The Years 1990 – 2000:  My life with the “Germanische” begins

Translated by Ela Faulkner

Where should I start...?

As I have already mentioned, my life with the Germanische begins in 1990. Back then, I had already been living in Vienna for 9 years ... Coincidentally, the discovery of Dr Hamer was also 9 years old at that time.

I had just expressed my condolences to a young father on the death of his 10-year-old son, who "died of leukemia", when he added a statement: "... even this doctor from Germany, who is engaged in cancer treatment, could no longer help.... It was too late".

I must admit, that at that time I was still a "faithful student" of the regime and believed - like most people - in the ruling mantra of today's school medicine, that "cancer is a malignant, deadly disease". 

I even supported children's hospital in Vienna by donating money which was used for chemotherapy treatment of these children. I also had regular medical check-ups, because I was convinced that I was at high risk of "getting cancer" due to a genetic predisposition. All my relatives, with the exception of my grandmother, had "died of cancer". I was even sure it was my turn, as I was the oldest of my generation.

This young man, who was completely broken down by the untimely death of his son, told me that the doctor he was talking about was called Dr Hamer. That would probably have been the end of my interest in the subject, however, fate had something else in store for me. Some time after this conversation, on 24th November, 1992, I had the opportunity to listen to a discussion about cancer on Austrian television, on Club 2, very late at night (today I know why: so there would be less viewers to watch the programme). Among the invited guests was Dr Hamer.

The longer this programme went on, the more impatient and angry I became, because the medical "specialists" present at this discussion kept interrupting Dr Hamer.... So, I could not find out what Dr Hamer actually wanted to say. But the short sections, in which he spoke, fascinated me and aroused my curiosity.

Short clip from the TV programme on the discussion topic "Surviving Cancer" on 24 November 1992 on Austrian TV in Club2, in which Dr. Hamer was often interrupted.

The following day I "flew on wings" to a bookshop to find out if there were any books by Dr. Hamer for sale. And I actually found them! At that time, Dr. Hamer had already published two books, namely "Cancer, Disease of the Soul" and "Legacy of a New Medicine":

Dedication by Dr. Hamer in the book "Cancer, Disease of the Soul"
Dedication from Dr. Hamer in the book "Krebs, Krankheit der Seele"

I don't have to tell a person who knows Germanische Heilkunde what happened to me while I was reading these books. These books completely captivated me.

At that time I was working and was away from home all day. In addition, I had to fulfil the duties of a mother of a 4-year-old son.... So I could only read books late at night, just before going to bed....

I really had to force myself to put the book down so that I could get up on time the next day. The whole day I was just waiting to get home in the evening and continue reading...

In 1993 I learned that Dr Hamer was going to give a lecture in the 15th district of Vienna, at the Haus der Begegnung ...

The thing I didn't know at the time was that many assassination attempts were made on Dr Hamer during this period, but he was still able to move freely in Europe. However, the secret service was watching his every move. I learned all this only when I finally got to meet Dr Hamer in person.

Dr Hamer's lecture was scheduled for 7.00 pm in a large hall.... Dr Hamer arrived rather late. The whole hall was full of participants, you could say it was "bursting at the seams".

I found a place for myself in the gallery... This event was one of the most significant experiences in my life. It was the first time I was able to see Dr Hamer! Of course, I did not fail to ask him for his autograph. I was one of many, many people....

It was an overwhelming event for me that I find difficult to put into words.... even today, when "this image appears before my eyes", I am overwhelmed with emotion..
During the lecture, Dr. Hamer presented his self-created presentation on a slide projector. He spoke until late at night.... We all listened with bated breath....
I came back home with my first dedication from Dr Hamer in his book: "Cancer, Disease of the Soul"....

The message that came to me from Dr. Hamer's books at that stage of his discovery and the level of my understanding was: peace of mind and love ... this is what is most important....
Unfortunately, the father of my child did not share my passion for Germanische Heilkunde (at that time still called "New Medicine").  I was mocked and attacked by him.... for him it was a cult.... (This is exactly how Dr Hamer was portrayed in the media: as a miracle healer, charlatan, self-proclaimed guru and much more like that) None of this was true.

This is how the year 1994 began. The year of the search for a solution for my new life for me and my child ... but with Germanic (then New Medicine) - and reading, reading, reading these two books.

Compelled, I also reached for the holy book of the "Hindu": Bhagavadgita, followed by the New Testament... and other sources of Spiritual Mysticism....

Later, I could often observe that such a metamorphosis of the inner life is experienced by many people after they have come into contact with the knowledge of the Germanische ...
This was the starting point for a long process of inner and outer changes in my life.

In the summer of 1995, I was on holiday in Italy with my family. At that time I was still following the news from the newspapers. There were many international guests at our holiday accommodation at that time and, of course, for this reason, a lot of international press...

One morning I saw headlines in the papers about Olivia, a girl whose parents did not want to consent her child to chemotherapy....

They first fled with the child to Switzerland, then turned to Dr Hamer for help and just at that moment arrived with Olivia in Spain... where Dr Hamer was temporarily staying at the time.

As I had already been studying Germanische Heilkunde (New Medicine at that time) for two years, I had a sense of how much of this newspaper coverage was true and how much was not. Besides the battle cries of "charlatan, miracle healer, self-proclaimed healer" etc., the coverage included the assessment that Olivia would die if she did not undergo chemotherapy.

In order to spare their child the agony of such a therapy, the parents escaped from Austria together with their daughter...

Olivia with her mother Erika Pilhar and Dr. Hamer in the summer of 1995 in Spain

You have to imagine: The same thing appeared in all the newspapers... the entire international press reported as if it was under a " supreme command " unknown to me at the time.

... and yet I was familiar with the subject. I knew exactly what a brilliant discovery Dr Hamer had made! But there was not a word about it in the newspapers....

The headlines of the articles were all the same:
- A list of fatal accidents of the miracle worker
- Father refuses chemotherapy: Doctors fear for Olivia
- A girl with cancer is hidden by her parents in Switzerland - without treatment there is no chance of survival...
- Is Olivia's "healer" mentally ill?

I stayed in Italy with my son for about 3 weeks and during that time I realised two facts that were important for me: 

Firstly: I can state that all mainstream newspapers lied about Dr Hamer.
Secondly, if they lied about this one matter, I can never rule out the possibility that they do not lie about other matters as well. I therefore made the decision not to buy and read newspapers anymore from then on.... I made this decision in 1995 and it is the same to this day...
Please believe me: I don't lack a single thing because of it!

Through this experience it became clear to me that Dr Hamer's discovery will never be promoted by the current ruling system. So I realised that this knowledge can only be passed on from person to person, from people who have understood the core of the discovery.
There was already literature in German at that time. However, there was nothing in Polish yet. Therefore, I decided to start translating Dr Hamer's books into Polish. It took me a while to work out a plan of how I would proceed.
My entire family totally disapproved my interest and growing commitment to this subject. Their attitude towards me became really hostile over time....

At the beginning of 1996 I contacted D. Hamer (I had his telephone number from his books) to inform him of my plans and to ask his permission to translate his texts into Polis
I was then invited by Dr. Hamer to his house in Cologne. Together with my CT scan, of course! Everyone who visited Dr Hamer had to bring a CT scan with them! 
Therefore, in my free time, during Easter, I visited to Dr Hamer for the first time. I was picked up by him personally from the station and given a very warm welcome. On this occasion I also met the rest of the Hamer family.
The stay was very productive. Not only did I receive permission to translate his works into Polish, but a firm friendship developed between us that lasted until the doctor's death...
After returning to Vienna, I began to work. I wouldn't want to say that it was an easy task for me.

Apart from the fact that Dr. Hamer developed a completely new use of language, I also lacked an understanding of physiological processes, knowledge of the anatomical structures in the human organism and other important information from the medical field, starting with the medical nomenclature of currently used medicine, and here in particular the terms for symptoms and pathological phenomena, knowledge of common treatment and diagnostic methods and much more. Moreover, the opportunity to gain experience in a clinic was completely lacking.
Fortunately, I had the best teacher in the world, who could provide me with the necessary content of theoretical medical knowledge: Dr Hamer.


From my own experience and through the advisory support of Dr Hamer, I therefore know how important basic medical knowledge in the field of physiology and anatomy is in order to be able to grasp and pass on the system of Germanische Heilkunde. It is very dangerous when people without detailed medical knowledge in the field of physiology, anatomy and the so-called pathological phenomena and, moreover, without clinical knowledge and experience (and this also applies to graduates of our educational programme and study groups) begin to work with people diagnostically and therapeutically:
They take on a great responsibility here, which they are not at all able to cope with. The consequences are often tragic: I am not only talking about the dangers for the people in need who come to these "specialists", but also about the danger for these "specialists" themselves.
Not to mention the fact that in the eyes of many disappointed people, Germanische Heilkunde loses its credibility when expectations raised in this way are not fulfilled.


Germanische Heilkunde (in the beginning still called "New Medicine") required a completely new nomenclature in order to be able to convey in words the essence of the biological processes in body, soul and brain and the meaning of what Dr. Hamer meant in his texts.  At that time I had not spoken Polish for 15 years and the results of my translation were accordingly weak. So I began to correct, correct and correct again.

Although I already had a computer at that time, it basically served as a typewriter only.  No information that I urgently needed for my work was available on the internet back then.

In 1998, I created the first Polish website for the "New Medicine" based on some texts that had already been translated. Although this website contained information about Germanische Heilkunde, there was still much to be improved in terms of its design and content.

On my very first visit to Cologne, Dr Hamer gave me documents to hand over to Helmut Pilhar when I returned to Vienna. In this way I got to know Helmut and later the whole Pilhar family, who also lived in Austria.

As a result of Olivia's parents' behaviour towards the ruling system (refusing chemotherapy and escaping from the authorities who wanted to carry out this pseudo-therapy on Olivia under duress), Helmut lost his job, not to mention the media's character assassination. No company wanted to employ him anymore, so he had to look for another source of income for his family with four underage children.

It was a very difficult time for the whole Pilhar family, but also a particularly difficult time in Dr Hamer's life. The media reports about the Olivia case were so exuberant. Dr Hamer was, as it were, executed by the media. He was a thorn in the side of the ruling "elite" ...

The hate campaigns of the media had reached their zenith. The slander and character assassination knew no bounds....

Thanks to Helmut's rebuttals, Olivia's story was very well publicised in the press and so critical voices tentatively appeared to oppose the ruling system.

On the other hand, the ruling "elite" did everything possible to prevent any positive information about Dr Hamer from reaching the general public. Under no circumstances could they allow Olivia to "recover in Dr Hamer's hands". The media campaign against the doctor was like a final battle in a war.

But Dr Hamer became really dangerous for the ruling elite when he stated in an interview with a radio station that there was no AIDS disease, in fact that there were no HIV viruses at all. This was back in 1995! According to Dr Hamer, this was the real reason why such a brutal campaign was being waged against him. Under no circumstances should this idea be allowed to get out to the public.

By that time, Olivia went into pcl phase of her SBS, the activity of the refugee conflict, which increased the vagotonic swelling of the renal parenchyma and the liver gland many times over. Upon the recommendation of Dr Hamer, who was involved in discussions with a mediator (Dr. Markowicz from Austria), whose task was to persuade the parents to return to Austria - it was agreed that the parents would come back home.
However, one condition was imposed: The parents will not be forced to administer chemo to the child. Only after complete encapsulation (hardening) will this mature kidney cyst be surgically removed. Dr Hamer explained that this would not be possible until September 1995.
However, all negotiations turned out to be a devious game played by the "elite".... despite promises that the child would not have to undergo chemotherapy on her return to Austria, the daughter was already snatched from her mother's hands at Vienna airport and immediately taken to hospital. All these actions were supported by the police.
Furthermore, Olivia's parents were legally deprived of their parental rights with regard to medical care for 10 years!

Helmut Pilhar wrote down all these events surrounding Olivia in his book "Olivia - Diary of a Fate", which he published in 1996.

Olivia on the flight
Olivia during chemo-pseudo-therapy
Olivia on the flight
Olivia während der Chemo-Pseudo-Therapie

In 1996, a presentation of Helmut Pilhar's book took place in the conference room of the noble "Landtmann" in the centre of Vienna.

The years 1996 and 1997 I spent together with Helmut working intensively on the dissemination of Germanische (at that time still called New Medicine) in Austria.
In the meantime I was already divorced ...
Together with Helmut and other friends I took part in rallies and protests in Vienna and Wiener Neustadt and organised some lectures for Helmut in different places in Austria.

As an observer and "private reporter" for Dr Hamer, I reported to him from Austria (with the help of my first giant mobile phone) on the Pilhar trial, which took place in Wiener Neustadt in 1996. In November 1996 Pilhar's parents were sentenced to 8 months imprisonment on probation for 3 years. No verification of the New Medicine was admitted in this trial either (there were several of them until 1996), nor was any other evidence for the correctness of the New Medicine admitted. Moreover, as I mentioned earlier, the Pilhars' medical custody was simply taken away for 10 years.

During that period, Dr Hamer was still conducting seminars in person. Of course I attended them all...

However, the majority of people have been heavily manipulated by the hateful reporting in the media.
Dr Hamer has become more and more dangerous for the system! So now he had to be discredited and silenced once and for all.... The methods to fight an enemy are always the same....

On 21 May 1997 we received the news that Dr Hamer had been arrested.
What a shock!  We did not want to and could not believe it!

In August 1997, another trial against Dr Hamer was launched, which was accompanied by a huge media campaign... Dr Hamer was accused of having violated the law on the professional practice of medicine. In 1986 he was deprived of the right to practise as a doctor and also of the right to practise medicine according to the Medical Practices Act and was therefore forbidden to have any contact with patients. The charges were completely groundless and a farce!

On 9.09.1997  Dr Hamer was sentenced for the first time to 9 months in prison. In the sentence the court read, among other things, phrases such as "the absolute implacability of the accused" and "his absolute intolerance of other methods of treatment".
However, the greatest atrocity of the courts was that the Regional Court of Cologne decided on 19 December 1997 to commit Dr Hamer to a psychiatric hospital (!) because he was "dangerous to the public".  Subsequently, there were many more attempts to psychiatrise Dr Hamer, altogether more than 60 times!
However, thanks to the efforts of his lawyer at the time, Mr Mendel, all these unspeakably reprehensible attempts failed.

When we received the news of Dr. Hamer's arrest, we immediately organised a small group and marched on the streets of Cologne for the first time to protest against this injustice. We were about 30 people!

The first demonstration in Cologne, after the arrest of Dr Hamer
Page from the first translation of the habilitation thesis in Polish

The banners carried inscriptions such as: "Dr Hamer - victim of the medicine mafia", "The cancer mafia has struck again". "Dr Hamer is innocent!"

Our activities while Dr Hamer was in prison in Cologne:

In 1997 Helmut Pilhar founded his first regulars' gatherings for New Medicine.
Once a month we met in the Wienerwald in Vienna's 13th district, where Helmut gave a lecture. Everyone was welcome. Later, when he was on the road with the lectures in Germany, I represented him a few times at home in Vienna.
I kept corresponding with Dr Hamer all the time he was in prison.
These letters are invaluable to me today, because even in prison Dr Hamer continued his research work. Soon we learned that he had made further important discoveries in prison. This time with regard to the so-called mental illnesses. All these new findings were to be included in the new edition of the "Golden Book". 
We could hardly wait for this new edition of the "Legacy"!

Finally, the day came when Dr Hamer could negotiate his release from prison. Dr Hamer describes this in detail in his autobiographical book "One against all", published in 2005. 
Dr Hamer was offered the prospect of release under certain conditions: If he withdrew his final appeal, he would be released early. As a university in Trnava (Slovakia) offered Dr Hamer to carry out the post-doctoral qualification procedure, he agreed to this "horse-trading". After all, his presence at the habilitation in Slovakia was indispensable... Hence, he only withdrew his appointment in order to bring the good cause forward.

I received a letter from Dr Hamer while I was still in prison, in which he informed me about the planned habilitation in Slovakia... but he did not fully trust the proposal of the university. He asked me to go to the university in Trnava and check the authenticity of the invitation.

Part of the letter from Dr Hamer dated 6 May 1998, in which he asked if I could go to Trnava and tell him about the visit...

Mrs Katerina Bustinowa,  the secretary of the Prorector for Research, received me very warmly and took me to Doc. RNDr. DrSc. Josef Miklosko. The prorector confirmed to me everything that was written in the letter to Dr Hamer. 

Dr Hamer was released early in May 1998 so that he could personally take part in the habilitation procedure. The remaining 4 months added to his sentence were not due until November....

We remained in contact by telephone. From the beginning, however, Dr Hamer "sniffed out" the deceitfulness that lay in this invitation....

After he had been informed by me that the proposal actually came from the University of Trnava, Dr. Hamer decided to "take the gamble".... The University of Tübingen had so far consistently refused to carry out habilitation procedures, despite the fact that a final court decision from 1986 had ordered the procedure to be carried out (with the threat of criminal consequences) ... A fine was imposed on the University of Tübingen, which they continued to pay for years.

Of course, the reason was obvious: as early as the beginning of the 1980s, the University of Tübingen tested the validity of the Laws of Nature discovered by Dr Hamer and the professors knew that Dr Hamer's discovery was correct.

However, a rejection of his habilitation thesis could have been accompanied by the loss of the reputation of this prestigious university. Therefore, for a legally valid rejection of the habilitation thesis by a university, the smallest and most insignificant university in all of Europe was found: the University of Trnava. Dr Hamer talks about this in an Interview with Julianna. The habilitation procedure at the University of Trnava was only allowed for the following reason: The aim was to reject Dr Hamer's submitted habilitation. With an official document certifying the rejection of the habilitation by a scientific institution, the system would finally have received absolution for its actions. 

Moreover, the insignificant university in Slovakia did not have much to lose. Quite the opposite. Slovakia was just about to negotiate its accession to the European Union. It was certainly calculated that if Slovakia then deserved credit for rejecting Dr Hamer's habilitation, it would certainly receive a reward. 

Dr Hamer had only one option: he had to test his discovery on individual patients on site in the presence of the university' officials even before the actual habilitation procedure. He also made this a condition. Dr Hamer asked me to go back to Trnava and negotiate this possibility.

In the meantime, I had been to Slovakia several times and became friends with Kati Bustinova, Dr Miklosko's secretary. This friendship later proved to be very useful.

Kati contributed significantly to the fact that the laws of nature discovered by Dr Hamer were actually verified in Trnava.

With Dr Miklosko's permission, Kati first put me in touch with the oncologist Dr Krcmery. I was able to talk to him at the university. As he had worked for a long time in a German clinic in Bavaria, he spoke fluent German. During the greeting he said:

"Oh, it's you... We know he (Dr Hamer) is right, but it is 50 years too early".

Then I was referred to Dr Jurga, who worked at the oncology clinic in Trnava. Dr Jurga initially refused to agree to verification on patients, claiming that it was too expensive for this number of people to have a CT scan of the brain and that the university could not afford it.

I went back to Vienna and told Dr Hamer how things were going.

When Dr Hamer heard that the university did not want to carry out CT scans on the selected patients, he told me (on the phone) to suggest to Dr Jurga that we organise a bus for the patients and take them to the Radiological Institute in Vienna.

I went back to Trnava: Dr Jurga was visibly embarrassed by this proposal and now decided to approve the CT scans in Slovakia after all...

Finally, after several "negotiation visits", the University of Trnava finally accepted Dr Hamer's proposal via Dr Jurga. In this way, this part of the project came to a positive end.

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In August 1998, Dr Hamer then travelled to Slovakia himself to conclude the matter in person. During this stay, he and I were invited to dinner at the home of Prorector Miklosko.... It was a very noble and devout Catholic family. Dr Josef Miklosko's dream was to become ambassador to the Vatican. And what a remarkable coincidence: after the rejection of the habilitation thesis, the prorector Miklosko actually became ambassador to the Vatican(!) Dr Hamer reports on this in detail in his autobiography.

The verification on several patients was successfully carried out on 8 and 9 September 1998. Unfortunately, I could not be there in person because I was still working at the time and was not granted the time off.

On 10 September, Dr. Hamer still had no official confirmation with the university stamp that would testify that such a verification had taken place and that the result of this verification was positive. On that day I myself was also on site again in Trnava. Dr. Hamer, some friends and I were sitting in the secretariat of Prorector Miklosko. At some point Dr. Hamer turned to me and said:

"Please go to Kati and ask for the verification certificate. Insist on getting such a confirmation".

I turned to Kati Bustinova, but Vice-Rector Miklosko was very "busy" that day. As a result, we had to wait for hours. We were not sure: could Kati get such a document? We were like sitting on pins and needles!

Thanks to our friendship, Kati was encouraged to draft the verification confirmation in writing and submit it to Dr Miklosko for signing, and Dr Miklosko did indeed sign it.
However, the signatures of the other doctors present at the verification were still missing: Prof MuDr DrSc Pogady and Prof MuDr DrSc Krcmery... 
Finally, Kati managed to do that too (after several reminders from me).
We wouldn't have this confirmation today without Kati Bustinova. For that we are very, very grateful to her!

We left the university building with a university certification confirming the validity of the laws discovered by Dr Hamer! A super success!

Dr Hamer was still sure that they would reject his habilitation thesis. He was right! 
After successfully testing the laws of nature on patients, his habilitation was rejected in the subsequent habilitation procedure! It was an absurd situation! I was present at the habilitation procedure and can testify that it was not a scientific review. By the way, the blonde on the video is me. 

The habilitation procedure was a farce. There were supposed to be 30 professors present, but in the end only 6 professors came. Only Dr Miklosko and Prof Pogady understood what Dr Hamer was saying. With the exception of Prof Josef Miklosko, none of them knew Dr Hamer's work. None had read the work! A circus! And it happened as Dr Hamer had predicted, the habilitation was rejected. Afterwards we all went to dinner. I witnessed a sad conversation between Dr Hamer and one of the committee members, Professor Pogady (a psychiatrist, by the way).

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Dr Hamer had therefore been right. The university's proposal had not been honest from the beginning. The sole aim of the enterprise was to "produce" a university document "rejecting" Dr Hamer's discovery. We assume that the verification of the findings on patients by the university clinic was only possible because the university had only the task to reject the habilitation thesis...
There was probably no explicit prohibition to carry out the examination of the laws of Germanische Heilkunde. Therefore, the university could decide on this more or less "independently".
We assume that the professors of the university who were involved in this "conspiracy" were not even aware of the great significance of the verification. ... It was ultimately more important than the habilitation procedure. The process of habilitation itself is ultimately only an invention of the system, which is already partially "brought down" with the verification of Dr Hamer's findings.

From Slovakia, Dr Hamer continued directly to Spain. From then on he lived in exile. First in Spain and then later in Norway until his death.

My first lecture on Germanische Heilkunde in my primary school

Dr Hamer immediately published this positive verification on the internet (at that time still on Helmut Pilhar's website). The very next day, articles appeared in the official media accusing Dr Hamer of falsifying the certificate.... and in addition, of course, the articles contained the information that the habilitation procedure had been unsuccessful.
The "elite" knew before the habilitation procedure that it would be unsuccessful, but they only learned of the successful verification afterwards.... that was not according to their plan.
Shortly afterwards, in 1998, I organised another seminar with Dr Hamer in Slovakia. It took place in the Pensjon Druzba (Penzión Družba Bojnice), and in 1999 Harald Baumann organised the first and last New Medicine Congress in Switzerland, where I spoke on "New Medicine and Education in the Future".
Dr Hamer was also present at the congress, also at my lecture...He liked it....
During the congress, people from the secret service turned up who wanted to arrest Dr Hamer. We somehow managed get them out of the way by saying that the doctor was not present. Dr Hamer still had those four months of his sentence "open" at that time.

In the summer of 2000 I visited Dr Hamer in Spain and after this visit I decided to organise and give "New Medicine" lectures in Poland. 
I delivered the first lecture in Poland in 2000 in my former primary school. The guests included only people from my family and a few friends.

During his stay in Spain, Dr Hamer continued to be very active scientifically, while at the same time constantly striving to have his discovery recognised in court. He maintained an immensely rich correspondence with the authorities and filed numerous complaints with the courts. However, all this proved to be ineffective!