AIDS on Greek Television


A very important program shown on Greek television, May 19, 2009!

Ms. Maria Papgiannidou is a journalist for the newspaper “To Vima”. She has been HIV-positive and ill since the onset of AIDS in 1985. Since 2006 she has known that AIDS is a hoax and she is now completely healthy. Her husband is a biologist. He showed her in 2006 that no test could confirm a virus, that there was no proof of a virus at all.

The Hiv test, created by Abbott together with Dr. Gallo, states:

“At present, there is no acknowledged standard that indicates either the presence or absence of HIV antibodies in human blood.”

No patient receives this test brochure. The doctors explain that the government (!) prohibits to hand it out to patients.

The journalist speaks publicly on television that this is deception! Her husband, a biologist, also participates in the television program.

Dr. Gallo's initial scientific document states:

“Despite intensive research, the causative AIDS pathogen could not be identified.”

Afterwards, he removed this sentence.

The journalist emphasizes that she is not the only one. There are thousands of patients who have also stopped taking medication and are still alive.

She says that once you test positive, you lose the ground under your feet and your life is destroyed.

She wants to have a child with her husband. But because she tested “positive”, her newborn is given AZT for 40 days without any medical proof! She argues that if the Department of Health cannot provide proof, then they cannot force the baby to undergo treatment. She would not allow her baby to receive lethal treatment without sufficient evidence.

The physician present at the discussion refuses to accept that there is a worldwide conspiracy. The journalist countered that this is not an opinion, she wants proof. She asks whether demanding proof is equivalent to an opinion! She refused to believe anything on principle.