by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

are always additional conflict elements related to a DHS

Germanic Heilkunde - Introduction 1

Tracks are always additional conflict elements related to a DHS, i.e. the circumstances that at the moment of the DHS became associated with it. But, only the patient can reveal to us how he felt the conflict, especially in the moment of the DHS, i.e. including whichever details (=tracks).

When an individual suffers a Biological Conflict through a DHS, then not only is the conflict at the moment of the DHS imprinted engrammatically, but also certain accompanying circumstances. The individual not only notices the smallest particulars at the moment of the DHS as if in an instant, flashed photograph, but also tones or sounds, smells, perceptions of all kinds, taste sensations. These can also be people, animals, places or certain colours or noises, and the individual basically retains these impressions for life. If later on one of these accompanying circumstances occurs, then the whole conflict can return as a so-called relapse.

This means that aside from the main DHS-track, there are also so-called sidetracks, that is, accompanying elements of an intrinsic nature, which at the time of the DHS remained in the memory of the individual as important recollections. It is essential to know that one can always be driven onto the main track from such a side track. For this reason, it is called a track.

We people today, deformed by our civilization, feel that this “track-thinking” is nothing other than “abnormal”. We refer to them as allergies that have to be fought.
The tracks in GERMANISCHE HEILKUNDE mean that a patient, it matters not whether man or animal, who has suffered a Biological Conflict can very easily end up on a track again, when further confronted with accompanying conflict elements. The encounter can even consist of only one component of the conflict-elements. That alone is enough to restart the entire conflict. Such conflict-elements by-pass our intellectual understanding. We can only grasp them intuitively and avoid them.
Admittedly, it is often not at all easy to convey that, especially to patients who either do not want to, or cannot, understand GERMANISCHE HEILKUNDE. Sometimes it is a lost labour of love. Therefore, we must become familiar with a whole new dimension of thinking, a kind of intuitive biological grasping.

In biology laws rule, which we, since the time we have become accustomed to thinking “psychologically”, can no longer understand, but once we have again learned to think biologically, meaning associatively, we would be able to grasp very well.
The understanding of the conflict tracks belongs to this biological manner of thinking.
Biological Conflicts pull us back into raw reality, especially relevant for the animals. But, in essence, even also for man when seen biologically, it is basically always a matter of life and death!

Copyright by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer 

1 - Please note that this is only a very short version and that you will need extensive knowledge to understand the Germanische Heilkunde®. Besides understanding the system and many important details, it is especially important to study the patient cases in Dr. Hamer's books in order to understand what the GERMANISCHE (GERMANIC) is and how to live in harmony with this knowledge (= the system discovered by Dr. Hamer).