Dr. Hamer to Stefan Lanka
Open letter

Dr. Stefan Lanka

September 1st, 2007

Important note

Since the founder of the "New Medicine", the German physician Dr. Geerd Ryke Hamer, unfortunately, consistently mixes his medical research results with his personal fate and political views in public, I would like to point out clearly that I do not adopt these views! I ask you to judge all publications on the subject in this respect very differentiated.

Hello Stefan,

So you now also belong to the chaff that has separated from the wheat.

Well, I take note of it and have thus only received confirmation for what I have long suspected: Because I have, for example, always wondered why you were allowed to call the judge in Rosenheim a baby fucker in the courtroom, so scot-free and unpunished, without going to prison for 1 year, for insulting a judge.

I do not know who you are, whether you, like so many others, who had called themselves my friend so far, belong to a particular religious community? – or maybe you are just an undercover agent of this regime? But if someone like you, who wants to be a chief vaccination critic and at the same time ignores the most important thing, namely “the chip implantation by vaccination,” then something is wrong.

Besides, you are a Dr. of Virology, and you said:

... yes, there are no viruses, no one has ever seen one of these supposedly so dangerous things, which might be 1/1000th to 1/10 000th of a bacterium ...

Since then you've been calling yourself a microbiologist. Strange!

You also said in the interview

that there are no disease-causing viruses.

Well, there are probably no health-giving ones either, although they could theoretically exist according to the Germanische. So there are probably none at all.

So the 5-6 professors of virology on every university are swindling syndicates.

And that one wants to vaccinate against a non-existent virus, can only be a hoax too. Well, that' s right!

But remember: I strongly criticised Lenz and you because of your bird flu interview. Both you and Lenz admitted to me that the so-called bird flu vaccination was not a vaccination with serum at all, but a chip implantation, which you knew very well. But you and your comrades-in-arms (Lenz, Barro, Pfister, Fisslinger, Hirneise and Krafeld) have never spoken or published a single word about this.

It is not the few corrupt so-called virologists who are behind the fraud. The whole state of the so-called FRG (BRD) is behind it.

This state, which de jure no longer exists. By the way, any lawyer at the next street corner can confirm this.

To deny such a fact is extremely “strange.”

This state is also responsible for the death of 1500 cancer patients per day (in Germany alone). Why have you never said a word about the poor victims and their "murderers"?

Even if you now insult me and others as deniers of the BRD, you must allow to be asked whether you are so infinitely simple-minded or so infinitely controlled by others? But I already said back then that I consider you and your environment to be a sham opposition.

These honest people who dream of a constitutional state where not millions of people are killed with chemo etc., they want this to happen peacefully and legally through a free election of all Germans, as prescribed by the Constitutional Court.

That is also why my medicine (transl. note: discovery) is called "Germanic New Medicine", because Germania has always been the nation of freedom. The "Germanische" ("Germanic") is the medicine of freedom in a country and a people where law and human dignity exist again, and where 1500 patients do not have to die every day for base motives.

In this sense



On July 17, 1990, during the Paris Conference, the Allies ordered not only the abolition of the "Constitution of the GDR" but also to delete the preamble and Article 23 of the "Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany". With the territorial scope, the “Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany” as a whole lost its validity with effect from July 18, 1990.
(Federal Law Gazette 1990, Part II, page 885,890 of 23.09.1990).

Since the BRD constitutionally (established by a ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court) explicitly referred its sovereignty “to the area of application of the Basic Law,” the occupation law means “BRD” was also dissolved with the Basic Law.

Since this date – July 18, 1990 – the occupation-law provisional body called the “Federal Republic of Germany,” which for 41 years had to administer the affairs of part of the German people in trust for the Western Allies, no longer exists.

All legal transactions and administrative acts carried out by the government and the authorities of the defunct “Federal Republic of Germany” since its extinction shall, after that, be unlawful and invalid.

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Translated by El Glauner

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