The Online-Program

Important Preliminary Information

Our Educational Program focuses on people who want to learn Germanische Heilkunde for both themselves and their families. We definitely are not interested in people who want to integrate Germanische Heilkunde into their professional therapeutic activity. Our Educational Program is therefore expressly not intended for therapists.

Our target group is the family.

Germanische Heilkunde exists outside the complex of what is misleadingly called "evidence-based medicine": allopathic medicine and the closely related "complementary medicine".
The inclusion of Germanische Heilkunde in any so-called alternative therapies will result in exclusion from our Educational Program, because complementary medicine is basically understood and practised only as a complement to conventional allopathic medicine. 
Both are based on the same dogmas and the resulting ideas of fighting (fighting against the so-called disease or symptoms.)
Both are mutually dependent on each other. Thus, the existing system is still being "nourished".

After each meeting, you will receive access to the online learning materials corresponding to the level you have completed. These learning materials enable you to easily (memorise) acquire the knowledge and optimally prepare yourself for the tests, which you must pass in order to participate in the next meeting or level of the Educational Program.

Only after participating in the on-site-meetings (possibly also online) you have access to these pages. The login received is valid as long as one actively participates in the Educational Program.

We learn for ourselves