Primordial Connection with the Spirit in Nature

Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman (Video Hopi-Prophecy)
Article by Ewa Leimer, October 8th, 2021

We do not want to go into the historical details of the persecution of the indigenous peoples of Europe. For us, the "red thread", which runs through the so-called world history, is essential.

The "extermination" of the so-called pagans in Europe (e.g.: Germanic peoples, Slavs, Celts) lasted for centuries, and the "goal" was already achieved in the Middle Ages (approximately the period between the 6th and 15th centuries).
From the Middle Ages on, the Catholic Church was the dominant power in Western Europe.

The term Persecution of Pagans in Europe refers to the violent enforcement of religion (in Europe, mainly the Christian religion). The methods that were used included the destruction of cultural traditions, threats such as exclusion from public office, and the physical extermination of people.

According to Wikipedia (

„…Even at the beginning of Charlemagne's (the Frankish king) war against the Saxons in the summer of 772, the Saxons still strongly believed in Germanic traditions. This war began with the destruction of pagan sanctuaries. In 782, the land of the Saxons was divided into Frankish counties at the Reichstag in Lippspringe. Charles ordered the collection of taxes, the suppression of pagan traditions, and forced people to convert to Christianity.

Charles responded to steadfast resistance by the Saxons with brutal repression, including the infamous Blood Court of Verden in 782, during which an alleged 4,500 Saxons were beheaded. He also imposed a special law in 782, the Capitulatio de partibus Saxoniae, which included the death penalty for disrespecting the Christian imperial order, such as insulting a priest or a church, cremation, which was common among the pagans, or eating meat on fast days. It said:

  • 8. Those who want to remain pagans, and hide among the Saxons in order not to be baptized, shall die.
  • 21. Whoever makes vows according to pagan rites at springs, trees or groves, or makes sacrifices according to pagan rites and holds a communal feast to honour the Gods, shall pay as a Edeling 60, as a Friling 30, as a Late 15 sol. And if he does not have the money, he shall work it off serving the church...."

Other pagans of Europe at that time met a similar fate.

In contrast, the extermination of the indigenous peoples of America was conducted in a much shorter period of time. This process lasted "only" about 250 years and is still taking place under the surface.

The fates of the European pagans and the so-called indigenous peoples have parallels. Why did it seem so important to destroy these people and their very own culture?

The goal IS the extermination of Ancient Knowledge


Germanische Heilkunde revives the very old topic: the life of the so-called pagans in close connectedness with nature, respect for the Creator and the basic trust in His works.
Germanische Heilkunde not only frees the human being from the fear of so-called illness, but makes us aware that a life in harmony with nature is necessary for the life we were created for.

With the knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde, man again discovers that he has forgotten an important dimension in his life: the spiritual dimension.

Spirit or Soul have nothing to do with esotericism, other forms of psychology, New Age, and so on. It is something totally natural and biological. It is part of life and is verifiable for everyone who thoroughly learns the Germanic.

Doctor Hamer has discovered that a SBS, which we used to call disease, is synchronous on 3 levels - the level of the psyche, the brain and the organ. However, what the psyche is, we do not know. Some people call it soul, spirit, mind, or have other names for this apparently invisible part of all living beings.
Quote by Red Crow: "Everything has a spirit"

Can it really just be a coincidence that life on earth has developed, is designed, and functions according to an intelligent, ingenious system? 
Quote by Red Crow: "It’s evolution"
Dr. Hamer was a genius and his destiny was to discover an essential systematics. Although, he himself often spoke of "rediscovering".

Dr. Hamer's discoveries let us become quiet and sincerely humble - feel deep reverence for the great wisdom of nature. People have given this wisdom many names...
Like the name "Konkachila – Grandfather".

When man "allows" the spiritual dimension to come into his life, not mentally, not intellectually, but full of trust, deeply accepts this spiritual level as a reality, sensing it, then he begins experiencing so-called miracles.
Such a person can no longer be manipulated .... and precisely THAT is the greatest danger to the destructive "criminal forces" that have held humanity hostage for millennia.


With the discovery of Germanische Heilkunde, this sacred knowledge - La medicina sagrada®, man realises that he is much more than he has been taught by the so-called authorities (school, church, doctor).

Man recognises that the spiritual component of life is inseparable from the biological aspect and that human beings must live in harmony with nature otherwise they will destroy themselves!
With the discovery of the Telepathic Window1, Dr. Hamer has delivered the explanation for the existence of the "spiritual" communication mechanism between living beings.  

The real power is in the ALIVENESS, in LIFE itself, which is always connected with the DIVINE. Germanische Heilkunde helps us to understand this - to remember this... 

Unavoidably, the question arises whether religions were created (installed) to keep us away from this ancient source.

When I once asked Dr. Hamer what he felt about the many theories about life after death, he said (to paraphrase):

"... I do not worry about that. When I see this wonderful system here (on earth - he meant the Natural Laws he discovered), I know that after death it will go on just as wonderfully..."

Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman 

Bitchute, Youtube, Odysee EN

Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman, Kanghi Duta (1936-2007) was born on August 17, 1936, on the Lake Traverse Indian Reservation, home of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate, a federally recognized tribe. It is one of the tribes of the Eastern Dakota subgroup of the Great Sioux Nation, living within the U.S. state of South Dakota. Kanghi Duta means "Red Crow" in Dakota (one of the three Sioux related languages).

Westerman was raised on the Lake Traverse Reservation. Orphaned as a child, by the age of seven he was enrolled in the Wapehton Boarding School. While other students went home to their families for the summer, he stayed to clean and help out year-round. He filled the lonely hours playing his guitar.

Red Crow was a very versatile person. He was a musician, artist, actor and activist.

As a member of the American Indian Movement, and a spokesman for the International Indian Treaty Council, Westerman traveled the world extensively working for the betterment of native people. Westerman’s second album “The Land is Your Mother”, released in 1982, revealed his ever-growing connection to his own Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota heritage and concern for the plight of Indigenous peoples worldwide and the earth itself.

Red Crow Westerman passed into the spirit world on 13 December 2007 at the age of 71.

1 Telepatic Window: One of Dr. Hamer's discoveries was the so-called Telepathic Window. Dr. Hamer called a particular HH (Hamer Focus) in the brain “Telepathic Window”. Ewa Leimer has known a patient who reacted with this window (HH). It is about intense thinking about something, but also about communication. This case is presented in seminar 4.