Dear Reader, 

Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

As a human being living in times, when it is necessary that the “uncensored” truth is made available to everybody living on this planet, it is my wish that important vital information does freely circulate. 

However, I have discovered that there are translations and various editions of my publications in circulation as well, the content of which is incorrect and has not been examined nor authorized by me. Manipulation carries the risk that the purely scientific Germanische Heilkunde®1 may be altered, with additional risk of an unnoticed or intentional distortion that can lead to undesirable results for the reader, who is seeking a solutionton to his/her health problems.

In publications (books or articles) which are not on this website, but on other foreign websites, there is no guarantee that they are not anonymously and intentionally manipulated. Therefore, I find it necessary to advise the reader to be sure to check that the information he/she holds in his/her hands comes from the publishing house "Amici di Dirk® - Ediciones de la Nueva Medicina S.L.".

Only by this means can I guarantee that the content you are reading really corresponds to my original, undistorted work. Your carefulness will contribute to the present and future dissemination of the authentic “GERMANISCHE”. Also the purchase of copies published by my publishing house Amici-di-Dirk will help not only to disseminate original knowledge, but also to carry out my further research work.

My sincere thanks in my name and on behalf of all patients, who will benefit from accurate knowledge through your ethical contribution.

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer 

1 - Translator's note: It is not possible to translate the new term (Germanische Heilkunde) into English. All trials for an adequate translation failed. For this reason, we have decided to keep the original name of this term. There are some old available publications in English using Germanic New Medicine however, considering Dr. Hamer's digression about to the adequacy of the term, we will use the original sound: Germanische Heilkunde. Germanische Heilkunde is often referred to in German simply as “die GERMANISCHE”. We will also use the term “the GERMANISCHE”, "the GERMANIC" as a noun.