Dr. Probst to Minister Throta

MD habil. Dr. K. J. Probst
general practitioner, Greuth 3, 87758 Kronburg


Ministry of Science and Research
Minister Claus von Trotha
PO Box 103453
70029 Stuttgart

System of Neue Medizin (New Medicine) according to Dr. Hamer

Dear Minister,

Please grant that the following serious complaint about scandalous conditions at the Medical Faculty of the University of Tübingen must be made: It is about an external method of medicine, which has been advocated for years by Dr. med. Hamer and which has been strongly opposed by conventional medicine (school medicine).

I became familiar with the work of Dr. Hamer 8 years ago and was able to verify his findings in a few cases in practice. Even though school medicine rejects Dr. Hamer - without even having examined the validity of his arguments in detail - I, as a practitioner, can confirm his results.

As we have now learned, the University of Tübingen has also been blocking the habilitation procedure of Mr. Hamer for 8 years. As a former member of the university's scheme, I would like to urge you as a responsible politician to put an immediate end to this outrageous activity. Daily practical experience as a doctor in private practice shows that there are viable alternatives to the established medical profession and that sick people should not remain condemned to be tormented to death by school science in a way which is as painful as it is lucrative for some people.

For further information I am at your disposal

Yours Sincerely
K.J. Probst

Translated by Ela Faulkner