanische form, which DOES NOT correspond to the original knowledge at all. One of our participants expressed it as follows:


All of the "Total Biology", "Psycho-Biology" courses, supposedly based on Dr Hamer's discovery, are very far from the real knowledge and are presented in a very simplified and distorted way - It's terrible! I know this because before I met you (Mrs Leimer) I tried to get to learn Dr Hamer's discovery via Total Biology course. It should be punishable, seriously! But maybe that's what it is all about: distorting the discovery of Dr Hamer? This is so sad...and, What did I see there? (at the course): 99% of the participants were people dealing with alternative medicine, who immediately made diagnoses and tried to treat patients - and of course, to make money! Often the vision of making money fast is dangerous, but that's a matter of individual awareness - of each of us!

END of the quote.

Yes, This is exactly the point... The point is that the systematics discovered by Dr Hamer lose their (coherence) conclusiveness. This makes the knowledge worthless. "Total Biology" is only one of many examples of the distortion, wrong presentation of Germanische Heilkunde. A person who has only become acquainted with this knowledge in fragments or incorrectly through such sources, is not able to, without risking irrevocable damage to him/herself, use this knowledge independently. Such person needs a so-called therapist. At the moment, one can learn Germanische for oneself ONLY!  This is ALL we CAN DO at the moment. However, the most difficult fact is that the first contact with this (knowledge) is usually in connection with a diagnosis of a "serious illness". Such a threatening diagnosis  makes the affected person panic and feel terrified. They are made to believe that they have no time and that the treatment must start immediately. They are no longer able to think clearly and rationally. Just as a drowning person is not able to learn to swim, a person panicked by a dangerous, deadly disease is not able to start learning Germanische at the time of risk of an alleged serious, terminal illness. Frightened, he/she trusts the assurances of the so-called "therapist of the Germanische" . In the case of a person who has already been through several medical procedures, which he/she decided to give up because they have been unsuccessful, or who has been GIVEN UP by conventional medicine because there is NOTHING MORE they can do for him/her! There is no question at all about acting in accordance to Germanische Heilkunde. The damage caused by conventional medicine cannot be repaired with Germanische Heilkunde. What meaningful role would the so-called "therapist of the Germanische" have here? This is ABSURD... At this point I must emphasize that the majority of the self-proclaimed , alleged "therapists of Germanische" have neither medical knowledge nor clinical experience. 

Another dilemma we face in connection with alleged therapy according to Germanische Heilkunde, is that, the person who meets such a so-called "Germanische therapist", usually has no idea about this knowledge. Even if we assume that the so-called therapist conducts the conversation correctly, he/she will not receive any helpful information from the person concerned, because the nomenclature of Germanische is absolutely unknown to them. So both, the person concerned and his/her therapist... so called therapist, use different languages. Therefore the communication is inevitably impossible.

The CONVERSATION is a "basic tool" in Germanische. It must be carried out thoroughly, clearly. In addition to it all, the LACK of theoretical and practical Germanische Heilkunde knowledge of the so-called specialist of Germanische is most certain, which I can openly confirm, and the interpretation of the symptoms is often wrong. I know many such examples. Wrong analysis in the Germanische leads to tragedy. 

Activities of the so-called therapists of Germanische are danger not only for the person concerned, but they endanger Germanische Heilkunde itself. I strongly remind you that Dr Hamer personally warned against such people. My strong criticism is directed at the alleged Germanische specialist, who claims to have been personally trained by Dr Hamer. These claims are fraud. Dr Hamer HAS NEVER trained anyone! I personally accompanied Dr Hamer for 21 years, so I know he did not do this. Dr Hamer has sometimes, at my request, inscribed dedications to books for various people but that was all. The fact that someone offers "therapy" - allegedly - according to the Germanische Heilkunde, claiming to be the specialist, disqualifies him/her as a person who knows and understands this knowledge. Anyone who has tested the correctness of the system discovered by Dr Hamer on their own organism, knows that without having the complete knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde it is impossible to act consciously according to the System of Germanische. The Germanische is neither a pill nor an ambulance. The hope of quick help with the assistance of a so-called therapist of the Germanische... is an illusion... Such promises are a fraud. Performing a supposed therapy on a person who does not have this knowledge usually ends in a fiasco. Upon the Significant Biological Special Program of Nature that runs in a human being, a so-called therapist has no influence at all. Apart from the fact that in this way Germanische is reduced exclusively to a "remedy for illness", it also deprives the knowledge of other important aspects, which I will speak about later. 

At the moment, only a critical, opened, profound, inquisitive person, using his/her own MIND, without being influenced by any outside guidance is able to mentally reach the Germanische Heilkunde. However, to be able to use the knowledge consciously and independently, mental comprehension of Germanische is not enough. The person must have empathy and common sense. He/she must have the ability to perceive his/her own sensations, feelings and must react intuitively to impulses from outside that he/she is confronted with. These kind of people become perfectionists in the conscious application of this knowledge. These people do not need a therapist. At the most, they can fall back on the support of the Germanische community, which is usually his/her own family. 

Sometimes, perhaps in 5% of all cases, in all SBS cases, a clinical intervention might be necessary, but the person who has already verified Germanische on his/her own body and lives by it, will accept such an intervention only if it is in accordance with the Laws if Nature discovered by Dr Hamer. Unfortunately, today such clinical intervention CANNOT be received by anybody. Even if there was a doctor, proficient in Germanische Heilkunde and wanted to perform such a procedure he IS NOT ALLOWED to do so. Clinics all over the world MUST follow procedures & regulations which are in contradiction to the Laws of Nature but are implemented and controlled by the World health Organization. No DOCTOR would dare deviate from these procedures, because this would result in the loss of his/her medical licence and also other associated with it repressions. This is why we cannot count on such help today. We have no other choice but to study Germanische Heilkunde thoroughly, because at this point in time, we are dependent on ourselves only. We must know WHAT TO DO when we are confronted with a SBS.

Based on what I have said so far, you will be able to better understand why only a few people are able to access this greatest gift mankind has ever received. At this point in time, Germanische Heilkunde in its original, complex and complete form is only accessible to those committed to the process of autodidactic, systematic and thorough study. They must live by the knowledge and verify it on themselves in everyday life by their own free will. Self-study of the Germanische is possible within the framework of an extensive Educational Program that I have been leading in Poland for years. The aim of the program is: to acquire the ability to independently and correctly use this knowledge for oneself. One of the elements of this multi-year, complex autodidactic educational process is to also gain a very important skill, which is: the ability to correctly interpret the CT scans of the brain based on Dr Hamer's system. each participant after completing the Educational Program, is also familiar with this. However, in order to gain proficiency in this, he/she must, after completing the program, practice this skill in online exercises systematically. 

A person who has acquired the correct knowledge, has tested it on his/her own body and lives by it in everyday life, realises that Dr Hamer's discovery not only frees him/her from so-called therapists, but also leads to global liberation of societies from mental and physical enslavement of all people. In the course of everyday experience of this knowledge, important changes take place WITHIN reminiscent of the process of waking up and freeing ourselves from constraints imposed on us by the predictions of our global ruling system. The path of Germanische will one day enable the existence of a society free from manipulation and fear. A society in which humans and animals can live in harmony with their own biology and in accordance with their own patterns of instinctual behaviour. At the moment, living in harmony with the Germanische Heilkunde is possible within the framework of one's own family only, that is, in a very, very limited area.

Children which grow up in families, where parents know Germanische unconsciously experience the correctness of this knowledge at the onset of each symptom. When the whole family knows and understands this knowledge, they live without fear of the disease. In such an environment everyone is the coordinator of the Germanische. Everyone knows how to analyse the symptoms in the course of a SBS. Then, when and if necessary, calm and wise decisions are made. Only in such a family is optimal care ensured and peace of mind made possible. This basic condition must be guaranteed in the course of an SBS. 

Mothers who spend all their time with their children because they do not attend a creche or nursery know all the situations their children experience because they are with them all the time. When symptoms occur, such mothers know what situation might have caused them. Such parents create conditions that guarantee the optimal course of a Significant Biological Special Program of Nature. Every person who goes through a SBS needs the support of the family. Sometimes one even depends on their care. That is why our Educational Program is mainly for the families. 

Thank you for your attention!