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Chip Implantations and Virus Fraud

Microbes are important members in the regulating processes of nature. We should preserve and foster them instead of fighting against them.

Vaccinations, against no matter what, are from the point of view of the GERMANISCHE (the Germanic), not only senseless (since they do not work), but are extremely dangerous, because the stressful vaccination procedure could be the cause of the conflict itself ("fear conflict" in the infant or child subjected to vaccination), and toxic additives (phenol, formaldehyde, mercury, and the aluminium compounds, and so on).

Since we do not even know what we are going to vaccinate against (toxins, antibodies against the healing phase?) and since there are no viruses to vaccinate against, everything is a fraud. Even worse: Due to the Recent Events that can no longer be overlooked, we urgently have to suspect today that the past and all future vaccinations are chip implants only which are aimed at lifelong monitoring of the vaccinated person. Even worse than that, if the information about the new so-called Chinese “death chips” is correct, a lethal compartment can be activated via satellite.

In relation to viruses, we did not know, until recently, that they do not exist at all. The so-called viruses were postulated 150 years ago, when we had relatively low resolution microscopes. Nobody has ever seen a virus, nor has anyone ever seen it proliferating. Also the hypothesis that the unseen viruses cause an “illness”, was and is false. Naturally, then all so-called vaccinations against viruses were one enormous fraud, such as AIDS, bird flu and swine flu. In all likelihood, they were in reality – chip implantations. The hypothetical viruses, at best, could have helped during healing (pcl-phase), but even that is so far unproven.

The supposed viruses were no more than so-called antibodies that became involved in a DHS as a accompanying track in the brain, but are only organically visible and measurable as antibodies in the pcl-phase.
This is the case with “AIDS, die Krankheit die es gar nicht gibt”, (AIDS, the disease that does not even exist). With a smegma-trauma, a smegma-track becomes involved in the DHS. The antibodies only first become measurable in the pcl-phase as an AIDS test.
The supposed illness-producing viruses were fundamentally a huge fraud! See also, “Vermächtnis einer Neuen Medizin”, (Legacy of a New Medicine), 1987, and “AIDS, die Krankheit, die es gar nicht gibt”.
Virus animations that are occasionally shown on television, are pure deception, done earlier for financial reasons, today additionally, in order to control people their whole life long, command them and, if necessary, kill them at any time that suits, via satellite (chip with lethal compartment):
Bill Gates, the cynical king of the microchip, disclosed in the year 2010:

“The world today has 6.8 billion people... that´s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines (meaning microchip implants), health care (meaning death care), reproductive health services (meaning contraception/abortion), we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

(at 2:25)

A month later (July 2010), he said at an AIDS conference in Vienna with an allusion to my book “AIDS, the disease that does not even exist”:

“Then we have prevention approaches that rely on new tools. We now have three tools that have shown significant impact. The first is male circumcision.” (meaning: no more smegma). 

As a Jew, he understood my book well; the particular conclusion drawn is naturally idiotic.

The Latest Bad News - Article written by Dr. Hamer in 2011:
In America an already existing law has been passed that from March 2013, i.e. in 18 months, every American who is dependent on the health care system (except the private patients, that is 3%) will be obliged to wear a chip under the skin. This law passed by Congress should have been implemented in 2004. Since the Jewish community has their own doctors, they are not governed by the law and they were not included in the swine flu chip implantation ("because of swine").

When I quoted in a letter to a Rabbi in 2007 that he had known that all bird-flu “vaccinations” were really chip-implantations, even with a lethal compartment, then most of our friends said: “No, I really can’t believe that. You can't believe something so horrible and evil."

Now the suspicion at that time of the greatest fraud, with the possibility of execution at any time, has been completely confirmed. Not only that: now it has become compulsory - 18 months later, for everyone. Neverthless hospital's patients have already been chipped “legally”, as if it was naturally wanted “pseudo-willingly”, i.e. patients were not asked or consulted about it. Of course, every chip also has, as an essential component, the “lethal compartment”, with the help of which, in the future, a multitude of 100,000 demonstrators can be transformed within minutes into a mass of dead bodies.

But there's something else that's really bad: the new law which has been legalised retrospectively, so to speak, has made the implantation of bird and swine flu chips legal. All the swine flu-types now walk around like zombies. At any time they can be "knocked out" (from Tel Aviv?) via satellite, as a horrible performance!

Anyone can figure out on 2 fingers that the megalomaniacal “certain religious community”, - to which belong all banks, all governments of all countries, all the press and television media, all mineral resources, the control of all religious communities (including the popes), as well as the entire medical apparatus, including pharmaceuticals – that this certain religious community is not going to forego having the central computer in their possession (in Tel Aviv?), that will secure for them, little by little, complete rulership over all mankind on the planet, who will then only be tolerated slaves.

I had already prophesized, years ago, that one would approve the appearance of the Germanische Heilkunde (Germanic Heilkunde) only when one had more effective means of mass murder. That is now the case.

Up to now there has been no possibility to get rid of the chip that has already been implanted. But now it can be found with a highly sensitive metal detector and surgically extirpated.

Photo from the Internet with a microchip implanted in the hands
Chip in the liver parenchyma

Don't get any more pseudo-vaccinations, not even your children. It is entirely a hoax, based on religious delusion! As soon as you or your children get chips implanted, you are slaves at their disposal at any time, including execution.

Our small university1 receives many CTs sent from all over the world. Every so often, we find such a chip in an organ that has been surreptitiously injected into a patient during blood test. It travels via the venous-arterial lung capillaries into the arterial circulation and into one or another organ where it is held fast.

On the 11th of May 2009, a patent application was made at the German Patent Office for just such a microchip. China and Mossad have already had it for many years.

I know, my friends, it all sounds unreal, but I swear to you it is the truth!

Copyright by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer
Germanic Heilkunde - Introduction

1 - Universitet Sandefjord for den Germanske Nye Medisin, Naturlig Kunst og Livstil (University Sandefjord for Germanic New Medicine, Natural Art and Lifestyle)