According to Dr. Hamer's ideas?

Message (Translated from German)

Good morning, dear Bona!

(Since I can't trace your current email address and may not be up to date, I'm listing several in the hope of reaching you and no one else, please)

I notice that the Schwabach Font (Fraktur) is no longer used, ...., especially now, when people and the whole world should/have to wake up? and be informed about these ills in particular.

Deplorable conditions, misery, oppression and much more, all that, Geerd has already pointed out long before – not only, but also – with this font. 

May I know what/who made you do this? And did Geerd know about it? Do you consider what Dr. Hamer had in mind? Is this according to his ideas, keeping his wishes?

As a study circle leader of the GERMANISCHE I represent, as you know, (as a reminder, since again and again voices around you claim otherwise: Geerd has wanted that and commissioned it, according to his wishes and expressly: "..., you have to bring the Germanische Heilkunde® to the people on Facebook, you and ..."  – that I/we do to the best of our knowledge and conscience) and exclusively the original teachings. Therefore, my next question is about the rune1 of life, which also no longer appears,... I am also interested in, why?

The crocus symbol, which has appeared for a while on Geerd's home page and subsequently on the Amici-di-Dirk publisher, has also been changed, please reply.
I thank you for your feedback and remain meanwhile
with best regards...


Since we have received similar messages from several people, asking why the Schwabach font was not used on the title page of "Einer gegen Alle" ("One against All"), and whether this is in accordance with what Dr. Hamer wanted, we would like to comment on this.

The rumor is persistently spread that Dr. Hamer himself had chosen this font for the title page of the book and that this was tremendously important to him. Here is the clarification:

  1. Dr. Hamer liked the Schwabach font very much, but the content was much more important to him.
  2. At the time of the first edition of the book "Einer gegen alle" Dr. Hamer was in prison. Therefore, his life partner and now second wife, Bona Hamer, chose the font for the cover of the first edition.
  3. For Dr. Hamer the only thing that mattered in the end was that the book should reach the people and be read by them.

Now back to the current reprint:
The title page was planned in the Schwabach font. The test copy was also printed that way. Unfortunately, the printing company made a mistake and when Amici di Dirk received the finished books, they were shocked to discover that the title page was not printed in the Schwabach font.

Of course, there would have been an option to have all the books reprinted, because after all, it was the printer's fault. But first of all, that would have delayed the publication of the book and secondly, from a financial point of view, in today's difficult times, it would have been a heavy load for the printing house.

Would such an action have been in accordance with Dr. Hamer's principles? Certainly not.

More information regarding point 1:

Dr. Hamer was a researcher and discoverer. His discoveries, indeed his whole life, was constantly undergoing change. Even if the "label", i.e. the appearance and logo, changed from time to time, the content remained and remains correct and true – because that was what mattered to him.

As a scientist and human being, he did not need ideologies or idols. So he also did not cling to writings or "labels". His books are not always designed in the same way, and varies in font, colour and format. It's easy to get an idea when you look at the books. When you order them from the online shop, you will notice that no book looks like the other.

Dr. Hamer left the publishing house Amici-Di-Dirk, the entire legacy including the rights to publish his scientific works, in full confidence exclusively to his wife Bona Hamer, because after all the years of living and working together, he could be sure that she would always act according to his ideas or principles.

1 - Rune of life: This crocus logo, integrating a manrune, was designed by a long-time good friend of Dr. Hamer and was developed for the University of Sandefjord, which, however, was forbidden soon after its founding. The same friend and artist also designed the crocus on Dr. Hamer's gravestone. This crocus is also used on the newly designed website. 
You can find more on this topic in the article "Crocus and German Fraktur".

Icon of Resistance?

On September 7, 2021 we published two letters from Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer addressed to Stefan Lanka in the German archive, later in the English archive. Not all of our subscribers reacted positively to this publication.
2006 - This is, in my eyes, the worst betrayal of our patients!
2007 - Open letter to Stefan Lanka

We would like to publish the following feedback from a subscriber and our reply to it:

Message (Translated from German)

I think, it is sad that you so strongly oppose one of the most passionate and also most successful proponents of Germanische Heilkunde, Dr. Stefan Lanka. Certainly, not everything has been to your satisfaction in the past. But you do yourself no good service with such actions.

I have so far, to no small extent, recommended your website as the go-to website for Dr. Hamer's revolutionary discoveries. I did this out of respect for Dr. Hamer. I will not do so from now on. Even if your published letter originates from Dr. Hamer. You do not have the moral right to abuse this letter, even if you should be the sole heir of Dr. Hamer.

You should know, who our enemies are and where they are. You can identify the real friends of Germanische Heilkunde by their actions.

You should understand that this is about much more than personal views on terms.

You should explain to your readers, what you really wanted to achieve with the repeated publication of the letters from Dr. Hamer to Dr. Stefan Lanka. Dr. Hamer would not have wanted that, in the present time!!!

You destroy a lot. I suspect that you know that too.


Dear ...,
if you have already found your way to Germanische Heilkunde – through all the lies –, you will certainly agree with us that every human being has a right to have the complete (uncensored) and unadulterated information available. Because, only on the basis of the complete information, a person can INDEPENDENTLY build his own opinion! Everything else is manipulation.

Quote by Dr. Hamer:

„… half the truth is always a whole lie!“

You write:

„You do not have the moral right to abuse this letter…“

  • Do you have the moral right to censor Dr. Hamer,
  • to decide, what people, who are looking for truth, MAY know and what they MAY NOT know
  • to lecture us on what we MAY and MAY NOT do?

Dr. Hamer made all his letters available to everyone. This he has always done consistently. And we will always act in accordance with Dr. Hamer's principles.

We didn't "distance" ourselves from Dr. Hamer before, neither do we now!

Because, everybody is allowed to know everything about the knowledge suppression of the Germanische Heilkunde. The suppression of knowledge includes, among other things, the "renaming", "distancing", "falsification", the gossip about "discovery without discoverer", "Dr. Hamer himself is to blame", and so on. Because without Dr. Hamer, his fighting spirit, his love of truth, his steadfastness and those close to him, who always supported him and still do, people would NEVER have heard about this great discovery – also not the "Hanswürste" ("buffoons", quote by Dr. Hamer), although they present themselves as if the knowledge had been "given to them from heaven", and only they are useful in spreading the Germanische Heilkunde!

It is our firm conviction, that for SELF-DEPENDENT THINKING it is important, that a human being must be able to take in all information and digest it by himself, even if this information seems "uncomfortable" or "shocking".

You write:

„…Certainly, not everything has been to your satisfaction in the past…“

What do you mean by that?

E.g. Stefan Lanka, who published the following statements about Dr. Hamer? (And what is that, if not splitting, but which you try to blame on us)?


  • "Since the founder of the "New Medicine", the German physician Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, unfortunately, consistently mixes his medical research results with his personal fate and political views in public, I would like to point out clearly that I do not adopt these views! I ask you to judge all publications on the subject in this respect very differentiated."

Or do you also include the fact, that today he still uses other terms for the Germanische Heilkunde and not the original term by Dr. Hamer? He is using all kinds of terms, just not "Germanische Heilkunde"... (Is that also not a splitting, or what do you think?).

The reality is that it is not Dr. Hamer who is causing the splitting (which he is constantly accused of by the Hanswürste), it is the Hanswürste (buffoons) who are causing it, because they absolutely wanted and want to cook their "own soup", no matter if they do that on purpose or out of stupidity – instead of helping the greatest genius of our age, who has sacrificed and done SO MUCH for us humans, and whose talents and intellect surpasses our intellect for light years.

DR. HAMER IS THE SOURCE. All his lifetime, he protected his great, scientific and yet so very human Germanische Heilkunde from all kinds of adulteration, which he considered to be his duty. Moreover, all his lifetime he always emphasized that the Germanische must not be seen only from the medical perspective, but it includes all aspects of our existence, of our life!

Please, try to answer the following questions for yourself:

  1. What is bad about the name "Germanische Heilkunde"? (Germans, Austrians, Spaniards, Poles, Russians, Slovenians, Norwegians, Argentines, Turks, Caucasians... are asking this question.)
  2. Why does the discoverer not have the right to name his own discovery as he chooses?
  3. Why does the discoverer not have the right to tell the truth about his life and the suppression of his discovery?
  4. Why is the True Genius frowned upon in our junk society, while the the profiteers (copycats) are celebrated as idols?

Anyway: Everyone is searching, and follows his own path...

We wish you many insights on your path.

Your Germanische Heilkunde Working Group

P.S. In every respect, people are free to make their own decisions, also regarding the receipt of newsletters....

P.P.S. Please, do not mix up your wishes with those of Dr. Hamer. We are posting all the documents in the archive, about the former and the ongoing suppression of Germanische Heilkunde. Whether people read and assimilate this information is up to them. As already said - here, there will never be any censorship!

Concerning the "fictitious Jews" mentioned by Mr Lanka in the video: Article - The Messiah is dead

You can watch the video in Spanish, Polish, Slowenian, Dutch, Czech

Message (Translated from German)

Hi Bona, I think, it is sad that there is still this hate-mongering. I am listening to a lecture by Dr. Lanka right now. He constantly mentions Dr. Hamer and does not denigrate him. It disgusts me that this doesn't stop. When I forward this to new interested people, they ask me every time: what is this conflict, why is it still boiling. Whether it's Lanka, etc. People should learn to resolve their conflicts, but they read here that the conflict with Lanka never ends. They don't understand that and they turn their backs. With kind regards...


Dear Ms...,
in our opinion you unfortunately mix up cause and effect. Please read carefully our statement on Mr. Lanka and watch the video "Icon of Resistance?".
If you think that the statements of Mr. Lanka, which are documented in this video, are not agitation and discrediting against Dr. Hamer, then we cannot tell you more about this...
Otherwise, you still have the possibility to ask Mr. Lanka why he discredited Dr. Hamer in such a dishonest way. We have not added anything to it, but only summarized his statements and our opinion on these statements. Dr. Hamer can no longer defend himself.
However, if your opinion is, that everything belongs to the past and Mr. Lanka now does not put Dr. Hamer in a bad light anymore, then please ask Mr. Lanka, why he still refuses to call Dr. Hamer's discovery "Germanische Heilkunde" (= renaming of the discovery against the explicit wish of the discoverer!) and if he may apologize for the above mentioned statements. Because the first step to eliminate the conflict, which you would like, would need to be taken by Mr. Lanka – accordingly, you would have to approach him with this request and not us. Because, a proper conflict resolution is based on honesty and sincerity, and not on "sweeping under the carpet" the inconvenient matters.
In any case, you are in the wrong place with your smear accusations. Here we are dealing with action -> reaction and not the other way around.
Concerning other people, don't worry about them. Every person has to find their own path. No one is obliged or required to guide a human being.... not we... and not you either.

Sincerely yours,
Germanische Heilkunde Working Group

Comment: A recommendation to the people, the above mentioned writers are so concerned about: do not rely on the opinion of third parties. For understanding the contexts, we recommend you to read and analize the book "Einer gegen alle" and the documents in the archive on your own.

Triggering content, potentiallydisturbing content !
 Some video clips can be distressing. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE!

You can watch the video in German, Slowenian, Czech

Translated by El Glauner