Educational Program online - learning material and exercises

The Educational Program website only works with Mozilla Firefox.
Not all versions are compatible. We ask you to use the version from 72 onwards. Please install this version on your computer:

To download the correct version of Firefox click here

Once the Firefox browser is installed on your computer and you have received the login details from us, you can log in to the Educational Program page 

Please note we DO NOT provide any other learning materials apart from online based presentation and audio which you will get access to on day 1 of our first meeting (on-site or online). You will be expected to make your own notes in order to learn. There are NO printed materials provided. 

People frequently ask how much studying is involved per week. It is hard for us to indicate this as it very personal to each participant. Please explore our website to become familiar with the topic. Germanische Heilkunde is a complex knowledge and you will have to dedicate some time to study this subject. Participation in our on-site meetings is not enough to learn, you will be expected to participate in monthly online group meetings as well and self study in your own time.