Germanic therapists - dangerous illusion

Ewa Leimer
Translation: Ela Faulkner, El Glauner

Is it important for our life as humans, and our survival as a human species,
to have a comprehensive knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde?

Dr. Hamer's discovery is without equal in the history of mankind. It is the most important and most significant discovery of modern times and also of previous times. It concerns the life of man in interaction with all other living beings. It is so consistent and clear in itself, that it needs no complements, in fact, it can lose its validity through complements. At best, in the future, when Germanische Heilkunde is recognised worldwide, and today's alleged "medical science" already belongs to history, further discoveries can be made within the system of Germanische Heilkunde, once mankind has realised the very essence of this discovery. In the history of discoveries there is nothing comparable and revolutionary ...
In order to experience this precious discovery today as a help, that is, to consciously experience the system discovered by Dr. Hamer, one must understand it. Indeed, one must absorb the depth of this knowledge. There is no other way yet! But everyone can follow this path of experience.
I have been following this path myself for almost 30 years. I do not need any further medical "advice" or medical "help" from outside.
Because, the special thing about the Germanic is that, if we understand and follow the laws of nature, we do not need a therapist, because our body carries out "therapies" itself....
In the course of a SBS, sometimes (Dr. Hamer speaks about 5% of all cases) clinical help is required. In other cases, the body can manage on its own. Clinical help is designed to support our biological body in the case of exuberant symptoms, if we have "overdeveloped" the conflict mass, and/or if we have "overdeveloped" a SBS. Today, however, one cannot count on adequate clinical help, as there is no clinic where the system discovered by Dr. Hamer can be taken into account in "support measures".
If one has absorbed the Germanische Heilkunde®, then one also understands that the majority of the "sick" patients are already in the vagotonic phase. So the decisive point of the Significant Biological Special Program, the so-called Conflictolysis, has already been reached. 
With a highly acute dramatic conflict shock that is experienced isolatively (beginning of a Significant Biological Special Program), all "therapeutic" biological measures for healing are already "carried out" in the body....  In such a case it is enough to go through the upcoming phases patiently, with understanding and wise self-care, without disturbing the body in finishing its work.

The Videos will be translated into English.

Even if the conflict is still active, we need to understand the correlations in order to find the conflict (DHS) and its tracks and to solve it successfully. No therapist will be able to help you better, than you can help ourselves. No one else "is inside you"... Not to mention the fact that it is best to prepare for the symptoms of the second phase (= vagotonia, pcl-phase), during the active phase (ca-phase). No one else can do that for us either.

Futhermore, there are also such conflicts where the activity (ca-phase) must not be terminated under any circumstances, if one can estimate that a premature death may occur in the course of the epi-crisis.Therefore, each person (together with his/her family) must know in detail what is going on in his/her body.
Whether the term "patient" is still appropriate in Germanische Heilkunde® is yet to be seen. Probably this term will endure in the future. After all, the term "patient" describes someone who is patient (patiens = patient, persevering). This is a very important quality required in the course of a Significant Biological Special Program (SBS): patience and no panic, but understanding and foresight, accepting the symptoms of the SBS we experience and respond wisely to the needs of our body. But for this to be possible, we need a friendly environment and surrounding people that also know the system in the Germanic. Everyone who has really understood Germanische Heilkunde® and lives by this knowledge daily within the family, is aware that no one can be "healed" by third parties. The active participation of the person concerned in the psycho-biological process that takes place in his/her own body is indispensable.

This is an important prerequisite for the optimal course of an SBS, which is nowadays defined as an disease:
Not to panic in view of the symptoms and thus not to "start" a new SBS. These new SBSs, which are the result of panic, are difficult to stop.

The affected person can get into a vicious circle. Then new symptoms are added, which causally have nothing to do with the primary ones. The typical secondary conflicts arise with such "feelings" (more like a reaction without emotion) as fear of death or attack because of an upcoming operation; or fear of losing one's existence or feeling disfigured ... etc.

Understanding these processes that take place in the living body gives us the necessary confidence in nature and serenity. Like this, one can make balanced decisions. 

Trying to learn this knowledge, while the body is suffering from symptoms, or when a ”threatening” sounding diagnosis and prognosis has been made, or a mutilating operation or chemo “therapy” has already been performed, is a difficult sometimes impossible task.