Events of the Year 1991

March 1 and 2, 1991: A medical conference is planned in Burgau Castle, where Germanische Heilkunde® is supposed to be verified. In the background (Routil to Krainer, Kenner to the Ministry of Health), however, steps are taken to prevent this.

1991: In Germany, the Scharpf parents escape from chemotherapy with their child Katharina. The father takes refuge with his child in the US; but it turns out to be a trap - Prof. Hanno Beck describes what happened in his book "Krebs ist heilbar": "Der letzte Stand: Die Perfektion der Erkenntnisunterdrückung. Das Beispiel der kleinen Katharina." 
Once again, this case illustrates how an apparently centralized media mafia suppresses the facts: the Scharpf parents had told hundreds of journalists and reporters that Dr. Hamer's book was one of the main reasons for their decision against a further chemotherapy round for their daughter. Besides other material, Mrs. Scharpf copied also a letter of Dr. Hamer, which he had written to the responsible judge Dr. Göppner. In vain!

1991: "Plaster splint trial", for giving away a plaster splint to a boy with a fractured knee. Dr. Hamer is sentenced to 4 months probation.

November 13-15, 1991: After 13 years, the trial against the gunman Savoy finally takes place in France. Although he confesses, the prince gets acquitted - "when in doubt, rule for the accused"! The Hamer family writes a press release before and after the trial. Prof. Michel Olmer (Marseille) blames the family for "unacceptable" behavior. Dr. Hamer appeals against the verdict against Victor Emanuel of Savoy.

Bernd Hamer, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, Antoine Graf D'Oncieu
Trial in France

"... The presiding judge Colomb tried to influence the court and the jury by spreading the following untruths: He told all persons present, including the French lawyer Ms. Eva Sterzing, that there are ongoing criminal proceedings against Hamer in Lille because he had treatet a lawyer from Lille according to the New Medicine and she then went blind. This is not true. Dr. Hamer was only summoned as a witness, apparently in a trial against a neurosurgeon who had extirpated the patient's visual cortex. President Colomb added: Dr. Hamer's "New Medicine" was of course nonsense. Police officers from Lille appeared four times and claimed they were going to arrest Dr. Hamer for testifying (!), although the date for the testimony had long been set. The Hamer family sees this as a massive manipulation and attempt to influence the court. ..." (Press release in German Nov 19, 1991)

Embarrassing: In 1991, Victor Emanuel on the way to the "Dirk-Hamer-trial" in handcuffs, Paris. ↑

The infamous trial 1991 in Paris
Victor Emanuel in handcuffs 1991