Events of the Year 1983

March 1983: Dr. Hamer gives a lecture at the International Congress of Natural Medicine in Mainz (Germany). Although it was seen by congress participants as the most significant presentation, it was the only lecture that was not allowed to be filmed. Mr Mornewieg, head of the Hessisches Fernsehen Kassel (Hessian Television Kassel), enforced this. At his insistence, Dr. Hamer was removed from the subsequent panel discussion, which was filmed. The congress management apologised and the lecture was printed late in the June edition of the HP Journal.

August 1983: In a retirement and nursing home in Gyhum, Dr. Hamer starts a pilot study on "diagnosis and treatment according to the Iron Rule of Cancer. At the end of the study, an international medical arbitration tribunal, headed by Dr. Weinhold, chairman of the Medical Association of Lower Saxony/Stade District, and a further 7 professors and lecturers, shall decide whether the Iron Rule of Cancer is correct.

September 1983: Dr Hamer creates the "map of the brain" - diagnostic chart.

06.12.1983: Despite an unprecedented press campaign and furious smear campaign against Dr. Hamer and his clinic in Gyhum, the "International Medical Arbitration Tribunal" took place on this day. Out of 30 patients, fifteen were interviewed and a medical evaluation of the X-rays and CT's and all laboratory data was carried out. Each case, randomly selected by Dr. Weinhold, followed precisely the Iron Rule of Cancer. Nevertheless, the verification committee claimed:

"The so-called "Iron Rule of Cancer" presented by Dr. Hamer could not be reproduced. We could not find any strict scientific principles."


Dr. Hamer announces his discovery on ARD (German TV).

Dr. Hamer tries to establish hospitals for his patients. Several times they are closed due to the interactions of authorities, courts, press and Cancer Aid. The patients are put out on the street by the police.
Letters from patients to authorities due to verification remain without result, without answer or are sent back with the remark: "Not appropriate".

Dr. Hamer is under surveillance by Interpol. Only tabloids report sporadically about Dr. Hamer, usually with an unscientific counterstatement by a professor.

Translated by El Glauner