Dr. Hamer to Regional Court Hamburg (05/05/2013)

5/5/2013 (pdf)

Dr. med. Mag theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer
Sandkollveien 11
N – 3229 Sandefjord

cc: Mrs. Atty. Birgit Steinacker


Landgericht Hamburg [Regional Court Hamburg]                in advance per Fax
So-called Zivilkammer [Civil Division] 10 
Sievekingplatz 1
20355 Hamburg
Fax (Court Registry): (040) 4 28 43 - 2378 
Fax (Deadline-Sensitive): (040) 4 28 43 - 4318/9
Mr. so-called Judge Hartmann

Reference Number: 310 O 53/12

Dear Mr. Hartmann,

I refer to my letter dated 4.11.2013. which you did not reply to this day. I inform you as follows:

  1. You sent to my attorney, Mrs. Birgit Steinacker, my letter to you without comment. This is against the law. According to the law, you are obliged to answer my question. If you are a legally sworn in judge according to the law or only a “private sham judge”, who has only sworn an oath to his lodge master. Obviously, you wanted to avoid the response to this crucial question or you cannot answer yes without lying. This leaves me with no choice but to assume in your silence a pretense of false facts. That is a punishable offence under the law. It is also cunning and seriously injures my rights as a plaintiff, because if my attorney repeats my question to you, she will be immediately disbarred, as several attorneys have assured me in the meanwhile.
  2. If she writes nothing or if I withdraw the mandate from her in mutual agreement, you can presume to hear the case on 5.16.2013 according to English Maritime Law and issue a judgement by default because Mrs. Steinacker mistakenly accepted you in the beginning as a judge.
  3. I feel deceived and cheated by you as an illegitimate, ordinary sham judge. - Fundamentally the entire justice fraud is far more extensive than I previously presumed.

From the Regional Court upwards th rule is “attorney mandatory”. 

The attorney must always declare that he accepts, in the name of the client, the judge, the “reference number” and placement in the courtroom, in order to receive his fee. 

These are exactly the three things each private court and private judge like you- who must obey his lodge master (Max Warburg?)- must obtain somehow in order to play a fraudulent legal arbitrator according to English Maritime Law: 

a) Acknowledgement of the fake arbitrator as a legal judge 
b) Acceptance of the reference number
c) The attorney must sit down in the courtroom, at least theoretical in the manner of acceptance or even in real.

Given that all attorneys have to explicitly accept these three conditions, or else they are immediately disbarred, they must, therefore, deceive their clients. Intentionally they become traitors to their clients and deliver their clients to arbitrary sentencing of the illegal, fake “judge” who requires no swearing in under a nation of law and order and has no authorization, as well as no Amtsausweis (official credentials), but is only “sworn in to the lodge” by his jewish lodge master. The client is flabbergasted, as he knows nothing of this systematic fraud, but was promised by the fraud-collaborating lawyer that they are dealing with a constitutional, just procedure. 

Our fraudulent justice system has functioned in this way for almost 60 years (1954 till today), quite in accordance to “English Maritime Law”, in reality a most perfidious swindle. As said, the unsuspecting client doesn’t know anything what takes place and goes on behind the scenes in this game of deception between judge, public prosecutor and attorney.
He assumes, always trusting, that his attorney will advise him honestly and well, in accordance with the alleged valid legal articles of a “Nation of Law and Order”. In reality, for 60 years straight poor clients, are being taken for fools by the fake, knowingly fraudulent lodge judges. They have experienced, that the thousands of articles, with which they, to say it in plain English, are being screwed over and double-crossed by this corrupted justice, often deprived of house and home or robbed of their children or freedom. That all of those are only phony, useless trinkets, because the obedient judge must always decide and does decide in compliance with his lodge oath - which stands above all- in accordance with the directive of his jewish lodge master. In the process, articles have no meaning at all.

In this way, all lawyers have been forced to betray their clients and turned their clients into defenseless slaves of the lodge for almost 60 years. The lawyers must play along with the fraud in order to earn their living by the betrayal of clients. An inhumane, immoral game of deception. 

And if one asks questions that the judge really must reply according to the law, he simply refuses to answer. He does not need to give an answer, because the lawyer already acknowledged the judge in the name of the client. The client has nothing whatsoever more to say. Even a dog does not receive a response, if his fear-filled eyes ask, why then one wants to put him to sleep without reason.

If the lawyer wants to question after he already had to acknowledge the judge at the beginning “in the name of the client”, he is, as was already said, immediately disbarred. In between, a large number of lawyers and judges, even high ranking judges, have confirmed this to me completely clear in private - under the pledge of secrecy. But it is really a disgrace for our entire nation. Mr. Hartmann, if you tell me: “I do not feel that I belong to my people, but only to my lodge”, well, then our conversation is over.

But you should at least realize, this “emergency call”-letter is not directed against you as a human being or personally, but against your fraudulent job.

You see, everyone more or less knows of the great crime that has been perpetrated in and against our people since the Wolrd Wars. Generally justice crimes also belong to that. Everyone is afraid of the lodge masters. But at least one of our people must tell the truth.

The same concerns the mass murder of our non-jewish patients by oncologists on directive from the lodge master: Over 30 million patients in Germany with cancer have been cruelly slaughtered to death with chemo and morphine in the last 32 years (worldwide three billion). No one dares to talk about it, even though virtually everyone knows it, for in Israel 99% of cancer patients survive, according to publication from the Israeli Embassy (2008), and with the Germanic New Medicine. As previously said, all doctors and all so-called medical buffoons remain silent about it, but someone must tell the truth! Even if I am locked up a third time for this truth, for that would be an honor for me!

And someone must declare the curse on the mass murderers. And thus I have spoken.

An old wise woman told me: 

You are the only one, who can say it 
You are also the only one, who is allowed to say it
and you are also the only one, who must say it!

Herr Hartmann, no offense, but I wouldn’t like to be in your seat. 


Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Ceterum censeo: (For the rest, it is my opinion) We need a state under the rule of law!

Incidentally, the lawyer of the multi-billionaire’s son, Masseur Eybl, Herr Diersch (he forbade me to call him rabbi), wanted to be “helpful” to me as a lawyer already in 2004 / 2005 in France, in the time when I ought to have transferred the complete Germanic New Medicine to the rabbis in front of a notary (01/05/2005) on directive from the highest rabbi in France, Francois Bessy. Now he wants to again be “helpful” to the opposing party in the case to appropriate all of my copyrights for the rabbis

5/5/2013 Original