Events of the year

05/18/1985: Dr Hamer takes part in a demonstration against animal testing in Munich and hands out flyers with the heading: "Nonsense of animal testing in cancer research by omitting the factor of the psyche". In the afternoon Dr. Hamer had the opportunity to speak to the participants in the Kolpinghaus. The majority of the audience immediately understood that Dr. Hamer was able to provide not only rock-solid arguments but also evidence.

In July 1985, Dr. Hamer succeeded in finding a hospital in Katzenelnbogen which had been empty for half a year but was fully equipped. After months of terror and slanderous campaigns by the press, the hospital is closed again on 12/10/1985.

04/12/1985: Dr. Sigrid Hamer died in 1985 of an acute heart attack as a result of the sorrow for her son and the constant terror.

October 1985: Dr. Hamer gives a 10-minute lecture at a clinical symposium of the Cancer Society of Rheinland-Pfalz in Neuwied. The audience stormy wants and demands a public discussion. This is prevented by the professors from Mainz, Bonn, Koblenz, Cologne... This 10 minutes lecture has consequences.

11/19/1985: Board meeting of the Medical Association. The board tries to psychiatrise Dr. Hamer.

End of November 1985: The Medical Association publishes that it intends to withdraw Dr. Hamer's licence to practise medicine.

Translated by El Glauner

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