Parents hiding their child

Schorndorfer Nachrichten (Schorndorf News, Germany), 10/11/1991

Parents hiding their child
Three-year-old girl shall not receive chemotherapy

MARKT RETTENBACH (lsw) - The Youth Welfare Office in Mindelheim, Swabia, is having "intensive negotiations" with the parents of three-year-old Katharina from Markt Rettenbach (district of Unterallgäu), who is suffering from leukaemia.

The Memmingen district court had transferred custody of Katharina to the Office after the parents refused further chemotherapy for their daughter at the Ulm University Hospital.

The parents are hiding their child. According to information by senior government official Karl Bihler on Thursday, the authority has so far no clue where the girl is hidden, but according to her parents, she is doing well. According to Bihler, the Youth Welfare Office has the right to search for the girl with the help of the bailiff or the police and to take her away from her parents. If the parents continue to refuse chemotherapy treatment, a manhunt will be initiated.

Currently, there is "hope" that the parents will give in after all. According to the doctors treating her, every day without "rehabilitation treatment" means a danger to the life of the three-year-old girl. The parents prefer an alternative treatment for Katharina. According to the court order, Katharina has to receive "reliable medical treatment" in any case.

Translated by El Glauner