Events of the Year 1996

Olivia back at home. "Why are you adults making us so ill if you want to cure us?"

March: The end of Olivia's forced treatment. As Olivia is being ab/used alive by conventional medicine, fewer and fewer toxic substances had been injected via catheter into her heart. In any case, her hair was already growing back under this pseudo-therapy. On the day of Olivia's discharge from the children's cancer center (Kinder Krebs-Zentrum, KZ [=Konzentrationslager = concentration camp]), the media reported on the forthcoming trial against the parents for 'child abduction' and 'bodily harm by negligence'.

05/02/1996: Expert opinion by Prof. Lothar Kanz MD on Dr. Hamer's habilitation thesis, quote: "I recommend to the highly respected Medical Faculty of the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen not to accept this work as a habilitation thesis."

June: "Olivia - diary of a destiny" by father Helmit Pilhar is published.

10/09/1996: The trial against the Pilhar parents begins at the Wiener Neustadt Regional Court.

November 1996: Olivia's parents received eight-month suspended prison terms, suspended for 3 years. In this trial, too, the courts avoided any examination of the Germanische Heilkunde®. Evidence was suppressed.

12/03/1996: Angelo Amstutz is sacrificed on the altar of conventional medicine!

Angelo Amstutz Dec 12,1991 - Dec 3, 1996

The response of the French Ministry of Health to the discovery of Dr. R.G. Hamer: 
Germanische Heilkunde (at that time: New Medicine).

by Andrée Sixt

Based on the German translation by K.K

After the death of Mr. Antoine D'Oncieu, president of the Stop au Cancer association, I took over the chair of this association and continued my information and dissemination work, always in regular contact with Dr. R. G. Hamer.

Encouraged by some friends, including Jean, Antoine d'Oncieu's brother, and in agreement with Dr. Hamer, we decided to introduce his discovery to the Ministry of Health so that it could benefit humanity.

So Mr. Jean d'Oncieu contacted Mr. Hervé Gaymard, General Councillor (conseiller général) of the Savoy department. He fixed an appointment for September with us and his technical advisor, Dr. Sylvain PICCARD, and showed his gratitude for the very interesting documentation we had sent him.

See July 12, 1996: Reply from Hervé Gaymard to Jean D'Oncieu.

Immediately, the Ministry of Justice initiated an investigation against me and the Stop au Cancer Association (ASAC), Chambéry.

My address was also the address of the association (ASAC).

My phone was wiretapped.

On September 17 at 7:45 a.m., the meeting was supposed to take place on September 20, six policemen invaded my apartment on the basis of a rogatory commission (commission rogatoire), calling me a criminal and telling me:

"You'll be in prison and you won't be able to keep your appointment at the Ministry of Health"!

They searched my apartment and confiscated documents and my computer.

Then I was interrogated, whereby both policemen and the examining magistrate kept telling me:

"We know everything, we have the wiretapped telephone conversations", "You spoke to Dr. R. G. Hamer", "We have all the records, you are a criminal and belong in prison".  "Your New Medicine is smoke and mirrors".

The policemen put pressure on me, and pushed me around, telling me:

"There are no witnesses, we can do anything to you, you are a criminal".

I was then taken into police custody for thirty-six hours and then kept under judicial supervision until the trial in 2000: I was forbidden to leave Savoie.

The trial took place on January 31, 2000.

I was sentenced to suspended imprisonment and fines.