by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer


Germanic Heilkunde - Introduction 1

Therapy2, in the GERMANISCHE, is cause related. It consists, first and foremost, in explaining all the connections to the patient. The most important thing for the patient, is to understand what is happening in the body.
Fear and panic are the biggest hurdles on the way to a resolution, or rather, healing.

Most of what we called „diseases“ before, and believed we needed to heal with medication, that is, needed to treat, were in 90 – 95% of cases already resolution or pcl-phases, because the symptoms of the conflict-active phase (ca-phase), except for those guided by the old brain (so-called cancers), were not noticed as disease symptoms (exception angina pectoris, stomach ulcer…).

The DHS, therefore, the moment of “being caught on the wrong foot”3 or being caught out by it, was also simultaneously the starting signal for this survival programme. One can also say, it is the starting signal of the biological therapy, because the only purpose of the conflict-active phase is to resolve the conflict. And the resolution or restitution phase is only the “clearance work rendered” by the organism, which again rectifies the changes that had had, by necessity, to be put up with. To want to disturb this optimally functioning clearance work with medication was the stupidity of the magician´s apprentices, that is, academic medical doctor.

All measures that strengthen the morale of the patient and the self-healing powers of the body are sensible. Nature has optimized and perfected the Significant Biological Programs over millions of years. We have to ask ourselves with each planned “supportive measure” if it does not oppose the therapy-code of nature. Therefore, the intelligent Germanic practitioner4 (german: der kluge Heilkundige) will often prefer to wait and give nature its biological chance, instead of disturbing the cycle of nature with impetuous activity, “we-have-to-do-something!”, and poly-pragmatism. When we know that we can survive to 98%, so to speak, without medicines and, in any case, without chemo and morphine, then we naturally have to learn completely anew. But, there is nothing more pleasing than to have a patient who is not panicked. As already mentioned, the patient has no panic whatsoever when he completely understands the SBS process.

Operations and medications are not primarily rejected within GERMANISCHE HEILKUNDE. Naturally, modern emergency medicine is partly acceptable – a surgical intervention is entirely sensible when there is, for example, a mechanical blocking (very rare) due to an intestinal tumour, or if a cyst becomes too large and is pressing against other organs. But we have to realise that the “obstructing” morsel that is really there in nature, e.g. a bone that makes local tonic cramps of the intestinal muscles for the organism in the epileptic crisis, does not actually exist in our civilized society. The diagnostician then finds an intestinal tumour proximally (=mouthwards) of the phantom morsel in the epileptic crisis (=pseudo-occlusion). And then the diagnosis is ready: “that´s it”. Often the tumour is only the size of a walnut, but that makes no difference, a tumour is a tumour! There it was! But the morsel was, indeed, only ever there – phantasmagorically. All of the diagnostics, without knowledge of GERMANISCHE HEILKUNDE, was absurd. The consequences (operation, chemo, etc.) were even more absurd. We have to pay attention to the GERMANISCHE in diagnosis.

Copyright by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

1 - Please note that this is only a very short version and that you will need extensive knowledge to understand the Germanische Heilkunde®. Besides understanding the system and many important details, it is especially important to study the patient cases in Dr. Hamer's books in order to understand what the GERMANISCHE (GERMANIC) is and how to live in harmony with this knowledge (= the system discovered by Dr. Hamer).
2 - translator's note: The term "therapy" has taken on a different meaning in Germanische Heilkunde. The term therapy is not to be seen in the sense of academic medicine or other alternative medicine. Therefore, Germanische Heilkunde must be thoroughly understood in order to grasp the new meaning of the term therapy.
3 - translator's note: german original: “am falschen Fuß erwischt” see picture
4 - translator's note: The one who has understood the Germanische Heilkunde and lives in harmony with this knowledge.