by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

are new cancers, caused by new conflict shocks

Germanic Heilkunde - Introduction 1

That „metastases“ exist, is one of the many unproven, even fraudulent, hypotheses of academic medicine. One imagines that the cancer cells of a tumour migrate and settle down somewhere in another organ.

The fact of the matter is that a cancer cell has never been found in a drop of arterial blood, i.e. been proven. Due to the danger of contagion, it would be medically obvious that the blood of donors should be checked for cancer cells, but that is not done!
Ask your doctor sometime, why! You will hear the most desperate answers.
But what are “metastases” when they do not exist in the way that is thaught?
These so-called daughter cells are newly created cancers from academic medicine´s death-diagnosis and death-prognosis shock such as:
“I´m sorry but we have discovered a malignant breast cancer... you only have a 10% chance of survival”.

If one hears something like that, and does not know the Germanische Heilkunde, then it hits one like a bolt of lightning. The patient is in free fall to the depths of despair.
Most people can hardly imagine anything worse. If, in this moment, a patient experiences, for example, a death-fright, a new SBS starts immediately.
The death-fright-conflict leads to cell growth in the lung alveoli or air sacs. Within a few weeks one will find lung nodules, so-called “lung cancer” that will then be misdiagnosed as “metastases of the breast cancer”.
The body is attempting in this SBS to improve the oxygen exchange by means of additional alveoli or air sacs. It relates death-fright with getting too little air. Perhaps the woman experiences, at the same time, a self-devaluation-conflict “...I am worthless as a woman without a breast...”. In this case an SBS begins in the spinal column or the ribs, called “bone cancer” by academic medical doctors, but in reality osteolysis, meaning holes in the bones.
Now we also know why animals almost never get so-called “metastases” (“second cancers” would be correct).
Luckily, the dog does not understand when uncle doctor tells his master: “Your dog has cancer...”. Flocki, at the most, will wag his tail, glad that the examination is over. Therefore, he does not get an additional DHS and, thereby, no second cancer!

Copyright by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer 

1 - Please note that this is only a very short version and that you will need extensive knowledge to understand the Germanische Heilkunde®. Besides understanding the system and many important details, it is especially important to study the patient cases in Dr. Hamer's books in order to understand what the GERMANISCHE (GERMANIC) is and how to live in harmony with this knowledge (= the system discovered by Dr. Hamer).