Events of the Year 1999

January 1999: In spite of the verification in Trnava, which actually decided the discussion about Germanische Heilkunde®, a preliminary inquiry was initiated against Dr. Hamer in Austria and an arrest warrant was issued. Dr Hamer appealed directly to the Constitutional Court.

02/04/1999: Dr.Sc. Jozef Mikloško writes a declaration on the verification of Germanische Heilkunde® at the University of Trnava in 1998.

March: In a letter to Mr. and Mrs. Pilhar, the President of the Medical Chamber, Dr. Routil, claims that the confirmation of the University of Trnava is forged. Dr. Mikloško, the Vice-Rector of the University of Trnava, confronts him with this claim and sets the record straight.

May 21-23, 1999: International Congress of New Medicine in Biel (Switzerland)

09/11/1999: At the annual celebration of the verification, Prof. Pogády confessed to Dr. Hamer in front of witnesses that the Cologne Judiciary made the University of Trnava promise to reject Dr. Hamer's habilitation.

The orthodox medicine desperately opposes the university confirmation of the Germanische Heilkunde.