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according to the findings of Germanische Heilkunde® by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer


Germanische Heilkunde® no longer speaks of "diseases", as this term is misleading in the sense of the 2nd Biological Law (the law of two phases). It is more correct to speak of Special Programs which were given to us creatures of this earth by Mother Nature ("programmed" into the brain) in order to be able to react to Biological Conflicts.

If a Special Programme is in the active phase (known as conflict activity), the affected individual (human or animal) does not necessarily have to feel "ill". It is often hyperactive, which is seen as positive in our society.
And vice versa: If this Special Programme is in the second phase, the healing phase (pcl-phase) - i.e. if the conflict has been resolved (CL), so that the inevitable healing phase has begun - the affected individual often feels most probably "ill". But to speak of "illness" in this context is absurd, although we are used to seeing that as negative.

The fact is that until now we did not know the Law of the Two Phases!

Is one "sick" when one tries with all his strength to solve his Biological Conflict and is therefore hyperactive, sleeps little and eats little? Or is one "ill" when one has been able to solve the conflict and the body now has to recover from the exertions of these strains and where also reparative processes take place in the organism?

Another important reason is the following:

The term "disease" has negative associations in our society; we must "fight" the disease, "eradicate" it! We thought that "diseases" were errors of nature which we have to remedy. Fever is bad and must be reduced; pain is bad and must be fought. Tiredness is bad and must be counteracted!

Far from it! To assume that Mother Nature is stupid or not perfect is either idiotic, erroneous or malicious...

Nature does not take a joke, it is always true, always serious, always strict; it is always right, and the mistakes and errors are always those of man!


Fever, pain, fatigue etc. are simply part of the various Special Program (almost always in the healing phase = pcl-phase). Apart from the fact that these certainly unpleasant symptoms again have their biological meaning (e.g. pain after a broken leg guarantees immobilization and therefore optimal healing conditions), they must not be blindly "fought" symptomatically. More and more often "modern pain therapy" ends with morphine at the old cemetery. This does not mean, however, that nothing should or can be done against discomfort, indisposition, pain etc.! One may do everything that leads to the well-being of the patient, i.e. one must not violate the nature-given 5 Biological Laws!

Dr. Hamer's appeal to the medical and therapeutic profession:

Treat the patients entrusted to you as you would treat yourself, your wife or your children!

Copyright by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer