Events of the year

09/23/1988: The University of Tübingen officially admits that it has not yet found it necessary to verify the IRON RULE OF CANCER on patients.

12/9/1988: The Germanische Heilkunde® gets verified and declared to be correct: In Vienna, the "Iron Rule of Cancer" gets verified on 7 patients by the university professor Dr. Birkmayer and Dr. Elisabeth Rozkydal, MD, under the supervision of 3 other doctors. The result showed a 100% conformity with Dr. Hamer's thesis. 14 days later, Dr. Birkmayer found the interior of his private house destroyed.

12/10/1988: Verification Gmünd - Dr. Michael Treven, specialist in dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery (A-9853 Gmünd), Dr. Rozkydal and Dr. Hamer confirm the "Iron Rule of Cancer".

Translated by El Glauner