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Dr. Hamer's Birthday 2023

Volker's speech at Dr. Hamer's grave in Erlangen, 17 May 2023

Until now, we always felt deep sadness when we came together at Geerd's grave. We remember the day when we accompanied Geerd to his final resting place. It was a day so full of tears and sadness that we didn't know how things would go on from there. Just emptiness. We remember back, that many patients came to the funeral and told their stories about how Geerd had helped them and expressed their gratitude to Geerd for helping them to survive.

With each passing year sadness seems to fade away and gratitude fills the void. Gratitude, first and foremost, for having blessed us with the Germanische, for having defined the Germanische for us in his words. Every phrase of his, is shaped by him – and everything relates to the Germanische. We express our gratitude for having been allowed to accompany him for some part of his life and that he trusted us. Personally, I am very grateful that I was privilleged to represent him in court twice or even three times. I was incredibly happy to hear him say: "Volker, I am Geerd, why don't you leave out the doctor. I am a totally normal person, just like you, just like Michaela, just like all of us. I was lucky to receive this gift from the gods – through Dirk's death, and I have passed it onto mankind."

And it is extremely important that the people who knew him personally ... that they don’t only talk about the Germanische, but also talk about what kind of person he was. What kind of person stands behind Germanische Heilkunde? It is inseparable from Dr. Hamer. It was already clear to us at that time that – when such a person leaves us – that a lot of little ones would pop up and try to reach the most prominent position. But the one who speaks the truth in the Germanische will always prevail. Always! And I wish you to go through life with open eyes, to continue to meet the Germanische  with open eyes. Bona and the women around Bona are doing a great job, they are doing an honest job, they are doing a truthful job. Geerd would say, "You do everything very well." Therefore, have confidence. It is coming. It will be good.

Geerd also said, "We can only practise the Germanische in a natural society." I even think that we need the Germanische to build that society. And, just like Ewa is doing now, with her Educational Program, we have to pass this on, to families. There, in the families, the Germanische will truly bear the fruit, from the core. And only this way a sustainable society can emerge and endure, and then the other one collapses. There is no other way, it collapses like a house of cards. It is just a deceitful house of cards. Dr Hamer has always fought against the lies and now Bona and the Working Group have felt for the first time what it means to be confronted with these lies. This lie really hits you very hard. You have to fight it. You spend nights on writing statements, but it has to be done. And again... trust in the publishing house, trust in Bona, trust in the Working Group. Everything is proceeding as Dr Hamer wanted. I'm absolutely sure of it. Have the courage to tell your closest relatives and friends. It's like that – and that's the only way it can survive.

And everyone has to find the courage for themselves. So, what if I lose a friend by choosing the Germanische? That friend wasn't worth being a friend. In times of crisis, he would never prove himself as a friend, ever. Therefore, have the courage ... Dr Hamer always went through life with courage and used to say every spring: "When the crocuses come through ..." Just have hope, a change will come – come whenever it will be. The lies will crumble and fall. I am absolutely sure of that. Have confidence.

It's lovely that so many of you have come. That's great. Thank you very much.

We were celebrating Dr. Hamer's 88th birthday by singing "Mein Studentenmädchen" and German Folk Songs together. The lyrics of one song ("Kein schöner' Land in dieser Zeit") had touched us very much, as it seems to be written for us and the Germanische.

1. No Land is prettier at this Time
than ours here so broad and wide.
Where we all gather
under the Linden (lime trees)
at Evening Time.
4. Now, brothers, pray have a good Night
the Lord in High Heaven keeps watch!
In his own Goodness
us to behold,
He hath bethought.
2. There we have spent so many Hours,
aseated there in happy Rounds.
And we were singing,
the Songs resounding,
in oaken Groves.
5. You know brothers, what unites us,
another Sun shines bright for us;
The Sun in which we live,
to which we turn
as a Community.
3. That we all here now in this Valley
may still meet many hundred times.
May God this grant us,
may God this give us,
In loving Grace.
Printed 1840

May we meet again hundreds of times on Dr Hamer's birthday and may we be protected to pass on the legacy of Dr Hamer and his son Dirk safely to the next generations.