Walter Mendel about Dr. Hamer
German Television, N3, 1997

Lawyer Mendel wrote to the Federal Constitutional Court (see pg. 280 “Einer gegen alle”)

Most recently, even the news magazine "Der Spiegel" published in June 1997 the results of recent studies by Professor Bailar, University of Chicago. The mortality of about 95% was confirmed there together with the further statement that the mortality even increased with chemo and radiation treatment over decades.

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It goes without saying, that the patients who already know Germanische Heilkunde before a so-called “cancer illness”, have of course the best chances for recovery = conflict resolution. The same applies to patients who immediately afterwards find their way to Germanische Heilkunde. However, for those patients who have already been treated in accordance to conventional medicine or who have suffered severe damage, Germanische Heilkunde cannot work miracles, but even these patients still have a real chance, provided that the complications, mostly those of the vagotonic / pcl-phase, can be controlled, or no new relapses occur.

According to the official examination and statement of the public prosecutor's office, out of the 6,000 people listed in the patient file in Burgau (the former Centre of NEW MEDICIN in Austria), over 5,000 of the seriously ill patients survived even after years - that is over 70-80%.
But for such complicated cases one needs (in the future) an own clinic.

Neither can it be the sense, purpose or task of Germanische Heilkunde (in the long run) to only make makeshift repairs to the mistakes made by conventional medical practitioners.
According to Prof. Abel, Heidelberg, the mortality rate after conventional cancer treatment is about 90% after five to seven years.

Translated by Ela Faulkner

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