We learn for ourselves
Structure and Process of the Educational Program

Ewa Leimer
Translated by El Glauner

We are shocked to observe a phenomenon of boundless carelessness and recklessness: there are people who offer "therapy" and "diagnosis" shortly after participating in our Educational Program and claim that this corresponds with the knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde. Any therapeutic activity (often immediately after participation in our Educational Program) means great danger for people who are in desperate need of help. As experience shows, the consequences of such lack of responsibility are often tragic.

Therefore, we remind you once again: if you want to live consciously in harmony with Germanische Heilkunde, you must learn this knowledge in its complexity for yourselves (parents for their children). You must be proficient in this knowledge field! We learn for ourselves…

How to become proficient in Germanische Heilkunde? We offer a 4-year autodidactic Educational Program, guided by a trained and proficient in knowledge Germanische Heilkunde Team Member who has completed the four-year Educational Program and participates in online exercises (guided by Ewa Leimer) on an ongoing basis.
The Educational Program includes the following:

  1. a conscientious theoretical study of the basic knowledge and nomenclature of the Germanische Heilkunde
  2. developing self-awareness (honestly recognising and accepting your own feelings)
  3. empirical learning based on testing this discovery on your own body, according to the level of knowledge of the respective level.

The Educational Program, which has been developed through twenty years of didactic activity in teaching of Germanische Heilkunde is diametrically different from all existing forms of teaching and is, as mentioned, mainly intended for families.
It begins with our first meeting, lasts four years and includes various forms of knowledge passing on in the form of on-site lectures and online study. The content of the lectures is easy to understand for people without any previous medical knowledge.

There are 4 levels. Each level of the Educational Program includes:

  1. A meeting on site for three days, daily from 10:00 - 14:45.
    After 45 minutes of lecture, there is always a 15-minute break.
    Please note that you will work with the Online Educational Program already during this meeting.
    Therefore, you need your own laptop (with a functional mouse) with working WiFi connection.
    The participants can use the local internet.
  2. Access to the regularly updated database with the following content:
    - Learning tools for human anatomy,
    - Learning tools in the form of slides from the completed educational program level,
    - Online exercises,
    - Online exam, which should be sent at least 8 weeks before the start of the next level.

All these materials are available to the participants as long as they regularly participate in the Educational Program. Each meeting is followed by 12 months of autodidactic work with regular support through online meetings via Skype.
This gives each participant enough time to gradually absorb the depth of the knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde.

This structure allows you to self-check the knowledge you have acquired. However, whether you will be able to use the knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde independently depends on YOU .... because your active, enthusiastic participation in the learning process is essential.

The participation in each subsequent level of the Educational Program is dependent on a successfully completed examination. This is necessary to be able to assess how well the participants have mastered the knowledge they have learned, as the educational-levels build on each other.

You have a maximum of 4 years for all levels of the program. It is therefore necessary to participate in one on-site meeting per year.

This time limit guarantees the continuity in learning this complex material.

If you are unable to meet this deadline but still wish to continue your self-education - you must start the program again with Meeting Number 1. Attention! If you complete only a part of the Educational Program, your knowledge will be incomplete, and therefore the understanding of the complex Germanische Heilkunde will not be possible. In such a case your effort was in vain ...
Only complex, truthful and genuine  acquisition of the knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde will enable you to use this knowledge effectively and independently in the future.

Information from various random sources on the internet (these days there are many of them) only lead to great confusion, uncertainty and hinder the understanding of the subject. They may be spectacular, but do not lead to a complete (which is absolutely necessary) understanding of Dr. Hamer's comprehensive discovery.


First Meeting on-site (with your laptop and mouse!, 3 days)
Online-Program 1 (Online exercises, online meetings, 9 months)
Online exam (2 month before the next level)
Second Meeting on-site (with your laptop and mouse!, 3 days)
Online-Program 2 (Online exercises, online meetings, 9 months)
Online exam (2 month before the next level)
Third Meeting on-site (with your laptop and mouse!, 3 days)
Online-Program 3 (Online exercises, online meetings, 9 months)
Online exam (2 month before the next level)
Fourth Meeting on-site (with your laptop and mouse!, 3 days)
Online-Program 4 (Online exercises, online meetings, 9 months)
No exam

We learn for ourselves