Closing of the habilitation speech at the University of Trnava 1998

Ewa Leimer, the author of the Educational Program has as a contemporary witness, written down what happened in Trnava in her exciting, authentic memoir, "My life with the Germanische begins". The blond lady in this historical video is Ewa Leimer.

The contemporary witness Ewa Leimer reports:

The habilitation procedure was a farce. There were supposed to be 30 professors present, but in the end only 6 professors came. Only Dr Miklosko and Prof Pogady understood what Dr Hamer was saying. With the exception of Prof Josef Miklosko, none of them knew Dr Hamer's work. None had read the work! A circus! And it happened as Dr Hamer had predicted, the habilitation was rejected.
Dr Hamer had therefore been right. The university's proposal had not been honest from the beginning. The sole aim of the enterprise was to "produce" a university document "rejecting" Dr Hamer's discovery. We assume that the verification of the findings on patients by the university clinic was only possible because the university had only the task to reject the habilitation thesis...
There was probably no explicit prohibition to carry out the examination of the laws of Germanische Heilkunde. Therefore, the university could decide on this more or less "independently".
We assume that the professors of the university who were involved in this "conspiracy" were not even aware of the great significance of the verification. ... It was ultimately more important than the habilitation procedure. The process of habilitation itself is ultimately only an invention of the system, which is already partially "brought down" with the verification of Dr Hamer's findings.

Video translated by Ela Faulkner & El Glauner

Subtitles in German, Polish, Danish, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Hungarian, Norwegian


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