Stop the Genocide!

Dr. med. Mag. Theol. Ryke Geerd HAMER
Sandkollveien 11
N-3229 Sandefjord

January 14, 2009


The Gaza Massacre

I weep for the defenceless Palestinians (=philistines) in Gaza, who are systematically slaughtered by a 300 times superior, well-armed Israeli army – while the rest of the world watches the massacre, doing nothing to prevent it.

I am reminded of the first bombing raid on Krefeld on June 21-22, 1943, which I experienced as a child in a bomb shelter in the middle of the big city.
The next morning, many thousands of people had been killed or burned beyond recognition by phosphor and explosive bombs, and many thousands of people were homeless. The corpses were collected and piled up on the "Westwall", in front of our windows.

I am ashamed of the Germans who allow themselves to be abused to raise money for the genocide in Gaza so that the "heroic Israelis" don't run out of bombs.

I remind you that the Peleset or Philistines – as they later called themselves and used this name to give Palestine (Philistina) its name – come from the North Sea Peoples, i.e. from Germania. They are actually our brothers.

I cannot believe that really everyone, together with the other brainwashed people of the so-called western "community of values", is watching this mass murder live on TV without having compassion – just like they are watching the daily mass murder of 1500 defenceless patients (in Germany alone)!?

I am shouting – as loud as I can, because we are all guilty if we remain silent on this mass murder. After all, they can't put everyone in jail for "incitement of the people".

I know that there will come a time when we will have a constitutional state again, and then the situation will be different.

Stop the Genocide!

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

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